Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday ten ~ vacation time

over spring break this year, my pawpa (who just celebrated his 80th birthday) is taking the family to punta cana, domincan republic. we've never taken a family vacation like this, and i am seriously so excited!! not only because the place looks beautiful, but because i really can't wait to have all of us together. even though it's just my pawpa's kids, plus their kids... we have twenty people coming!!

i am so excited for the trip, i have already started shopping for things i want to bring. here's ten of the things i have on my mind:

1 ~ swim suits. even though i work for a swim company, i am still planning on buying a couple of basic suits. i never wear matching tops & bottoms because i like mixing and matching, so i need to have options. p.s. i completely blame blue crush for this... those girls always looked so hot with their mixed suits.

2 ~ coverups. unfortunately for me, due to some of my medications, i have put on a little extra weight that i am not totally comfortable with. in order to help me get through my self conscious moments, i plan on wearing pretty coverups. i figure most of them can double as daytime outfits as well *and yes i am self conscious around all my hot cousins & sisters.*

3 ~ sandals. i tend to wear beach flats anyway, but for vacation, i want to pick up a few extras just in case! i need a mix of basic slippers & fancier ones for dinners, etc.

4 ~ beach reads. i haven't been reading as much lately, it's just so hard when i am working! hopefully, i can grab a couple new books to read on the plane & of course on the beach. any suggestions friends??? i just want some good light, easy reads. would love to hear your thoughts!

5 ~ dresses. i might bring a couple shorts, but for the most part i plan on wearing dresses while there. they are much easier to pack, and i won't have to think about it as much. i plan on bringing mostly short ones, but i am definitely hoping to find a few good long ones for nighttime.

6 ~ floppy beach hat. i think they are glamourous, and i have a serious love of hats. i am making it my mission to have at least one that i can wear with lots of things.

7 ~ beach bag(s). i have plenty of beach bags already, but i want to find a new one for vacation that i can wear with everything that will double as my purse. we shall see if i can find the perfect one, if not i want to buy a local bag when we get there.

8 ~ sunglasses. even though i love designer shades... i am super accident prone and i also i tend to lose more sunnies that i like to admit. that being said, thankfully venice beach is full of breakable, losable, and cheap glasses ~ absolutely perfect for my needs!

9 ~ sleepwear. i love little baby dolls & cute nightgowns sooo even though this not a necessity at all... i am still using this as an excuse to get a couple new ones. :) 

10 ~ journal. one thing i wish i had brought on our honeymoon was a travel journal. i love writing things down, and i think it will be a nice keepsake after the trip to remember all the little things i might forget in a few years. :) do any of you have travel journal suggestions? i was thinking i wanted a blank one until i heard about "destinations". anyone heard of it?

are you going anywhere for spring break? what's on your packing list?
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G said...

Really really love your blog!!!! I follow :) have a look to mine if you like ;)

Nicole Marie said...

is there a way i can BUY the models BODIES?? please and thank yo

Things to Do said...

Yay for the trip! What super great vacation pieces. I so want a fun hat!

I took a Moleskin notebook with me when I went to Greece and forced myself to write in it every day so the information would be fresh. I'm so glad I did, I reference it a lot. Can't wait to read about your adventures.

Rebekah said...

This trip sounds awesome! How fun! As far as books, anything by Nicholas Sparks or Emily Giffin are good. I love dresses and sandals! I live in them in the spring/summer. We are having my husband's brother and my sister come out to visit for spring break! I'm so excited.

gina said...

oh, this list made me so happy! i wish i was traveling somewhere fun over break. I'm loving mixed-matched swimsuits, as well. Also, I'm in the middle of reading Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven and so far it's a pretty good, light read!

xo, gina


Diana Smith said...

I must read those Nicholas Sparks books!! I am a huge fan!!

The Smith Circle

Bhrett said...

Books, okay, this is totally my area :) I think I've read on here that you've ready The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. If not, read it NOW (or wait until your trip =]...). The Hunger Games trilogy is a totally unconventional suggestion, but if you want a book that you literally can't put down, read it (a guilty pleasure, think Twilight, etc.) More good fiction: The Alchemist (my favorite, ever.). The best book I've ever read, but it's nonfiction (not sure how you feel about this) is Into Thin Air. (I have reviews of all of these on my blog, if you're interested.) You should consider getting a goodreads account.

Can't wait to read about your trip. Let us know if you read a good book!

Ashley and Carli Jo said...

Hey Jenna,
Your vacation sounds amazing! To be in a gorgeous location surrounded by family, how awesome!? I may be meeting up with Jessica for a trip to NYC in March, very much looking forward to it.

Valerie said...

That's SO exciting that you have a family vacation coming up! I was just thinking this morning that I needed a vacation. Haha. I love all the sandals, cover ups, dresses, and swimsuits you picked. What a fun occasion to shop for!

Ashleigh said...

Oh Jenna I just had a twinge of jealously!! This trip sounds fabulous, I took a cruise with family (once and only) and was amazing to have everyone together. You will have a blast!! Plus warm weather sounds magnificent!

Jillian said...

how fun! i love the cover ups you have chosen and the bags! you'll have an ahhhmazing time! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Miss K said...

i was already anxious about summer and after this post I CANNOT WAIT!! all the outfits/suits are s

Kimbirdy said...

that is going to be such a great vacation!! i found myself wishing i could have an excuse to pack all of those fun things. :) there's nothing like throwing on a big floppy hat, a loose cover up and hitting the beach with a good book.

la petite coquine said...

Oh, I'm green with envy over your spring break trip (and packing list)! We're planning a little trip after John finishes the semester, but unfortunately for me, he can't take that many days away from the guitar!

Have a wonderful time-I'll live vicariously through you!

gracey said...

your post makes me want to continue my pending summer getaway plan! love the outfits! :)

Lisa Fergus said...

how exciting! I have a trip coming up too and need all of the above! Where is the first dress from in your dress college? also what software did you use to make said college?
email me! ;) lisafergus@yahoo.com


Karsen said...

First off: I am super excited for vacation too..for all of us to get together! i misses you.
Second: I have the striped swimsuit top, purple cover up, blue cover up, and yellow belted dress all circled in my VS catalog!! plus many many more.
hehe :)
Love you sista.

Anna Walker said...

Target has perfect gigantic sunglasses that are fun and cheap!
Have so much fun on your vacation, and wear sunscreen! :)
PS you work for a swimsuit company? Kind of awesome!


Nikki said...

That sounds so fabulous. Lucky you! Love those sandals...get them both! ;)

Orchid said...

wow cool...and i love those summer dresses and the maxis...have a great time.cheers!!!

la mì said...

Wonderful post!
HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
kiss kiss ;D

Eva said...

how exciting! the trip will be wonderful :)

my husband and i just bought our tickets for Italy, we're going in September. Sooo I have like 6.5 months to look good in a bikini? haha


Googlover/keishua said...

Fun! I love those floppy beach hats. I think I need to get one. Hope all is well. Peace.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I just went to the Dominican Republic in December. It's is def beautiful! Where are you staying?

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, love this list! I totally made a promise to myself that I would buy a floppy beach hat, too! I think they are so fabulous looking! Great minds think alike!!