Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tuesday ten ~ addictions

i've always had an addictive personality... for better or worse. it is what it is :)

today's ten is dedicated to my current addictions

one ~ nail polish. i change my color once a week, and i always do my own manicures... it doesn't always never turns out perfect, but i still enjoy pampering myself. right now i am wearing suzi loves cowboys by opi, but i am usually a sucker for all shades of blue. big surprise :)

two ~ my hair. that might sound weird or maybe self absorbed... so i should say what i am really addicted to is trying to figure out how to do my hair! i've never been very good at fixing it up, and right now i am just experimenting and trying new ways of styling it. my hairspiration for the week.

three ~ earrings. super long, dreamy earrings. they don't have to crazy over the top, a pair as simple and pretty as these gorjana monaco drop earrings will work for me. :) are you a long earring kind of girl or do you prefer studs and the non-dangling styles?

four ~ maxi dresses. my little hippie ♥ is loving all the maxi dresses out right now. even though i secretly hate the term "maxi" dress, that aside, i would wear a new one everyday if my closet only actually had enough to offer. this one is ahh-mazing.

five ~ ranunculus flowers. i just think these blooms are so magnificent and luscious. for anyone planning to send me flowers in the near future, this would be the perfect choice! :) what's your favorite flower?

six ~ rob pattinson's hair music. i swear i don't just like it because i have a vampire obsession, i really do like his music just because i dig his pipes. :) besides i've always been a team jacob girl anyway... at least until everything gets all weird... mr. rob currently doesn't have much out except his twilight songs so i sincerely hope at some point he throws another few out there.

seven ~ closet space. i am in a serious state of wanting to de-clutter my life. next weekend, i am starting the process with my walk in closet. i want to take my space from the first picture (i am cringing while posting this photo) to something similar to the second picture. this will definitely take some time... but it will be worth it in the end!

eight ~ chips n salsa. a margarita is also strongly advised, but not required. :) i was never a fan of mexican food, until i moved to california. now i basically live on it. when in doubt this will always satisfy my taste buds! and i have decided the tortilla chips can make or break a good salsa session. the ones below look perfect.

~ sorry had to remove the image ~

nine ~ 30 rock. the mister and i just started watching this series from the beginning thanks to netflix streaming, and i am totally 100% addicted. i've always thought tina fey was a genius, but this show just made me love her even more... obviously the rest of the cast is just as incredible.

ten ~ delicious candles. i can never seem to have enough candles ~ our bungalow is literally covered with them. i especially love how lighting them can make any room a little more cozy and a little more romantic. i try to buy a mix of fancy and not so fancy, but usually it all comes down to the scent. isn't this display a fantastic idea?

have any addictions lately? :)

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-Kasey said...

Great additions :)

I love those earrings! I typically wear diamond studs because I haven't found the perfect pair of 'dangly' ones. Their either to heavy or to over the top but ones like those in your photo would be perfect!

kimbirdy said...

ranunculuses are just gorgeous! i tend to get intense obsessions with things and ideas for about a week or two and then move on to the next obsession. this week it's yoga. luckily we have some healthy addictions. at least we're not addicted to things like drugs or being mean. :)

Lisa Fergus said...

I love and obsess over many of the same items listed above! But I'll be honest, I love Robs face too! ;)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

LOVE ranuclusses! and those earrings are so pretty. now you've got me craving chips and salsa too :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

The Parrish Family said...

All greeat but I totally agree with you on Rob's music. If he ever puts out an album I'll be the first in line!!! :)

emma @ an owl's nest said...

You should keep us updated about your hair. I'm the same way and never have any idea what to do. Maybe you could inspire those of us that are the same way!

Ashley said...

I love this post, Jenna! I, too, am addicted to ranoculous, along with peonies and cabbage roses. I bought my first maxi dress and plan on wearing it sometime this week. You can be sure I'll post on it! I hope your week is off to a fun filled start :)


Amber Blue Bird said...

i cant do my hair ether, I am really bad at it so I have been on the hunt for easy tutorials. :)

Megan said...

im a chips and salsa and guac FREAK! i eat it for meals multiple times a week!!!!

and delicious candles make me happy :)

la petite coquine said...

Oh my, I am LOVING this! I'm a huge 30 Rock fan, and I love when someone else discovers the series! This week I'm a big fan of the internet (it went down at the office today and everyone screeched to a halt!) and my upcoming vacation-I can't stop Googling the hotel!

Beach Coast Style said...

I'm a sliver hoops girl and I probably have too many and nail polish yes I have that addiction to so see you are not alone we are with you!

Marjorie Rose said...

I mostly wear a pair of understated white gold studs. Another casual pair are my small gold+black pearl dangling earrings.

I love that maxi dress! You're right, I'm not a big fan of the word "maxi" either.

Hmm, my latest addiction would have to be watermelon! Lots and lots of it all summer long..

Nikki said...

I need to get in the habit of weekly manicures!

Lyndsy said...

i have been dying to paint my nails blue!! loved this collection!

Marian said...

Swooning over those braids!!

Things to Do said...

These are great addictions. I can't wait to hear how your closet turns out. I've been addicted to lemonade and ice tea mixes lately. A nice little summer drink.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love those braids! Im looking to do my hair differently too.. it's just so hard to style your own hair! :)

Wanted to also let you know I changed my blog name,


hope you'll continue to follow!