Monday, August 30, 2010

palm tree beauty

ever since i moved to california, my love of the palm tree beauty has just continued to grow. something about the way they look at sunset in the skyline always makes me take a breath and say a little thank you for the blessings in my life. 

all i know is that in my heaven... there will be palm trees. : ) 

here's a few shots from a little palm tree garden that's set above the beach in santa monica. it's one of my favorite little collection of trees in the area.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tuesday ten ~ change brings goals

my recent mini blog absence was due largely to the fact that unfortunately, after five years with rock, my employment there was ended due to a layoff last monday. : / that past week, i cried, i laughed, and in the end i pretty much have come to terms with that chapter closing, and i am extremely ready for the next one to begin.  

that being said, i have set ten goals for myself during this unexpected "vacation". these are definitely not in order of importance! : )

#1 tan ~ lucky for me, the weather in LA has been quite amazing lately. in fact... our summer seems to have finally arrived! i know it's bad and it will ultimately give me skin cancer, but honestly having a tan has always upped my spirits. so i plan on laying with my toes in the sand or at least in our pool (with some sunscreen), as much as i can!

#2 read ~ i have already finished eat, pray, love and the lucky one since my departure. last night i started dead in the family, and when that's done i plan on reading committed... mainly because i loved eat, pray so much and i want to hear more of her story! goal two is easily achievable combined with goal one.

#3 photograph ~ i need to get out and take some more pictures. i have time to focus on it, and i plan to do just that. since i love to shoot flowers, and there are so many beautiful ones in my neighborhood, that i decided i would start around the area and see what i come up with.

#4 create ~ i love jewelry, and i love even more making my own pieces. therefore i am scheduling myself a little trip downtown to find what i need to make some new pieces for myself, and some to put up on etsy.

#4 paint ~ i miss putting my creative juices to work for myself. i have a wall, so i just need some canvas and hopefully i can put up my own art up instead of someone else's to add to our bungalow's decor. hopefully this painting thing also happens for our master bedroom. : ) i need to get it done already!

#5 search ~ before i jump into any new positions i want to think about what i really, really want to do next. i would be extremely happy if i found a job that mixed more fashion and entertainment together. (ps readers and fellow bloggers ~ if any of you have fashion industry connections... help a girl out! :) i'd love to look into styling, wardrobe jobs, etc.)

#6 cook ~ back in january i had the goal of twelve meals for the mister. lol umm so far only one has been cooked. i swear i will make the other eleven before the year is up! what can i say i am no martha stewart, and my housewife abilities are pretty sad. :) good thing the mister knew that going in! oy...

#7 reconnect ~ i haven't really gotten to have much a personal life lately. due to health issues, work, and everything else there are quite a few people that have sadly gone off my radar. now that i have time, i plan on reconnecting with old friends, and 100% staying in touch with my new ones. 

#8 relax ~ somehow i realized i have become quite a worry wart. i didn't use to be, i used to be way more mellow with a "whatever happens" attitude. i was definitely happier letting everything just happen as it should instead of trying to figure out what to do next. i absolutely plan on re-learning to live without worry. i need to have faith that it will all work out... just as it always has.

#9 yoga ~ i've always wanted to start doing yoga. i think this will help me with number eight too. :) i have a few coupons for beginner classes, and since i have some time... might as well try it out. i need to be zen jen.

#10 blog ~ i have the time now, so no excuses. i need to focus and give my little bleu some much needed attention. xx

hopefully this vacation won't last too long, my mister and i need to be a dual income family to live where we do. i am sure it will be tough, so please pray for me that the right job, with the right pay, and hours, comes my way.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

chocolate cork board

i have been wanting a large chocolate cork board in our kitchen for awhile. chocolate colored cork was the key because i really don't like the color of the generic "office" cork boards, and i wanted it to have a deep rich look. 

lucky for me i found the 12x12 dark chocolate cork boards, a couple months ago, at michael's, but i ended up putting the project aside because i couldn't find the right frame for all the boards. so like many my other diy projects i put it on HOLD. 

finally today, thanks to my mister for his help, the project is finished. :) we now have an awesome 48x24 chocolate cork board in our kitchen.

i think i will love it more once we get the kitchen painted, but for now i'm still pretty excited. for the frames we ended up getting two frame making kits from michael's. originally i wanted one big frame, but even with the kits it was impossible to get the correct size.

the frames were really easy to put together and my handy mister did them in about ten minutes. :)

we had some a good time with the frames when they were finished... but then the project went back on hold because i couldn't figure out how the cork was going to stay in the frame since it wasn't quite thick enough to be flush.

i ended up calling a framing store to get their opinion on how to finish the project ~ and they suggested using foam board behind the cork to make it flush with the frame. i bought a couple pieces of white foam board from office max, and the project was back on. the foam had come with double sided square stickies sooo that worked out perfect!

i'm really happy with how it turned out, and i can't wait to start pinning things up. i won't be using the clear push pins, i think i am going to get some clothing pins from the fabric store so it will have a cleaner look. once i get a few things hung up, i'll post another picture.

hope you guys had a great weekend ~ cheers to the start of a fresh week!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tuesday ten ~ a little about jen - na :)

every tuesday i will be sharing my "tuesday ten" with you so i thought i might start it off with ten pretty random facts about me. : ) some of you who know me outside of blogland may know some of these things... but i guarantee not all!

