Monday, October 15, 2012

plus... dos

well it appears it's been a few lot of months since i actually logged into blogger, but lately a little pressure from family & friends has forced me to cave! 

so first things first ~ for those of you who don't already know... my little family is expanding again!

it's crazy how things turn out, a few years ago i was literally in tears with the fear of not knowing if my husband and i would ever be able to have a baby. when you hear the word "infertile", you go down a scary road, and a million things race through your mind.

after countless fertility treatments, and unfortunately two miscarriages, i am sitting here tonight with a beautiful little girl (who is now eight & a half months old!!) one room over, and a tiny little man in my belly.

this pregnancy has been a little rough with LOTS of sickness, lovely acne, and a little bump much earlier than i expected SOO i haven't been quite as "excited" to share my journey with the world. 

but here i am almost, 19 weeks pregnant, and i realized i don't have any letters for baby dos! thankfully i am pretty good at keeping notes on my phone, so expect a few catch up "letters"... minus belly shots. i'll start those next week!