Friday, December 09, 2011

busy bee

so maybe it was a little premature to say i'd be back in blogland. :) i went from having a little gust of energy ~ to being even more exhausted than i have ever been!

maybe it's because december started in full force... even after only one week ~ 

early on in my pregnancy, i started working from home one day a week because of my sciatica, and thought it was a good solution. but when i got put on bed rest because ryan was trying to make an early entrance, and i no longer had the option of going to the office... lol well i decided it's not my ideal situation at all! it's actually been very overwhelming to say the least. it's hard not being in the office... i don't know how people do it on a regular basis (that is if there job requires interaction with other co-workers). even though it's not prime bikini time ~ there is still so much to be done, and i am working even more hours just because i wake up and start working right away and then i work until the mister gets home... and then again when i wake up in the middle of the night. my goal going into the holidays is to remember i still need balance!!

as far as my pregnancy ~ i just posted a couple of late baby blue letters, but the truth is i still have to do week 31, and actually week 32 starts on tuesday! time is really starting to fly by. we took our first baby class last weekend, and it was actually kind of fun ~ even if we were learning serious business like cpr. over the next few weeks we have a few more scheduled, and luckily the doctor approved for me to go! (i guess being at our delivery hospital makes it a little more safe :) oy!)

last weekend the mister also surprised me with a maternity photo shoot. it was a little challenging since i can't walk, sit, or stand for very long without getting super uncomfortable, and eventually getting contractions, but it was close by and the shoot seemed to go pretty quickly. honestly i was soo nervous about the whole thing that i don't even know how the pictures will turn out. i am just crossing my fingers we got a couple of shots that we can print for ryan's nursery.

speaking of the nursery we have made SO much progress. i need to do an entire post on it so you guys can see how everything is coming along. it's been fun creating a little space for her, and i am so thankful the mister is amazing enough to take care of all the things i can't help with. he did the painting, built the dresser & the bookcase, hung the curtains, put up the shelves, cleaned out all the old stuff, and literally has been patient with me through it all. ♥

well this weekend is another busy, but exciting one. the mister has a friend in town ~ which i am happy about because he definitely deserves a break from waiting on me hand & foot. and even though i haven't been going anywhere with the guys ~ tomorrow i get to have a little outing for our BABY SHOWER! unfortunately, we couldn't have it at our apartment, but luckily the host was able to get us a venue literally down the street. 

i am excited and nervous about it at the same time. just crossing my fingers i am able to last the whole time without any pains and without falling asleep :) i will definitely do a post with all the details hopefully next week.

ok ~ i am literally starting to crash. i know it's 7pm on a friday night, but this little mama needs some serious zzz's to be ready for tomorrow.

baby blue ~ week 30

baby blue ~ week 29

Thursday, December 01, 2011

goodbye november

i can't believe how long it's been since i have written an actual blog post! :) i have to say i have missed blogland more than you know ~ truly i have only been getting on here to post my letters to my little baby blue, but as far as reading other people's posts and responding to comments i have been completely m.i.a. so first of all thank you to those of you who still stop by and say hi and send me the occasional email to make sure i am really alive. 

hopefully you agree, i do have a good excuse for my absences ~ because seriously growing a baby is hard work! :) during thanksgiving, i decided since i am on bed rest, it might be a good idea to get back to it. because if i am being honest, i am SOO bored on the weekends. thankfully i have work (even though it's the uncomfortable & exhausting to work lying down) to keep me busy during the week, but come friday night cabin bungalow fever sets in.

so here i am ~ get ready december i am re-joining the world of blogging ~ and i can't wait to catch up with all my old friends.
image from here edited by me