Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday ten ~ cakes by ally

as some of you may know, one of my little sisters allyson, is a seriously talented cake & cupcake artist! 

for only being sixteen, i'm so impressed by what she's doing! i ♥ her so much, and i am 1000% supportive of everything she does ~ today's tuesday ten is simply to brag on my sis & talk about her work. check out her interview below.

1 ~ when did you start baking & decorating?
 a. 16, i'll be 17 in may. :) 

2 ~ how did you get started doing it?
a. i grew an interest after watching so many cooking shows! i liked seeing all the imagination that goes into it, and i needed something to put my creativity towards. cakes and pastries ended up being the perfect thing.

3 ~ what flavor does everyone ask for?
a. my most popular flavor would be either double chocolate or chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

4 ~ do you prefer cupcakes or cakes better?
a. i don't really have a preference when it comes to baking either. somedays i just feel like a small project so cupcakes are perfect, and other days i want to go big so i prefer a cake!

5 ~ which of your frostings is the best?
a. all of them. :) i have so many different flavors, and each one goes perfectly with certain cakes. so you really can't go wrong.

6 ~ what types of events do you do orders for?
a. i've done them for all kinds of events/occasions. birthdays, graduations, church events, and i even did one for a wedding. there's always a reason to celebrate with cupcakes or cakes.

7 ~ what makes your desserts the best?
a. place an order and you'll find out! :) good looks & taste are the obvious reasons... but seriously i'm only 16, and i just started this. it's what i'll be doing when i'm an adult too so i already put everything i can into what i love.

8 ~ what's the best thing you have ever made?
a. the best thing i have EVER made is hands down a red velvet cake with mini chocolate chips, and a vanilla buttercream frosting. it was amazing!

9 ~ what are you going to do when you finish college?
a. when i finish college i hope to be living in a big city either owning my own business or working somewhere BIG. 

10 ~ who is your favorite sister? :) no pressure
a. duh jenna. thanks for helping me out whenever i need you!
(editors note: i may or may not have told her to say this... so to the other sisters ~ i guess you'll never know if she really likes me more. :) but we both ♥ you guys mucho)

cakes by ally is located in herrin, illinois and if you haven't tried her desserts already, you simply MUST place an order! :)

prices may vary depending on the request, but the base is:
~ cupcakes: $15/dozen & $8/half dozen.
~tiered cakes: $2.25/slice
~fondant decor add $3.00.

contact info:
 click to email an order
or call 618.694.9939

oh, and make sure you stop by her facebook page and "like" cakes by ally!

p.s the photo of the cake was provided by katie parrish photography! another business in southern illinois i completely support. check out her websitefacebook, & blog.


Kristin said...

Amazing!!! The Burgrabe Family is so very talented!! :)

Chrissy said...

Awesome! What a talented sister!!! Have a wonderful day! xx

Star-Light said...

thank you :)

this cake looks yummy :D


kimbirdy said...

what a talented little sister! i can see why you're so proud, especially with only being 16!

Marie a la Mode said...

Wow! She's only 16 and has a little business going! She's very talented. And lucky you, you probably get to eat a lot of the cupcakes she makes, right?

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

wow! your sister is so talented! good for her for starting this at such a young age! her cakes look amazing. sucha a lovely interview! xoxo jcd

Ashley said...

Thats a gorgeous cake!

Rebekah said...

That's amazing! Her work is beautiful!

Bhrett said...

This is a post I can totally get behind! We were sooo happy with the cake. Love it! :)

The Parrish Family said...

Too cute! I loved the interview! Thanks for the shout out and great ending quote! :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

what a talented little lady

Nicole said...

I love this post! I hope all is well!! ANd you get so many comments and followers I feel like you should be my big sis instead! Tips?

Steph said...

hey do you know the spinn off name of that series tvd? .. i luv me some cupcakes!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oh shoot! If you only lived here in California I'd hire you to make my daughter's wedding cake. We are just sampling them now. Your sisters blog is awesome and I'm gonna go "like" your FB page. Good luck on all your endeavors. It looks like you are off to a great start.

la petite coquine said...

What a talented, ambitious young lady! And that red velvet cake sounds incredible!

Anna Walker said...

Oh my gosh! She is super talented! I can't believe she's 16 going on 17 (sound of music anyone?) Great job! Keep up the work!


Things to Do said...

Congrats to your sis, what a great thing to do and so young! I predict huge things for her!

Marie said...

What a sweet post!:D

The cake is cute and looks delicious!:D

***** Marie *****

Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda said...

Molto carino il tuo blog alla prossima. Se ti va passa dal mio blog. Ciao ciao


Beloved Green said...

She is one talented woman! Gosh, I wish I had that ambition at 16.

Googlover/keishua said...

your sister is awesome. What talent. I can barely make a plain cake. Great interview!

Petchie said...

Wow that cake is pretty amazing, I am really impressed, she looks very talented!!

&& thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Pinecone Camp said...

What a talent! I could learn a thing or two from your talented sister. I love your blog, by the way.

Amy Rene said...

I'm amazed she's found what she loves to do at 16! And she definitely has talent.

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

The birds on top of that cake are lovely! Very impressive for just 16 - I couldn't even make mac & cheese at that age.

xx Cristina

Michelle said...

Wow! She is only 16?! She is so talented! That cake is gorgeous!