Wednesday, April 27, 2011

punta cana ~ day five

waking up the morning of everyone's last full day in punta cana was a little sad, the whole family was having such a good time that i didn't even want to think about leaving yet!

funny enough, this was the ONLY day of the entire vacation that i actually made it to breakfast. all of the other days i was either exploring or... drinking mojiotos. :) don't worry though i literally ate enough food in that one breakfast to make up for every other morning i had missed it!

of course after breakfast we headed down to the beach! do you love how my grandpa is sleeping? :) his hat actually said "grandpa's taxi" ~ i wanted to get a close up, but i didn't want to disturb his tanning slumber.

after a little sun session, my little sisters, allyson & karsen (the twins), had their own real photo shoot that day! the pictures turned out so amazing!!

karsen's older, but only by a smidge. she's the little lovely who is planning to move to california when she finishes high school to join me in the world of fashion. :) maybe one of these days we'll own a company together!

ally is the one you guys met during my tuesday ten ~ cakes by ally. she might not be moving out here to california, but she has her heart set on a big city and i know she's going to be uber successful no matter where she lives.

i am so blessed to have them as my sisters and i am so proud that their beauty isn't just on the outside. they both have huge hearts, and i love them extra because of that.

after watching the girlies work it on the beach, the cousins & my aunt bonnie took to the sea for a little snorkeling adventure. the mister took some under water video that i haven't loaded yet, so maybe i'll surprise everyone with that later. :)

day five was also when mawma gave all the grandkids the bracelets she had brought along to share with the locals. she has been passing these out for years on her missionary trips all over the world. i will always love hearing her share her testimony. :) love you grammy.

for the rest of the day, we didn't do much else. it was perfect. :) i was also FINALLY able to get a picture with my mama. she's a little camera shy, and let me tell ya... it drives me nuts!! i love my hat, but there was no getting around it shading my face from the camera. 

on our final night, the mister and i had our dinner date numero dos at their amazing japanese restaurant. :) our chef was hilarious, and at the end i had the most to-die for fried ice cream. have you ever had that before? i didn't even know it existed, but it was seriously sinful. 

i sure ♥ my mister!

after our mini date it was time to meet the family at the bar for one last drink together. we were all seriously exhausted from the week, but it didn't keep us from having fun. check out the pic of my aunt bonnie rocking the splits! (sorry it's blurry... it all happened so fast the mister rushed to get a photo!)

it was the perfect ending to a fantastic family vacation! :) 

sooo i know some of you have been waiting for the pictures from the photo shoot i did with the mister the morning we left for the airport, and i am happy to say they are coming... right after i announce the giveaway winner next week!

there's still a little time left. if you haven't entered already ~ check it out!

all images by jenna ♥ a little blue


Googlover/keishua said...

you all look so happy. looks like it was great time. I love the pic of you and your honey. Love is a beautiful thing. Have a great week.

Chrissy said...

Wonderful pictures! Make me wanna go there right away!
Happy Wednesday! xxx

Steph said...

i luv fried icecream!!! I really want to try a fried oreo!! ever had one of those?? if so is it worth it?

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

mmm fried ice cream sounds pretty fantasic! SO does your trip! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Mimi said...

Love the quote! Looks like an amazing vacation. The pic of you and your Mr. is really sweet;)
Aesthetic Lounge

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

you guys looks so relaxed and happy - I'm going down there for a wedding in July and will say hi to Punta Cana for ya!!! It looks like you warmed it up for me:)

Miss K said...

what a great trip!

kimbirdy said...

your family looks so fun!! that must have been such a great trip, and i hope i get a beach getaway soon!

Renée said...

you and your family are gorgeous!

Ashley and Carli Jo said...

Gorgeous post. Have a happy Wednesday :)

Sophie said...

these photos are amazing. it looks like the best time ever with your whole family. i really cant wait to get on the beach. i miss it!
i love your blog. im following x

la petite coquine said...

I can't get over what a good looking family you guys are!

Nikki said...

Ah, I'm secretly happy your vacation is over because those photos are making want sunshine so bad! ;) And I want to know where your darland sandals are from as well?

Hello Again Vintage said...

Beautiful photos, Janna! It looks gorgeous over there. I'm in total need of a vacation. I'm definitely adding that place to my list.


I'm Jenn said... HOW FUN! I love all the photos, sounds like a fantastic trip!

fried ice cream is BOMB! delish.


Jennifer said...

awwwwwww a fabulous end to your vacation! =) LOVE your hat!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Your family seems like so much fun and doesn't the half-finished breakfast and split picture just say it all?

Chic 'n Cheap Living

sugarmouse said...

you have STUNNING eyes!! and your sisters are so prettyyy

Things to Do said...

Yay for Aunt Bonnie rocking the splits. I need her to teach me some moves! said...

I love Japanese food, looks like a great place to eat.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw, now I am sad that I'm not there hehe :) All ion all sounds like you had a pretty great trip with your awesome family!

this free bird said...

these pictures are just dreamy and you are looking FAB!! what a fantastic vacay.


Petchie said...

It looks so amazing! I am super jealous! and I love all the pictures,so pretty


Mariel Torres said...

all these pictures made me miss my little island of puerto rico so much!
it looks like you all had a marvelous time lady :)

VeRo! said...

so great photos! it seems tha tu have a good time!
lovable blog! u have a new follower! :D


Andee Layne said...

beautiful photos! makes me want to go to mexico!!! xo

How to Bulk Up Fast said...

Beautiful faces. Just enjoy the trip!