Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tuesday ten ~ addictions

i've always had an addictive personality... for better or worse. it is what it is :)

today's ten is dedicated to my current addictions

one ~ nail polish. i change my color once a week, and i always do my own manicures... it doesn't always never turns out perfect, but i still enjoy pampering myself. right now i am wearing suzi loves cowboys by opi, but i am usually a sucker for all shades of blue. big surprise :)

two ~ my hair. that might sound weird or maybe self absorbed... so i should say what i am really addicted to is trying to figure out how to do my hair! i've never been very good at fixing it up, and right now i am just experimenting and trying new ways of styling it. my hairspiration for the week.

three ~ earrings. super long, dreamy earrings. they don't have to crazy over the top, a pair as simple and pretty as these gorjana monaco drop earrings will work for me. :) are you a long earring kind of girl or do you prefer studs and the non-dangling styles?

four ~ maxi dresses. my little hippie ♥ is loving all the maxi dresses out right now. even though i secretly hate the term "maxi" dress, that aside, i would wear a new one everyday if my closet only actually had enough to offer. this one is ahh-mazing.

five ~ ranunculus flowers. i just think these blooms are so magnificent and luscious. for anyone planning to send me flowers in the near future, this would be the perfect choice! :) what's your favorite flower?

six ~ rob pattinson's hair music. i swear i don't just like it because i have a vampire obsession, i really do like his music just because i dig his pipes. :) besides i've always been a team jacob girl anyway... at least until everything gets all weird... mr. rob currently doesn't have much out except his twilight songs so i sincerely hope at some point he throws another few out there.

seven ~ closet space. i am in a serious state of wanting to de-clutter my life. next weekend, i am starting the process with my walk in closet. i want to take my space from the first picture (i am cringing while posting this photo) to something similar to the second picture. this will definitely take some time... but it will be worth it in the end!

eight ~ chips n salsa. a margarita is also strongly advised, but not required. :) i was never a fan of mexican food, until i moved to california. now i basically live on it. when in doubt this will always satisfy my taste buds! and i have decided the tortilla chips can make or break a good salsa session. the ones below look perfect.

~ sorry had to remove the image ~

nine ~ 30 rock. the mister and i just started watching this series from the beginning thanks to netflix streaming, and i am totally 100% addicted. i've always thought tina fey was a genius, but this show just made me love her even more... obviously the rest of the cast is just as incredible.

ten ~ delicious candles. i can never seem to have enough candles ~ our bungalow is literally covered with them. i especially love how lighting them can make any room a little more cozy and a little more romantic. i try to buy a mix of fancy and not so fancy, but usually it all comes down to the scent. isn't this display a fantastic idea?

have any addictions lately? :)

onetwothreefourfivesix, my photo/sevennineten

Friday, June 10, 2011

the apple of my eye

seriously, i would kill for a giant bite of a juicy apple right now. for those of you who don't know, out of nowhere, when i was eighteen i became allergic to apples! definitely a sad, sad day for me. i mean i am usually more of a berry kind of girl anyway, but seriously no apples for life = no bueno in my book! i miss being able to take one with me for a snack, and especially dipping slices in carmel. a girl can dream right? a funny friend told me my allergy sort of makes me like snow white... and even though she isn't my favorite disney princess ~ i will always take a princess comparison as a compliment. :)

soo if you have one... take a bite for me!

speaking of apples... maybe if i could have an apple a day the doctor would stay away?!? :) again, a girl can dream! i did want to take a minute to catch you all up on real life stuff. for all of my amazing friends and readers who have been contacting me to make sure i am feeling ok, thank you! seriously, it is so sweet of you all, and means a lot to me. 

at this point, i am able to actually eat meals again, which has been amazing, but i am still having lots of pain. i think i have gotten pretty good at hiding it around others after dealing with it for a couple years now ~ the last thing i want it people feeling sorry for me (so if you do... stop! ♥). i know my situation could be much, much worse! surgery is still on the schedule for june 21st, and that should give me some relief.

in the meantime, i posted on my twitter that i started reading the vampire diaries series, and seriously i am so hooked. i have made it through:
and i'm about finished with dark reunion.
then i still have to get to...

and if i am really, really still into it i might start stefan's diaries & the secret circle. no promises though :)

what are you guys reading these days??

Sunday, June 05, 2011

twelve desserts ~ chocolate chip cookies

finally dessert #2 of my twelve desserts for the year! i am obviously the biggest not a procrastinator at all. :)

going into this recipe, i was a little nervous because my gram is known for her delicious chocolate chip cookies. every time i go home, she makes enough for our visit, and always saves a little batch for us to take back to california. if only i had her recipe, this dessert might have turned out better.

unfortunately... these cookies were definitely NOT right, so i won't bore you with the actual directions.

i know i made the mistake of mixing all the ingredients together at once... i also substituted smart balance instead of real butter & egg beaters instead of whole eggs. i normally make those substitutes so i don't think that was the issue, but what do i know. :) do you swap out "healthier" ingredients when baking? 

i will say my glass of red wine did make this a semi non-stressful experience! :) p.s. i should have known at this stage something wasn't right. the mixture was was too smooth or something.

one thing is for sure ~ i wasn't stingy with the chocolate chips.

as always there was one moment when i panicked, and this time it was when i realized we had only one cookie sheet.

my solution was using two round cake pans and three muffin pans. why i thought a muffin pan would work... no idea!

in the end, the cookies on the sheets & in the cake pans "looked" like they might be good, and the muffin cookies... well they looked like muffins.

unfortunately, although the pans said they were non-stick, and the directions said not to grease or butter the pans before cooking... both were just kidding. all of the cookies & muffins stuck like glue to the bottom of the pans.

i pried off enough to make a little presentation so the mister wouldn't be wary. even though thankfully he will always at least try my cooking and baking attempts, and he does his best to always be nice about it. 

when i first tasted them, i thought they tasted like cookies, but the texture was more like cake or chocolate chip muffins (even the regular cookies)! maybe i used too much flour... what do you think it could have been?

well i am not letting this bad batch detour me... i will continue to chug on with the ten desserts i have left! if you have a great recipe... send it my way! :)

all images by jenna ♥ a little blue