Saturday, May 14, 2011

mothers interviewed ~ brooke's mama

today's mothers interview is brought to you by brooke of bright wishes interviewing her lovely mother anita.

1. what was it like the first time you found out you were pregnant?
surprised, but VERY EXCITED AND HAPPY!

2. what is your favorite memory as a mom?
how sweet you are and how you love to spend time with your family.

3. what is your favorite memory with your own mother?
spending time on the farm where she grew up.

4. if you could change anything about how you raised me, would you?
i would have either been a stay at home mom, or worked part-time so i could of had more time to spend with you.

5. what was your proudest moment as a mom?
i was always proud of everything you did brooke, but i would have to say when you were in dance competitions, you are a beautiful dancer.

6. in what ways do you think i turned out like you?
you are caring and quiet, but like to have fun.

7. what was your biggest fear about becoming a mother?
that someone would kidnap you.

8. describe what it's like to be a mother in three words?
unselfish, nurturing, caring

9. if i could grant you one wish... what would you wish for?
to find your passion in life.

10. is there anything you regret not asking your own mom?
i really can't think of anything. i am pretty independent so i like to find things out on my own.
all image rights belong to brooke of bright wishes