Monday, May 16, 2011

today's mother interview is the final one of my series! it's brought to you by penny (my mama) interviewing her lovely mother bettie (aka my mawma/grammy/gram slam, etc). 

pictured below ~ my handsome pawpa & beautiful mawma. parents of three, grandparents of thirteen, and great grandparents of two.

1. what was it like the first time you found out you were pregnant?
i was happy, excited, a dream come true. it was the most happy time of my life.

2. what is your favorite memory as a mom?
seeing my children happy and fulfilled.

3. what is your favorite memory with your own mother?
going to church with my mom, just being with her.

4. if you could change anything about how you raised me, would you?
yes, i would. i would be more passionate and faithful in taking my children to church, and learning about god, so i could leave a legacy of faith with them. i would spend more time with them listening to their dreams, and being an example of walking in love and forgiveness.

5. what was your proudest moment as a mom?
when i held each one of my babies in my arms for the first time.

6. in what ways do you think i turned out like you?
i think you loving your children and encouraging them to be the best they could be, and loving them unconditionally... always sacrificing for your kids.

7. what was your biggest fear about becoming a mother?
that something bad would happen to them that would hurt them, or losing one of them.

8. describe what it's like to be a mother in three words?
unbelievable, hopeful, prayerful

9. if i could grant you one wish... what would you wish for?
that all my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren would know god personally, and have a passion to please only him. to make a difference in this world, and to be selfless and always walk in love and forgiveness. to have a kind heart and words to encourage others.

10. is there anything you regret not asking your own mom?
i wish i had asked her more about my grandmother, and the background of our cherokee heritage.

for me this interview is the perfect ending to my mothers interview series. for the first one, i interviewed my mama and for the last one she got to interview hers. :)

in case you missed it check out the other interviews from last week:

and i seriously want to thank all of you amazing ladies and your moms for participating. i completely appreciate it, and i am so glad to have gotten to know your mothers better through you.

all image rights belong to my family :) <-- sorry to my sisters i stole pictures from your facebooks! ♥ you!!


Ashley said...

Mommas interviewing their Mommas are the best! How sweet!

Chrissy said...

Wonderful! What a beautiful family you have!! xxx

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw how adorable!! I love this post! Your grandma sounds like such a sweet woman! And look at her rockin' that fedora! Get it grandma! Beautiful ♥

kimbirdy said...

aw, these have all been such sweet interviews!

la petite coquine said...

I was a teary eyed mess by the end of this interview-how wonderful, darling!

Things to Do said...

Your family sounds so lovely! I loved this series, thanks for sharing.

Mango Gal said...

This is so sweet!!

Cat said...

What a sweet post and clearly this is a family full of love! :)

xx Cat brideblu

anita said...

jenna, thanks for dropping by at my blueskies:)

your mama interview is precious!

Amy Rene said...

Your grandma seems like an awesome lady. And loved all the posts this week!

Heather Pranitis said...

I am just coming into this series on the last one and I love it! I will definitely be reading the others. And this is such a great way to share the "mom's" in your life to all of us. Thanks for sharing this and I'm going to share this with my mom over the weekend (on our date night).

libbeh said...

Your grandparents are adorable! That's how I envision my marriage to be in the future!