Friday, December 03, 2010

masquerade pics

the masquerade night was actually a really great time. i finished my mask right as the party was starting, so i was inhaling paint and glue fumes for quite a while!

shopping for a mask proved to be a little harder than i expected because most of the shops were still sold out from halloween. i ended up buying this one so i could decorate it myself. it was made in italy so it felt more authentic. :)

first, i spray painted it black, then i used a spray glue, and covered it with black glitter. i'm a messy crafter, so the mister was actually cleaning black spray paint off the floor when i finished. oopsey!!

i really love how it turned out :) this picture doesn't really do it justice because i was having serious camera issues that night.

here's the mister and i pre-party and pre-masks

confession: i NEVER wear lipstick, and i went to try and buy a red one right before we left. however, since i don't know a thing about buying lipstick i asked for help... i left with a $12 lipstick (who knew they cost that much?!?) from CVS that was not red ~ more like a cranberry salmon. (i returned it). that night i wore: cherry chapstick, halloween red makeup paint, and a gloss. :) sad. after i told my friends, one who used to do makeup, said she'd get me a matte red so that next time i don't have to wear halloween paint. SHEESH. also just to clarify... i'm not wearing blush, i have a really bad "blushing" face when i get nervous, flustered, excited, or when i have even a sip of alcohol.

this is a terrible face, but at least you can see the mask better (and just how red my face is!)

i picked out a red mask for the mister so we could semi be a pair. it was more red than the orange look in this photo.

unfortunately, i didn't take any pictures once we got to the party, so these were taken by mandy pictured below.  isn't she smokin? :)

here's the lovely hostesses ~ they definitely put together a fun little evening.

everyone had really great masks! i was so impressed. see me? this shot is the only full body shot i have of what i was wearing. :)

it was pretty awesome when a pirate turkey showed up, which was only appropriate seeing as how it was just about thanksgiving at the time. :) amazing!

after the party, the mister and i did a little at home photo shoot, so i could figure out why my camera was acting up. he was a good sport to be my model. see the background differences? some of my settings are off, and i can't figure it out. *huff*

i'll post the rest of the "photoshoot" pics tomorrow. :) i need to quit blogging, and go move the dvds into our new buffet!! can't wait to show it to you.

happy friday amigos!


DanielleisNesting said...

How fun! I love parties like this!

Kimbirdy said...

aw that looks so fun! and i love your mask - it looked perfect on you! i also love the creative handmade and animal masks that those guys had. you can always count on the boys... :)

Chrissy said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Your mask turned out great!

Signe said...

Glad you had fun and your mask turned out great! And the turkey cracked me up :)

Have a happy weekend!

Michaela said...

So cute, Jenna! Love the sparkle!

Courtney Elaine Hampton said...

Your mask turned out so pretty!! and I love your outfit!!!

Things to Do said...

That mask is incredible! Hmmm...maybe this is telling me I need to throw one of these!

Eden said...

great costumes! and loving the dominos!:))))

Lisa Fergus said...

YOU are gorgeous!! Your mask turned out amazing and looks great with your eye color!
and what a fun party concept! I want to go to or have a party like this NOW! ;)

Nazna Lepever said...

Cute masks, the party looks fun!

Miss K said...

the mask looks gorgeous! Your eye look SO blue too! Stunning! maybelline has some great red lipstick, i've heard good things about mac red too, but i haven't tried it.