Saturday, February 05, 2011

day date

i told you i would have to do a separate post on my last day before work because it was sort of amazing, and i took a bazillion pictures. sorry in advance... i couldn't narrow down which photos to post, so i posted quite a few! :)

the mister planned a date that started our day with a trip up the pch. i think both of us would agree, we love driving by the ocean regardless if we have a specific destination. 

our first stop was at the sunset restaurant ~ where we got married. :)  our wedding was on the beach in front of the restaurant, and the cocktail hour & reception was inside.

it was nice to be back since this beach means some much to us.

right before i went downstairs for the wedding, i remember looking out these windows thinking it was going to be the best day of my life! :) boy was i right.

three and a half years of marriage later, and thankfully still in our honeymoon phase.

side note: a little off subject, when we pulled up the first person i saw was mathew macconaughey. he was working out at the beach, and parked in front of the restaurant. kind of a fun little extra for the day. :)

the next sighting was even better... we saw a dolphin pod as we started walking down the beach. something about seeing dolphins feels magical to me. i know we've seen quite a few since living out here, but i still get super excited.

it was the perfect day for a stroll by the sea.

there was a swimsuit photo shoot happening in the background. :) see them way back there?

my personal photo shoot turned out waaay better!

not sure about you guys, but when we come across big rocks on the beach, we always have to stop and climb them.

i love rock.

right before we left, i snapped this shot from the car. lovely day for fishing.

next, the mister took me somewhere unexpected. it was a little drive north of sunset, and as we were driving, i started thinking about this rock sitting on a cliff that i took him to on his first visit to see me in california... when he pulled up next to it... i got sooo excited! :) 

the sneaky fella also brought some of my favorite wine and a couple of dixie cups to make a perfect little moment. awe!!

what i love about this spot, is of course the giant rock, but also the small ones all around it. they are perfect for sitting and getting lost in the ocean.

the rock below is "our rock". :)

cheers to my last day of freedom, and an amazing day!

i like shadow pics what can i say.

the ocean was so pretty that day. super calm, and i loved all the different shades of deep blue.

i really wanted a shot of us together on the rock, so i had to set my camera on the edge of the cliff propped up on a little metal thing. i was a sooo nervous my camera would go crashing into the sea that i only took this one pic! but at least you can see us... 

do you see the shadow heart we made?? n.e.r.d.s i know.

thinking time... "i love my life"

after we finished our wine, it was supper time! first we stopped at a cute little restaurant so i could take some sunset pics. isn't it glorious???

and then we drove to paradise cove (where they filmed the gidget movies... *sigh* heaven). :) the mister had lobster tacos, and i had some delicious salmon. it was seriously one of the greatest little days, and i can't wait for many more just like it.

l.o.v.e :)

p.s. i am trying a blogging "schedule" this week thanks to all my fellow bloggers suggestions, so cross your fingers you see more of me!!
all images by jenna ♥ a little blue


Rebekah said...

That is a wonderful day! So sweet! You made memories for sure. :)

The Parrish Family said...

LOVE the photo recap! It truly sounds like the perfect day! Hope you're enjoying your new job! :)

Things to Do said...

These are super lovely pictures. Love the sunset photos!!!! Happy last day before work!

Monique said...

Wow, when you said you needed an entire post for your date you weren't kidding. What a fun filled day. That sunset looks amazing. Your one lucky gal. He brought along your favorite wine, slo sweet.

pam @ iLoveShelling said...

Oh Jenna, I love your life too! Such a sweet day and husband. Good luck at your new job- you'll do great!

Chrissy said...

Wow - what an amazing day! Love, love, love all of the pics! You are such a cute couple! And the hubby is super thoughtful!
Missed you dear!
Good night! xxx

Ashley said...

Yay for staying in the honeymoon phase! Hope it's that way FOREVER for you two!!

Your photos are truly beautiful! I love the rock pic...made me smile :D

Happy Weekend!

Orchid said...

wow yoo guys look so lovely and happy...and just a beautiful perfect location for a wedding...mus have been somethng to go back to the same place again...keep smiling togther.cheers!!!

classic • casual • home said...

These photos are beyond beautiful. Excellent that you took the time out to get your feet sandy and feel the ocean breeze. I loved this post.
Mary Ann

jessicarsommer said...

This is SUCH a sweet post! I love it. It made me smile, I'm such an independant girl but when I see that I realise- hmm I want that some day. Here's to being a bit of a beach bum (california coast) and bohemian spirit in the design/fashion world. They can be hard to roll with ;)

Jessica Rae
{Lovely Ugly Design}

Ashley and Carli Jo said...

How wonderful! You two are such romantics :) Low key beach days are the absolute best.

Michaela said...

What a truly wonderful day and shut up- you saw Matthew McConaughey?! So fun!

Kelly said...

So cute!

(I have Kenney Chesney stuck in my head - "Bottle of wine and 2 dixie cups")

Ms. Givens said...

Looks like a wonderful day!

Joious said...

I <3 the Sunset and considered it as a wedding venue! This post made me miss Malibu with a fierceness! :)