Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mothers interviewed ~ amy's mama

today's mothers interview is brought to you by amy of {crazy random happenstances} interviewing her lovely mother sharon ~ mother of four children.

pictured below ~ sharon with her daughter amy. :)

1. what was it like the first time you found out you were pregnant?
complete surprise. i was shocked how quickly i got pregnant. surprise turned to excitement fast, though.

2. what is your favorite memory as a mom?
we used to take really long road trips so the kids could be with their dad while he worked, and i loved those trips together. making memories in the car, and at all of the places we visited. many times i was going to those places and experiencing them for the first time too, just like my kids.

3. what is your favorite memory with your own mother?
my mom was our girl scout leader, and i loved the camp outs and weekends away with her. she taught us a lot, and i had such a great time learning from my mom.

4. if you could change anything about how you raised me, would you?
no. (she didn't care to comment further)

5. what was your proudest moment as a mom?
being a surrogate mother for my sister dee, and having jamie. it was the most giving thing to do for another person. to read about that story go here: 

6. in what ways do you think i turned out like you?
you enjoy setting up a home and keeping it. so do i. we love nesting, and making a place for our family.

7. what was your biggest fear about becoming a mother?
not having a balance of consistent discipline and praise. i was afraid i'd mess you kids up!

8. describe what it's like to be a mother in three words?
fulfilling, grateful, and blessed.

9. if i could grant you one wish... what would you wish for?
meet all of my kids and grandkids in heaven.

10. is there anything you regret not asking your own mom?
i wished i had spent more time learning about her upbringing, so then i could understand more, which would have allowed me to learn more from her.

you can learn more about amy's mama on her blog post dedicated to her. click here to check it out!

all image rights belong to amy of {crazy random happenstances}


Amy Rene said...

It's so weird/cool reading about myself on someone else's blog. Thanks for doing this! I love the idea <3

Megan said...

what a great interview :-) she sounds very special and selfless! :)

The Zhush said...

So incredibly sweet! What a touching series!