Saturday, January 08, 2011

twelve meals ~ jenna's spaghetti

editor's note: this isn't "technically" spaghetti because i didn't use spaghetti noodles. that said, i still like calling it spaghetti... so i'm going to :)

i can't take complete credit on this meal because it was 100% inspired by the delicious version my grandma made me growing up. i've never made it before and i was too lazy to search for the recipe my mama had sent me, but i remember that the velveeta was what made it different.

this was only the second time i made up a recipe as i went along, which i think is amazing/scary since i still don't really feel "at home" in the kitchen yet! i figure this is meal # nine so i should be branching out.

my ingredients:
corkscrew pasta
ground turkey (thank you biggest loser for teaching me about this)
garlic powder
onion powder
chopped portabella mushrooms
spaghetti sauce from a jar (sorry to the italians in our family)

i cooked the noodles first ~ once upon a time i couldn't boil water without calling my mama. big improvement right? :)

next, i cooked the turkey with garlic powder & onion powder seasoning ~ p.s. if you don't watch the biggest loser, they always suggest substituting ground beef for lean ground turkey (jenny-o brand is what they/we use). i love me some beef so i was definitely skeptical the first time the mister used it, but now i am totally hooked.

then, i added the chopped mushrooms and velveeta *sort of hard to see in the pic*

the final step was to add in the spaghetti sauce, and let it all cook together. normally i take a bazillion more pictures of the process & the final product, but i was so hungry making this meal... i slacked on pictures so i could hurry and chow down. 

personally i thought it was delicious. :) the mister did gobble up quite a bit, and we ate leftovers more than once so i dub this meal a success. 

thanks gram for the inspiration, i still think yours taste better!

all images by jenna ♥ a little blue


dovecote Decor said...

Cipriani pasta is our new game changer. Give it a try, it is better than home made pasta in lots of restaurants.

Chrissy said...

Yummy!! Looks delish!! I love pasta in any kind of form!! I will try this!!!
Happy Weekend!
Hugs xxx

Nicole Marie said...

that looks delicious!!!

Bhrett said...

Looks great! I love turkey and Josh loves mushrooms. I think we'll try it! If you are really a fan of turkey, you should try our turkey burgers. They were yummy!

Things to Do said...

OK. Now I'm hungry. Lovely recipe. Can't wait to try it!

Thekla said...

miami looks delicious<3:) check it out honey when you have free time:)

mb said...

new blog follow me!

Kaleido Mind said...

YUM!!! looks delicious;D

Orchid said...

i am just gettin to be fond of spaghetti...looks yummm...

la petite coquine said...

I'm so impressed by your recent cooking experiments! My mom has always been a free-form cook, and some of her best dishes have been her own creations!

Laura *You Stir Me* said...

stop it - that looks so yummy! I'll definitely try the ground turkey next time. We always use whole wheat pasta - do like it? I find it changes the taste a little but I've been hooked on it for a couple years now and prefer over the white pasta:)

Monique said...

This looks yummy!!

Noodles and Waffles said...

Yum. This looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this easy meal.

{av} said...

ohmyheavens. I was hungry before I read your post...and now I'm starving. thanks for that ;) congrats on getting another meal under your belt! xoxo {av}

Leigh said...

looks delicious!!!! i will def have to try this!

Penny said...

Jen, this made me so hungry. I love the twist on Grandma Duggers spaghetti. I am going to make it for us. And since we are eating a lot of ground turkey lately it will be a nice touch. Love ya Momma