Friday, May 13, 2011

mothers interviewed ~ nikki's mama

today's mothers interview is brought to you by nikki of que sera sera & perpetually engaged interviewing her lovely mother evelyne.

1. what was it like the first time you found out you were pregnant?
i was very happy because i was so ready to be pregnant!

2. what is your favorite memory as a mom?
the birth of my girls!

3. what is your favorite memory with your own mother?
a favorite from childhood was going shopping to uniprix (a store in switzerland), and eating ice cream without my two brothers!

4. if you could change anything about how you raised me, would you?
nope... i did a great are a wonderful human being! (nikki: aww thanks mom)

5. what was your proudest moment as a mom?
my proudest moments were at graduation ceremonies, ballet recitals, weddings, and grandbabies' births... oh sorry, thats three moments!

6. in what ways do you think i turned out like you?
i think you have a good sense of humor and like to clown around.

7. what was your biggest fear about becoming a mother?
my biggest fear was that i wouldn't know how to be a good mother.

8. describe what it's like to be a mother in three words?
wonderful, tiring, fulfilling

9. if i could grant you one wish... what would you wish for?
my wish would be that i continue to have a good relationship with my daughters.

10. is there anything you regret not asking your own mom?
no, i am very fortunate she is healthy at 83, and we are very close.

all image rights belong to nikki of que sera sera & perpetually engaged


Diana Joy said...

Fun interview and love the pics to go along with it.

la petite coquine said...

These interviews are just so wonderful-I want to ask my own Mama these questions!

M B said...

your mama is fantastic

Nikki said...

Thank you so much Jenna, this made my Mom's day!

OneCraftyFox said...

Wonderful feature, Nikki is awesome!! I guess she gets it from her mom ;)