Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tuesday ten ~ to dos

this week is going to be a big week. :) here's ten things i need to get done...

1 ~ finish my wreath. i started a christmas wreath, but i need to finish it now that it's acceptable to put out christmas decorations. of course it's beach themed... here's the original inspiration.

2 ~ schedule the big hair cut. it's time to do the chop on my hair. i'm excited and nervous, but i measured the other day, and 8 inches is nothing compared to how long my hair is. i might even get crazy and do 9 inches ~ if i'm feeling fiesty :) i really am happy to be giving up my locks for someone else.

3 ~ cook a couple meals. i am going to make us blueberry muffins for breakfast, and potentially lasagna for dinner. that would check meals # seven and # eight off my list. sooo this to do MUST happen.

4 ~ build a buffet. that's right folks ~ i ordered it. i couldn't wait any longer, and the second hand styles ended up not working out due to measurements or the crazy prices the sellers were asking for. my new one should be here today! i can't wait, and glad i bought when i did because now it's sold out.

5 ~ shop for christmas. i started my list of gifts for the family & the mister! this year the mister and i will be filling each others stockings. normally i just fill both of ours, but this year he's going to join in and fill mine. don't you just love making christmas list for others?

6 ~ doctor appointments. this week will be full of doctors, needles, and other fun, but it will all be worth it when i get back to feeling 100% again. cross your fingers that all goes well. (to everyone who's been sending me messages of well wishes, i truly truly appreciate it. you all touched my ♥)

7 ~ clean the bungalow. i'm messy... seriously messy. i have always been this way, and somehow i don't see myself changing. this week i want to clean out our storage unit, and my closet. time to get organized for the holidays! unfortunately for the mister, i don't look this good when cleaning, but maybe someday.

8 ~ make ornaments. we are starting a new tradition where every year we each pick out a special ornament for the tree. he picked out a cute reindeer and i chose a star, but i haven't been able to find one that i love for izzy. soo i'm going to attempt a ceramics project :) we will see how mine turn out, but here are a couple pieces i like.

9 ~ play with friends. since i've been stuck at the house, i haven't been able to see anyone lately. hopefully this week, i'll make it out for some lunches, drinks, and/or dinners. i would also love to see burlesque with some ladies because there is no way i'll be able to drag the mister too it. 

10 ~ plan my birthday giveaway. i did a giveaway for my first blogging birthday, but in order to celebrate my actual birthday (december 24th), i will be hosting a little giveaway in december too. i just need to figure out what that gift will be! oh yeah, and i will be turning ...

what's on your to do list??
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

twelve meals ~ thanksgiving feast

the mister and i agreed that because i put in so much work, that i could count everything i made for thanksgiving as one meal ~ # six.

that means i am half way finished with my resolution, haha sad, only one month to go & six more meals. eek scary, but i will do it dang it!

ok soo here's what i made for turkey day. i give myself props because it was all from scratch. :)

#1 ~ pecan pie (cam's favorite). ever since i made the first one for him, he swears it's the best pecan pie he's ever had... yay! it's the third one i have made him, so i am getting a little more comfortable making it. i still need to work on making the crust look pretty :)

 #2 ~ cheesecake chocolate brownies. (since i don't like pies!) these didn't turn out like i wanted. i think it was the chocolate. i'm pretty particular about my chocolate! oh, and i almost forgot... i had no idea what in the world i was doing in the second picture. the mister and i collaborated on what we THOUGHT was the right way to melt the chocolate, and thanks to a few friends posting their thanksgiving prep on facebook... i saw that it was right. :)

sorry forgot to take a "finished" photo. :) maybe it was because my brownies weren't done until 10:30p on thanksgiving "eve". 

#3 ~ stuffed mushrooms. so glad one of my best friends, who i call pank ~ (check out her blog), gave me this recipe last year. they are one of my favorite parts of turkey day now. :) the stuffing for this recipe is the only thing i didn't make from scratch, it was from a box, but i did add smashed mushroom stems and garlic & onion powder to make it my own!

#4 ~ homemade stuffing. i have to say, i was completely disappointed with the recipe i pulled. the ingredient proportions seemed to be WAY off. i did what i could to try and adjust, but in the end i was really, really sad with how it turned out! next year, i am going to find a family or friend recipe possibly, because this one was no bueno. no finished picture due to my sadness. :(

#5 ~ cheese ball. :) ok so i made it so fast, there was no time for pictures of the steps. but p.s. this is my favorite picture that i took! so glad i was able to use my starfish dish for the crackers, and my little seashell spreader, and of course the fish dish that the cheese ball is sitting on. *also can you tell the difference between our kitchen lighting and our living/dining room. floor to ceiling windows... love*

the mister made the turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy so we really did have a giant feast. pretty funny since it was just the two of us, but it was all delicious.

isn't the turkey pretty??? the mister did good with his plating. :)

ok so i guess here's a shot of the stuffing ~ BOO.

