Wednesday, March 30, 2011

beach weddings

just wanted to let you know, in case your interested, my wedding will be re-airing tomorrow on WEtv @ 9am pacific & noon eastern time ~ the show is called "beach weddings"! i always think when we see it airing, that it will be the last time it's on... but it seems without fail, during the spring & summer it reruns!

we were married on september 2, 2007 on a beach in malibu... it was a dream to say the least.

hope you can watch the show tomorrow or at least record it and watch it later :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

punta cana ~ day one

the first day started for us on sunday night. the mister and i took a red-eye to atlanta, and then hopped on a flight to punta cana, dominican republic. even though normally i am a little bit of a stressful traveler (i tend to forget things, book travel for the wrong days, go to the wrong airline, etc) this time i was so incredibly relaxed, and apparently the mister was too... the airline lady even mentioned how happy & relaxed we looked. boo yah :)

i made the mister break a little rule so he could catch an ariel shot for me as we were landing. not easy considering he was the middle seat, and we were still in the clouds. isn't it dreamy?

as soon as when we landed we were both in complete island mode. p.s. i ♥ the mister's hat, it's his first fedora and he totally pulls it off. (sorry he's hard to see!)

isn't the airport awesome? the perfect setting for starting our island getaway ~ 

it was a little chaotic when we arrived. there were a lot of people who sort of pretended they worked for the airport or the travel company we needed! i hate ignoring people so i had to respond nicely to all of them as they tried to tug my bags away. the mister was much better at breezing past them. :) it took about an hour to get our bags & finally make to where we needed to be... which was in a local mini van.

the ride to the airport was pretty funny. i noticed that our speedometer wasn't working. it said zero the whole time! he was a good driver though... very cautious, and probably because he had no idea how fast we were going!

finally we got to the hotel... which was beautiful.

i would love to say we checked in with ease and it was all grand, but honestly we had some issues. the people at the front desk refused to check us in or even talk to us for a full hour! they helped soo many families and couples in front of us, that it was a little heartbreaking. i was literally almost in tears. finally the mister and i pulled together & got them to speak to us. after all that, they informed us that we were at the wrong hotel. turns out we had been upgraded prior to arrival. the story is actually very frustrating and much longer than that... but i don't want to overshadow our good time with it. so i will just say... an hour and a half later we were finally checked into our suite.

our final hotel destination was the barcelo bavaro palace. i loved our room, and especially our hot tub on the balcony.

we had an amazing view of palm trees & the ocean. major swoon.

after getting settled we headed to pool bar to grab drinks. i pretty much drank mojitos the entire trip. :) yum yum yum. we did a little exploring and i was able to snap some pretty beach shots!

by the time we were ready to eat supper... the mister & i were still confused on where to go. we later learned there were many rules to each restaurant and it wasn't as simple as just going in and eating! another long story short, we ended up eating pizza & a weird cheese quesadilla at the resort's sports bar. we did see one of the members from LMFAO ~ all random and kind of funny looking back.

eventually we found some of my family (the other thirteen people were delayed due to ice back in the states) at the bar. they were a welcome sight that's for sure. :) when the night finally wound down, i was soo happy to climb in the hot tub w/my mister and just relax.

stay tuned for more punta cana photos & stories :)
all photos by jenna ♥ a little blue

Sunday, March 27, 2011

twelve meals ~ french toast

i bet you never thought you would see the rest of my twelve meals from 2010. apparently, my procrastination problem hasn't improved that much!

since i am having a hard time getting all my vacation posts written, i thought this would be the perfect time to show you at least one this week. i cross my heart i will share the rest, which is only a couple more... at some point! :) oh, and my twelve desserts for the year will hopefully pick back up in april.

(speaking of, i am in search of the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. if you have one send it my way! note: i don't like recipes with nuts. :) please and thank you.)

now down to business... this is the most delicious breakfast i have ever made! 

when i was younger my pawpa taught me and my sister holly to make his french toast. i remember both of us loved making it so much. that we literally ate it every meal for a couple of weeks. kind of ridiculous, but hey if you love something... sometimes you just can't hold back!!

making french toast for the mister was a little nerve racking, but i think i totally rose to the occasion. i was super proud of myself for not looking up a recipe, and just doing it from memory.

texas toast (way better than regular bread)
eggs (my rule of thumb is one egg for each piece of toast)
powdered sugar (this was for the mister, i'm not really into powdered sugar)

first i mxed two eggs, with a smidge of milk, and covered the mixture with cinnamon. this is enough for two pieces of toast. 

next, generously butter both sides of the toast.

once the mix is ready, lay your buttered bread flat in the container. let it sit and soak up the goodness, then flip it to the other side. again, let it sit and soak. :) i used a rectangular container for the eggs that i could easily lay my bread in. it was big enough that two pieces of toast fit side by side.

when the bread is nice and full of yumminess, cook on the stove top until both sides are slightly brown. i put our stove on medium heat.

after cooking, lightly sprinkle with more cinnamon. add powdered sugar if that's your preference, and serve with syrup.

once i made this for the first time, the mister and i ate this every morning until we ran of out toast! kind of awesome. :)

all images by jenna ♥ a little blue

Saturday, March 26, 2011

good morning

i'm one lucky lady, the mister just ran out to get us champagne for mimosas, and to pick up my breakfast from my favorite cafe. :)

i have told most of you already, this weekend my little family is going to cuddle up and be as lazy as possible! it's our first weekend back from vacation, and funny enough i feel i need a post-vacation vacation! 

hopefully i can sit down and load all of our photos and do some posts for this week. it's time i share our travel adventures with you.

any big plans for the weekend?

Monday, March 21, 2011

back home & back to the grind

it's been over a week with no phone & no internet! i was going nuts at first, but then i found it sort of amazing! vacation was a little crazy, but definitely an unforgettable time. i can't wait to share all my stories. 

unfortunately, i am off to work right now, but for those of you who don't follow me on twitter i wanted to share a sneak peek of punta cana 2011.

the mister and i did a photo session RIGHT before we headed to the airport. i ended up traveling for twelve hours literally covered in sand... but it was soo worth it!

and here's a new shot you haven't seen yet (unless you follow my personal fb) ~

for those wondering, my swim top is from beach bunny, had to represent. :) i'll put the rest up sometime soon! and i promise i will be on ALL of your blogs in the next few days, plus catching up with comments and emails. hope you everyone is doing well. missed you guys!
all images belong to jenna ♥ a little blue

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tuesday ten ~ etsy love

since i am enjoying the sun, i thought i would dedicate this tuesday ten to amazing beachy etsy finds! 

1 ~ seahorse charm necklace. $22 via charmedbykaren

2 ~ starfish letterpress notecard set. $16 via pressedufour

3 ~ cast iron mermaid. $10 via beautifuldetailswed

4 ~ teal sand dollar print. $18 via karingrow

5 ~ by the sea coasters. $20 via beachchik

6 ~ beach cottage wooden sign. $22 via sundaytreasures

7 ~ scallop shell pillow cover. $25 via coastalseasons

8 ~ driftwood heart. $25 via willowinteriors

9 ~ by the sea gift tag. $15 via beachhouseliving

10 ~ starfish barrettes. $22.50 via landlockedmermaids

what do you think? don't you love everything? :) well maybe you will get lucky and one of these lovely finds will be part of a little blue's next giveaway!

hope you all are enjoying your week :) p.s. pretty sure this is the only post you will see from me until next monday, but i am sure i will have LOTS of stories for you.
all images via etsy