Wednesday, April 27, 2011

punta cana ~ day five

waking up the morning of everyone's last full day in punta cana was a little sad, the whole family was having such a good time that i didn't even want to think about leaving yet!

funny enough, this was the ONLY day of the entire vacation that i actually made it to breakfast. all of the other days i was either exploring or... drinking mojiotos. :) don't worry though i literally ate enough food in that one breakfast to make up for every other morning i had missed it!

of course after breakfast we headed down to the beach! do you love how my grandpa is sleeping? :) his hat actually said "grandpa's taxi" ~ i wanted to get a close up, but i didn't want to disturb his tanning slumber.

after a little sun session, my little sisters, allyson & karsen (the twins), had their own real photo shoot that day! the pictures turned out so amazing!!

karsen's older, but only by a smidge. she's the little lovely who is planning to move to california when she finishes high school to join me in the world of fashion. :) maybe one of these days we'll own a company together!

ally is the one you guys met during my tuesday ten ~ cakes by ally. she might not be moving out here to california, but she has her heart set on a big city and i know she's going to be uber successful no matter where she lives.

i am so blessed to have them as my sisters and i am so proud that their beauty isn't just on the outside. they both have huge hearts, and i love them extra because of that.

after watching the girlies work it on the beach, the cousins & my aunt bonnie took to the sea for a little snorkeling adventure. the mister took some under water video that i haven't loaded yet, so maybe i'll surprise everyone with that later. :)

day five was also when mawma gave all the grandkids the bracelets she had brought along to share with the locals. she has been passing these out for years on her missionary trips all over the world. i will always love hearing her share her testimony. :) love you grammy.

for the rest of the day, we didn't do much else. it was perfect. :) i was also FINALLY able to get a picture with my mama. she's a little camera shy, and let me tell ya... it drives me nuts!! i love my hat, but there was no getting around it shading my face from the camera. 

on our final night, the mister and i had our dinner date numero dos at their amazing japanese restaurant. :) our chef was hilarious, and at the end i had the most to-die for fried ice cream. have you ever had that before? i didn't even know it existed, but it was seriously sinful. 

i sure ♥ my mister!

after our mini date it was time to meet the family at the bar for one last drink together. we were all seriously exhausted from the week, but it didn't keep us from having fun. check out the pic of my aunt bonnie rocking the splits! (sorry it's blurry... it all happened so fast the mister rushed to get a photo!)

it was the perfect ending to a fantastic family vacation! :) 

sooo i know some of you have been waiting for the pictures from the photo shoot i did with the mister the morning we left for the airport, and i am happy to say they are coming... right after i announce the giveaway winner next week!

there's still a little time left. if you haven't entered already ~ check it out!

all images by jenna ♥ a little blue

Monday, April 25, 2011

giveaway ~ dogeared

as most of you guys know ~ i recently hit 200 followers, and in order to celebrate a little blue's mini milestone, i wanted to a do giveaway for all my lovely followers. :)

the winner of this giveaway will have their choice any of these dogeared "make a wish" necklaces or bracelets! 

aren't they all amazing?? there are sooo many on their website that i loved it was very hard to narrow it down, so if they winner finds another style they simply can't live without, i would definitely be ok with them selecting something different that has the same dollar value. :)

entering this giveaway is pretty easy...

for your main entry:
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for extra entries:
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easy right? :)

this giveaway will end on tuesday, may 3, 2011 at midnight. a winner will be randomly selected via an online generator and announced wednesday, may 4, 2011. this giveaway is open to ALL countries. 

good luck!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

a day to celebrate

check back tomorrow morning for my new giveaway! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tuesday ten ~ coachella fashion

even though i didn't get to go play... i can still admire the fashion. :) here are some of my favorite celeb looks from coachella 2011.

1 ~ vanessa hudgens ♥ she's wins my best dressed award, which is why i included her twice. :)

2 ~ alessandra ambrosio ♥

3 ~ vanessa hudgens ♥

4 ~ isabel lucas ♥ (i would have gone barefoot.)

