the mister and i started dating on september 2, 2001, five years later we got engaged on september 2, 2006, and one year later we said "i do" on september 2, 2007. we have definitely had our share of ups and downs... but in the end he is my best friend, the most amazing husband, and the most incredible baby daddy in the world.

after we were married we always planned to start having kids a few years in... all of our plans quickly changed when we learned due to my medical situation, that if i wanted to carry our children myself, it was now or never. our journey to parenthood wasn't an easy one (full story later), we suffered two devastating miscarriages, attempted and failed numerous times on our own and with the help of fertility treatments, and then eventually decided we both needed a break from it all. it was a struggle i wouldn't wish on anyone!

but then our world changed, i was about to have a surgery that could potentially increase our changes of getting and staying pregnant when we found out i was pregnant with "baby blue". once we realized baby blue was a girl... she quickly became known as my little mermaid. you can see my maternity journey and letters to her here.

this little girl is the light of our life. she was our miracle baby, and even though we had to wait MUCH longer than i wanted, once she was in my arms i knew that everything happened the way it was supposed to. if it wasn't for our losses, i am not sure i would have been able to truly appreciate every moment with her. i still drink up every second i have with her. she is our angel!! :)

you can see follow her fairy tale on instagram! i have been uploading pictures from when she was born until now! 

right after the mermaid was born, immediately i began thinking i wanted to have another! our doctor told us we needed to wait, and the mister and i knew she was right just to make sure i would be healthy enough to carry the next one. so we planned on trying again when our daughter turned one, but once again... we made plans & God laughed!

when the mermaid was three months old... we found out i was pregnant with baby dos! it wasn't an easy pregnancy... in fact even though i wasn't on bed rest like i was with the mermaid, i felt it was MUCH harder on me. i was waaaay to exhausted AND hungry to even think about blogging and writing baby dos letters, but you can read his birth story here!

of course when we found out baby dos was actually a little dude, he became known as my little pirate. i really was scared that i wouldn't be able to love another baby as much as i love the little mermaid, but that fear was quickly gone. the second i saw him, it was love at first site, and somehow my heart just grew bigger to make room for him too.

you can follow his adventures on his instagram!

now that we have these two amazing blessings in our life, we will be waiting a few years to have any more... for sure this time! :)

besides our little angels, we area also incredibly lucky to have the most amazing pupcake in the world. little izzy and her big giant tongue stole my heart when my husband brought her home. *sigh* she was our first "baby" after all! thankfully she has quickly fallen into the best buddy role for the mermaid, and is so sweet with the pirate. i can't imagine our life without her. below she is with the mermaid ♥

so for now that's my little family! i should never be allowed to complain... we aren't perfect, but we are all perfect for each other.

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