Saturday, December 11, 2010

i've been tagged :)

so i love this picture :) hope you're having a great weekend.

i have been tagged by dotted lily to answer some questions ... so here we go!

1. four shows that you watch: 
(currently... even though all my shows are taking a christmas break!)
(1) vampire diaries
(2) the league
(3) gossip girl
(4) top chef: all stars

2. four things you are passionate about:
(1) the mister
(2) helping others
(3) the sea
(4) movies

3. four phrases you say a lot:
(1) hola amigo
(2) are you for real?
(3) whhhhaaattt?!?
(4) everything on the side.

4. four things you've learned from the past:
(1) everything happen's for a reason
(2) real friends stick around
(3) don't drink and skateboard
(4) never eat yellow snow
5. four places you would like to go:
(1) bali
(2) africa
(3) italy
(4) the maldives
6. four things you did yesterday:
(1) had brunch with one of my favorite people
(2) half way finished my pinecone forrest
(3) made returns to michael's
(4) chilled with my man ♥

7. four things you are looking forward to:
(1) wednesday
(2) my birthday 
(3) going to disney land
(4) our yankee christmas swap next week

8. four things you love about winter:
(1) ice skating in santa monica because it's funny to see palm trees and be on ice.
(2) usually = vacation time
(3) wearing scarves & boots
(4) getting to snuggle up with my pupcake and mister
9. four bloggers who should share their list of fours:
(1) pank
(2) chrissy
(3) katie


Courtney Elaine Hampton said...

Never eat yellow snow...eww!!! that made me laugh!!

Leah said...

I really like this post idea! I might steal it for my blog! : ) haha

Alina A. said...

great post! I would love to visit those places also, especially Bali.xx

Lisa Fergus said...

What a cute post idea! I am obsessed with vampire diaries and gossip girl too! ;)

Chrissy said...

Thanks for the tag!!!
So fun to read these things about you...lets me get to know you better!!! Have an awesome day!

The Parrish Family said...

Thanks for the tag! My post is up!! :)

{av} said...

Just saw this on another blog--thanks for giving me some food for thought for this week's posts :) happy Sunday! xoxo {av}

Kimbirdy said...

fun! i love the "don't drink and skateboard." sage advice! :)

i'll post my fours soon! yippee!