#1 ~ my number one fear is cotton ~ this picture actually makes me gag a little. i hate the feel of it, sound of it... everything. i do wear cotton clothes, but if they are stiff and rigid i will 100% pass! when i go to the doctor i make them use gauze instead of cotton balls, and same for the very rare occasion when i go to a nail salon. it's funny when i tell people because they always think i am kidding, but honestly this is my REAL serious phobia!

#2 ~ i am number two of seven girls. i don't have a picture of us all ~ but the below is five of us. i love them all so much, and wish we were all living in at least the same state. thank goodness for texting and facebook. : ) keeps me looped in! we all couldn't be more different, but at the same time we are very much the same.

holly (#3), allyson (#6), erin (#1), me (#2), and karsen (#5) ~ the two that are not pictured are katie (#4) and danielle (#7)

#3 i am reading three books right now. which is distracting, i don't normally like to split my attention between tasks because ultimately it takes me forever to finish anything. that's what is happening to me now! i need to stop and just refocus on one at a time.

#4 ~ i have 
four eyes. when i was really little i used to want glasses because i thought they were sooo cool. then when i actually got them.... i hated them so much! i lost my frames all the time, broke them, and forgot them everywhere. i was SO happy when i actually convinced my mom to get me contacts. for the record, they aren't colored contacts! you can see i am telling the truth, when i wear only one contact. (<-- don't ask)

#5 ~ my favorite baseball team is the st.louis cardinals. i'm was born and raised to bleed red, and my favorite player is number five albert pujols. pretty funny that two of my sisters went rogue and are cubs fans. boooooo to them

image credit

#6 ~ i want to have six babies, i know that seems like a lot, but growing up with a pretty large immediate family i can't see it any other way. another part of this is that i absolutely planning on adopting in addition to having natural pregnancy. there are so many little ones that need families, and i can't ever remember a time when i didn't think adoption was right for me and the mister. thankfully he is on board with adoption because it's something we would have to both be 100% sure about. he isn't necessarily on board with six little ones, but i think i can sway him as we go : )

image credit

#7 ~ seven long years ago, i packed my 97 pontiac firebird with everything that would fit, and drove out to california. i had no plan, no money, and no idea where i would live. my first two nights i actually slept on the couch of a friend, of a friend, of a friend who knew someone online that lived in LA. he was michael jackson's pilot, and to this day i don't even know his last name. let me just say it was scary and weird!! as you can imagine, i've had some crazy interesting things happen along the way, that i hope to share with you all eventually. this picture is from the drive out at the grand canyon pit stop ~ sorry for the poor quality my camera was aweful!

#8 ~ the only time i ever went to an overnight camp, which only lasted a week, i came home got in the shower, and a hairy eight legged monster fell out of my hair! it actually bit the back of my neck, but it wasn't too bad of a bite. that incident scared me for life. these little creepy crawly creatures need to keep their distance.

image credit

#9 ~ on september 2 it will be my nine year anniversary with my mister. we started dating on september 2, 2001, we got engaged on september 2, 2006, and married on september 2, 2007. : ) honestly it's gooey and mushy, but we are more in love now than we've ever been. the first picture is from back in the day and the second is our most recent.

#10 ~ i love to take pictures of my ten toes. i'm not sure why, but i've always done it. i take pictures of my feet whenever we visit some place new, and the caption always says "my feet were here". here are my feet at the dentist, right before they took out my wisdom teeth. haha weird... i know.

Monday, August 09, 2010

salt screening

the mister and i went to a screening of salt tonight at sony studios. definitely a perk of the job occasionally. : ) this private screening happened with good timing since the mister and i actually went to see salt a week or so ago, but because i got sick ~ i missed the entire middle portion of the movie.

thankfully he is an amazing mister and said he would come to the screening with me so i could see it again. i think the fact that it was at sony made it a little easier for him to do it. it's way more comfortable and fun than going to a regular theater. promise!

great movie ~ angelina jolie remains flawless to me. i respect her mostly for her charitable work and how she manages her ginormous family. i also obviously think she is beautiful and very talented, but really i do appreciate her "outside" of hollywood work. if you haven't seen the movie, and you want some action, i say go see it. she was very much like a female jason bourne. : )

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

alphabet letters

thank goodness for target dollar bins! i picked up something i always wanted as a kid, but sadly never got! it's kind of silly, but i always wanted the magnetic alphabet letters so i could leave messages for people.

so even though these definitely do not match my kitchen ~ i am having so much fun with them! ps. since they were only a dollar i will excuse that the "w" doesn't stay up unless i prop it on another letter : ) 

since i bought a couple packs, my mister and i have sort of been taking turns leaving each other notes. some sweet and some funny ~ some completely inappropriate, but i have loved all of them. 

this is the message from my mister to me this afternoon ~ i photoshopped it out of boredom.

isn't that sweet? : ) awe. so i've never done it before, but can you spray paint plastic? i was thinking i would add a little coat to these guys and make them fit in somehow.

also, i apologize for not responding to comments these past two weeks. i am just now weening myself off the meds from my wisdom teeth so my life has been work and sleep! hopefully this weekend i will have a chance to get back to everyone AND catch up on all my blog reading. i miss seeing what everyone has been up to.

Monday, August 02, 2010

sweet gift

i am one lucky girl ~ one of my bestest friends in the world just sent me this awesome little gift. i swear you will never meet a more thoughtful person! 

once i get my dresser repainted, it's going to sit on there. : )