Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tuesday ten ~ christmas ♥

there's a million reasons why i ♥ this time of year, but there are ten things i love about christmas the most.

1 ~ hot chocolate. preferably with marshmallows! (p.s. i really hate that i have always said marsh-MELLOWS, but just realized it's actually MALLOWS) oh and for the record, it doesn't really have to be "hot" chocolate. i liked it hot back in so. ill because the winters were obviously cold, but in so. cal ~ chocolate milk makes me just as happy. 

2 ~ the lights. to me twinkle lights are magical anytime of year, but i love love love seeing them everywhere at christmas. :) on trees, on windows... honestly everywhere! the more the better. how romantical is the pic below?

3 ~ the snowmen. :) obviously it doesn't snow here, but it's one of the things i miss most about back home. we used to build some pretty funny ones... and i even remember we built a little guy and kept it in the freezer for an entire year so we could have a snowman in the summer time. (when it stops raining, the mister and i are going to build a "sand"man. i'll post pictures!)

4 ~ the cards. i am the worst card sender ever, but i love to get them!! i enjoy picking out & buying cards, but i have a really horrible habit of buying cards... and even gifts... that i never send. no joke, my dad's father's day gift is still sitting in our spare bedroom. sad! anyway, i did a little diy project with our cards this year inspired by ms. stewart of course. stay tuned for pics :)

5 ~ ice skating. the mister and i started a little tradition of going ice skating a couple years ago. i had never been until the first time we went in santa monica. i thought it was so funny to be by the beach and ice skating. :) last year i went in downtown LA. unfortunately, i was a little more than toasted from too many birthday cocktails, but somehow i managed not to fall.

6 ~ the movies. elf is probably my favorite, but love actually, home alone, christmas vacation, how the grinch stole christmas, all of the santa claus movies, and pretty much any disney/lifetime/hallmark/or family channel movie made about christmas are also included in my favorites :) i really need to see more of the classics though because growing up i didn't watch too many of the traditional holiday movies. (sadly these aren't my movies pictured below...)

7 ~ the parties. yankee gift swaps are the best. thank you michael scott for introducing me to such a fun event. :) ugly sweater parties come in close second. i also love office holiday parties, and getting to wear pretty cocktail dresses! of course i can't forget family parties! ours are usually very entertaining especially now that most of my cousins are of age. it's so much more fun having a few drinks together while the younger cousins tear through gifts. who knew? :) the pic below is from my work party last year.

8 ~ the food. my family always had yummy christmas meals, but one thing that i always requested (on the slim chance my mom wouldn't make it without my request) was strawberry pretzel salad. it's seriously a little slice of heaven. it's so good that i even used to ask for pretzel salad instead of a birthday cake :) this year, i am going to try and make it for me and the mister. hope it turns out!

9 ~ the songs. i'm not one to listen to christmas music from thanksgiving until christmas, but 2 weeks before christmas i ♥♥♥ going shopping and hearing my favorite songs in every store. i only make the mister listen to them on the radio, when one of my favorites is on. i don't think he likes them quite as much as me :) too bad carolers won't be knocking at our door this year!

10 ~ gift giving. i can't lie and say i don't like receiving presents, but i can say that i really do like giving them more. i am sooo excited about the gifts i bought for the mister, i can hardly wait til christmas to give them to him! even though there isn't anything too fancy, i put a lot of thought into everything, and i know he'll be happy.

what are your favorite things about christmas? (p.s. i know not all of my readers/friends celebrate christmas, and i am not leaving you out ~ what do you like best about the holidays??)

today i am finishing up so holiday to dos, and then cuddling up with izzy because we are still being drenched with so.cal rain! my hunter wellies have definitely been broken in to say the least!
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Rebekah said...

I love the picture with the lights! So romantic.

That's so funny about the cards and gifts!

My favorite part is gift giving!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

such a great post. That second picture with the lights is so gorgeous. I am trying to keep a great attitude about the rain . . . certainly makes for lots of cozy time! enjoy this great time of year. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

Chrissy said...

What a great post...those are exactly the same things I like about Christmas! Awesome list!

Btw - I will ship your win tomorrow...sorry got a bit sidetracked with everything else going on, plus I added a little extra goodie! Hope you'll like it!

Hugs xxx

Rachael said...

Just found your blog today! Been reading lots of your past comments, and I read how a few years ago you decided to pack up your car, and head out to CA. Without a plan or anything. What made you decide that? Is that a bad idea to do? I would love some advice, since at my point in my life right now, I'm in a similar situation. I haven't made the big move, or decision yet, but it'd be great to get someone's opinion about it, especially since you've been there yourself.
Sorry my comment didn't really have anything to do with your post! Although I do agree on all those choices! I love Hot Chocolate, Light, Christmas movies...what could be better?

Monique said...

I just love this list. I love all of these aspects of Christmas. That pretzel salad sure looks yummy. I've never heard of it. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out. Much love and Happy Holidays

Ally said...

Great post!! I have to agree with everything!! :) Speaking of marshmallows for hot chocolate...have you tried the new vanilla flavored-snowman shaped marshamllows?? AND the gingerbread flavored-gingerbreadman shaped marshallows?? I picked up a bag of each this weekend! xoxo

LAURA!!! said...

oh this just might be my favorite post. this could totally be my list too! Love Elf! Watched it twice already this year, love the lights, and omg, strawberry pretzel salad, or as my mom-in-law calls it, Strawberry Dessert.
I didn't know anyone else ate this besides my hubs family hahahah

Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that you picked out my most favorite things about Christmas. Might I add that I love that you said "romantical" vs. "romantic". You're the best!
Have you been feeling better darling?
Sure do hope so!
P.s. My sister and I used to wake up in the middle of the night and would make hot chocolate and we were scared to wake our parents so we wouldn't microwave it, just drink it cold! Haha! So I feel ya on just any type of chocolate drink ;)

Kellie Collis said...

I love each and every one on your list! But the best of it all is the lovely thought on family. Have a merry Christmas, Kellie xx

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww that is such a beautiful post and the photos are amazing:)I love love love this post Happy Day,sweetie Kisses

Googlover/keishua said...

Oh, I love this. Christmas just has a romantic tone to it that I love. These pictures are wonderful. I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

p.s. I thought I was the only who bought gift and cards and never sent them.

Completely Coastal said...

The lit trees are sooo gorgeous!!! And I have yet to try hot chocolate with Marsh Mellows!!!

Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!!



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Things to Do said...

Lovely post! Hope your holiday is filled with these things in abundance!

Laura Darling said...

I love everything on this list! Well, except for the ice skating. I am not nearly coordinated enough for that! And I have always said mEllow too, and even though I know now that it's mAllow, I can't change my ways! Ha! Merry Christmas!

Diane and Chad said...

Loved your list...thanks for sharing :)