at the end of the day, we had an AMAZING meal. i'm still a sickling, so i couldn't dive face first into everything like i wanted, but i did manage small portions of everything except the potatoes/gravy & pie. not sure if i have ever mentioned it, but i don't like potatoes in any form. fries, tater tots, mashed, etc. no thank you! i will only eat potato chips if they are super salty like baked lays... or they have something to hide that gross potato taste! :) i know it's weird... especially from a midwest girl. 

p.s. there was a slight mix up ~ i will be featured monday, november 29th over at simply sunshine and daisys :) so check it out!
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Friday, November 26, 2010

holiday dining centerpiece

did you miss me a little? i definitely missed you guys, but i really needed some days of relaxing! i didn't have too many of those because i was also super busy with the mister preparing for thanksgiving, but at least i have lots of new things to share with you ~ first up is my holiday centerpiece.

here's what it was before ~ 

i was actually a little sad to put away the sea horses because i love them soo much, but it was definitely time for a change. :) *sorry about the lighting... these are old pictures*

and here's my new one ~

it's nothing fancy, but it suits my style. 

of course, i kept it coastal :)

what do you think?

i am hoping to change out my place mats and napkin holders in the next couple weeks so they are a little more glammed up for christmas. i'll keep you posted on what i find.

hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving & are having a lovely black friday :)

*p.s. i will be featured on sunday, november 28th over at simply sunshine and daisys ~ i'll post a reminder that day, but you have to stop by and check it out. her blog is super cute, and she is really sweet, which is even more of a reason you should stop by. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

monday night masquerade

last week was a bit of a "lay in bed" week for me. i told you all i wasn't feeling well a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't exactly the flu. i went to the doctor again (i haven't really talked about it on my blog, but i have a lot of strange medical problems for being young and relatively "healthy".) turns out i needed to have some tests ran as soon as we could get on the doctor's schedule. so friday, i went "under" for some internal biopsies... not fun! all of the results will be back after thanksgiving, so hopefully i can get some medicine and get back in action. for now, i remain exhausted & in bed whenever i can be ~ so i officially apologize if i haven't gotten back to emails, comments, twitters, etc hopefully soon!

no matter how i feel, i am really excited for tonight. a couple of lovelies are hosting a little pre-thanksgiving masquerade! how fun right? i have always wanted to have a pretty mask, and now is my chance.

here's some of my favorite inspirations for the party.

i like ones with a little sparkle...

or ones with feathers...

possibly a laser cut style?

of course, i really just want the one nina dobrev wore on vampire diaries! it was gorgeous, and while i did find replicas on ebay, they are too expensive. *huff* it's laser cut metal w/swarovski crystals ~ super pretty!

here's a close up :)

i could have posted a bazillion more pictures because there are soo many beautiful & fun ones out there. in the end, i think i want a black, red, or blue one... lol soo i need to narrow down my thoughts! i'll post photos from the party later this week. the mister is coming too, so i am also off to find him a "manly" mask. :)

have you been to a masquerade party before?? what did you wear?

happy monday

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Friday, November 19, 2010

the great buffet search

for our living/dining room, we pretty much have all the big pieces of furniture we need with the exception of a buffet. (note: i realized when doing my search that people call these sideboards, buffets, credenzas, cabinets, etc... i have no idea what's proper so i am sticking with buffet.)

 i'd like one with only cabinets and no drawers, so that we can use it to store our giant dvd collection. my mama did this when we were younger, and i since i like to hide things ~ it just makes sense.

on top of the buffet, i plan to put a bar setting and some coastal decor. when we are entertaining, i think it will also be a nice place for food trays, etc.

 originally i decided it might be best, considering my teeny tiny budget, if i look for something old that might need a little ♥ and some paint. however, i found a couple new ones that might just be too good to pass up, so i need your help!

i found this one at home decorators that is on sale for $181 (regular $319). i think this is my favorite... which i why i put it first. :)

they also have this one that's on sale for $202 (regular $319) ~

then i also found the ones below that people are selling in my area, but all of them would need a little work. (sorry about the picture quality ~ you know how it goes with online listings!)

this guy is only $30, but we would have to add some legs to him because he's a little short. plus i would probably add hardware to the front since it's pretty basic.

i ♥ this one. it has a great frame so i would probably just paint him. i'm still waiting on the price because it was listed with other items, but originally he was listed at $300 with a side table and mirror.

 i also found a danish boy. he would definitely need to be turned white, but i don't know if he fits with everything else in the room. the seller also still needs to send me a price... not sure why people don't list prices, at least put "best offer".

at the very end, i found this amazing stereo cabinet, but unfortunately he doesn't exactly fit my storage needs. maybe if we had a garage or some place to gut him, we could make it work. boo!

so what do you think? should i just go ahead and get one of the first two that are already finished? get an oldie and fix him up? or do you know where i can get something else that's under $200?

my living room and i thank you in advance for your feedback :)