5 ~ chanel iman ♥

6 ~ kate bosworth ♥

7 ~ nicole richie ♥

8 ~ diane kruger ♥

9 ~ camilla belle ♥

10 ~ keisha ♥

who was on your best dressed list? i swear next year we are going... it's the perfect place for my inner barefoot hippie to come out and play!

by the way ~ thank you soo much to all my new followers. i was so excited this weekend when we hit 200 on google! definitely a mini milestone for a little blue. i'll be posting a giveaway this weekend to celebrate!

for those who don't follow yet, you should! :)
images: one, two, three, four, five, and six thru ten 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

blog love

so excited laura from you stir me honored me with the one lovely blog award.

of course, with such an award comes great responsibility! i have to list seven little facts about me, and tag 15 other bloggers with this award.

#1 ~ i love watching little kid movies, and thankfully the mister not only knows it, but accepts it! last night after a long beach day (with lots of tequila involved), he ordered tangled for me to watch as we fell asleep. ♥

#2 ~ i try not to look in the mirror except when i first get ready in the morning, and even then i hate it. weird i know.

#3 ~ i love dressing up my little izzy. she gets new clothes more than the mister.

#4 ~ almost every day when i check the clock around lunch it says 12:24. since that equals my birthday, i think it's good luck. if for some reason i see 12:23 i think it's a bad luck kind of day. i don't think i've ever looked at 12:25.

#5 ~ the only makeup i wear is concealer under my eyes, mascara, and cherry chapstick. if i am feeling fancy i put on eyeliner.  

#6 ~ i cried when heath ledger died.

#7 ~ i'm going to buy a coloring book this week, just because they make me happy.

here's the lovelies i am passing on this award to:

we are off to the beach for another amazing day! 

hope you guys end your weekends on a beautiful note. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

punta cana ~ day four

i think this was one of the best days of our family vacation in the dominican republic. not only was it st.patty's day, but it was also my uncle pat's birthday! (if you thought my other vacay posts were long... this might be the longest. sorry kids.)

well the mister and i started our fun by walking to the local shopping center. as you can see, it was another picture perfect day.

when we got to the shops, the mister was definitely the better negotiator. i think it's because i hate trying to bargain with people! i always feel guilty trying to pay less when they seem to need the money more. at the end of it, i walked away with three amazing rings, a few necklaces, a couple bracelets, and a tiki man. (i'll post the pictures in a separate post because i am in ♥ with my rings!)

i know the mister had a great time too because when we first got there, the men whisked him away to take a shot of mama juana, and he left with cigars and a couple free necklaces. not too shabby.

when we got back to the beach, the mister and i had some fun taking pictures with my sis karsen. we took soo many funny ones it was hard to choose which ones to show you.

by the way, while we were playing in the water, i totally saw a stingray behind us ~ yay & eek at the same time! 
(once when i was out surfing in california, i stepped on a stingray... and let me tell you a barb in the foot hurts like bloody hell. so even though i was super excited to see a little one near by ~ i instantly had flashbacks and kept an eye out to not step it!)

after our workout at the beach, most of the family got together and had a delicious lunch at a nearby by hotel. don't you love all of our green? (you can't see mine, but mawma gave me a green scarf i wore as a belt.)

during lunch, grandpa actually realized he lost his camera so after eating we decided to take him and gram to the beach for their own photo shoot. i did the directing while my cousin adam took the pics. i ended up taking a few with my camera just so i'd always have them. ♥ aren't they sweet?!?

oh and i told you the mister bought cigars... well one of them was for the birthday man. (uncle pat's in the middle of my cousin jeremiah & the mister) i think it was a nice dessert for the boys.

even though it had been a long day, we weren't quite done yet because it was banana boat time. a lot of the cousins got together for a hilarious experience that i won't soon forget.

and yes... we were fist pumping. :)

see the driver in the boat... he looks nice right? well he was a little hustler too. :) at one point he took us out to the middle of the water and all the sudden just stopped. he turned around and said if you want to keep going, you have to give me more money! hahaha obviously we agreed since there didn't really seem to be another option. he really was a nice guy... but still. awkward. if we had said no do you think we would have had to swim back?

by the time we finally got back to land, the mister and i had to rush to get ready for dinner. we learned you had to go early to get seats at the good restaurants.

it was nice to finally have our date night on the island, and the food was so delicious! don't you love these romantic sparkly lights? i could stare at them forever. :)

from dinner we went to watch the sunset. so beautiful!!

something about sunsets just seems to make everything feel right. our night ended like all the other nights... drinks & hot tub. perfect.

one more day of vacation fun to recap... and then i will finally show you all the photos from our island photo shoot.

hope you all have an amazing weekend!
all images via jenna ♥ a little blue