Friday, April 01, 2011

punta cana ~ day two

day two was postcard perfect!

it started with a ridiculously early lovely wake up call from my mama. finally the rest of the family had arrived. woo hoo!

(i should have put my sunnies on for the first pic of the day... look at my sleepy eyes!)

we weren't sure where the family would be...which led us to the adult pool bar. mojitos for breakfast = excellent idea on vacation! eventually, the mister pulled a where's waldo and spotted my aunt marci with one of my cousins who showed us the way to everyone else, and we finally had a reunion. (the guys were apparently not in the mood to take pictures... but i promise there were two uncles, a grandpa, four cousins, and a mister floating around.)

after the reunion it was time for a styling session. the family's luggage didn't make it on time, and my mawma was without a swimsuit or even a coverup! so of course being an overpacker, i came to her rescue. after looking at a few options, she picked out a little black romper. it reminded her of one she used to wear when my uncle mike was little. she also let me convince her to wear my hat. :)

it was soo funny when we got to the beach, pawpa didn't even recognize her!! boy was he happy when he realized it was his wife!

 don't they look so cute together?? 

can you believe (they might kill me for telling you this) that pawpa just turned 80 and mawma just turned 75!?! i can only hope i look like that in the future! and p.s. if my gpa's hat looks familiar, it's because you recently saw it on the mister. grandpa thought grandma looked so good, he was afraid she might be hit on my younger men. so he borrowed the mister's hat so she'd only have eyes for him. ♥

after playing dress up... it was time for what i do best ~ soaking up some rays and playing in the sand. if you are wondering why we are not facing that beautiful sea... it's because we aren't amateurs. a wise girl once taught me you have to lay your towel in your shadow to get the best sun. :)

i have the best cousins in the world ~ too bad this little mermaid wouldn't let me take a picture of her!

when the day ended, i had had too many mojitos and not enough grub so we made our way to a buffet. unfortunately this was the family's first night so they weren't prepared for the restaurant rules, and we all had to split up due to dress code violations! i ended up heading back to the room since i was a little sick (the stomach issues did follow me). i spent my night reading in the hot tub, and then took a long beach walk before heading back to the room for good. 

another beautiful day in the domincan republic with an amazing & beautiful family.
all images by jenna ♥ a little blue


this free bird said...

what ridic awesome pictures. they don't even look real it's so perfect. i love your cover up in the first couple pics - great color!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

That does looks like a postcard. Simply amazing and Ummm who wakes up early on Vacation. My husband does the same thing.
Write it in Lipstick

Things to Do said...

The shades of blue and green in the water are just so stunning. And your parents are awesome! Happy weekend.

Sarah O'Brien said...

Love your blog, come check out my blog? :)

Signe said...

I think I might just die from envy over here! I sure need a holiday after seeing these pics :)

Vegas Fashion Stylist said...

This pictures are so beautiful, please get a tan for me

Kaleido Mind said...

gorgeous! have a wonderful time:)

20 York Street said...

I love Punta Cana and you guys looked like you had the most amazing time!

Yes, I love and adore my LV! It seems like a great piece that people notice all the time too!

Btw, lovely blog!


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Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

Rosie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! This is amazing :) lucky lucky you,

Rosie x

Jess said...

Looks like you're having an amazing time! Mojitos for breakfast sounds perfect!

xo Jess

Michaela said...

How fun, Jenna! I just really wish I was that tan (:

Orchid said...

wow lovely people...beautiful sandy beach...

Jules said...

I loved reading this and it looks like pure fun and relaxation. The water in Punta Cana looks ridiculously beautiful. I want to be on that beach…like now! Your mawma and pawpa are SO cute. Thanks for sharing this.

la petite coquine said...

What gorgeous photos, and a beautiful family! That photo of your parents is absolutely wonderful!

Amanda said...

I am so jealous! Glad you got to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Aww! Everyone looks so happy in their bright beach wear! So fun!

Miss K said...

those pics are beautiful!! you look awesome in your swimsuit!!

Kelly said...

You are way too cute. I love that stingrays don't phase your photoshoot :)