Wednesday, December 29, 2010

no computer :)

hi friends, my good ol computer is in the shop getting a new microphone ~
so i am going to be away for a few days. :) 

hope your having a great week!

p.s. my phone is also out of order. it's not working even more so than usual. i was told i just need to get a new one if i want to have service. ew sad. for now if you need to reach me, call the mister!

Monday, December 27, 2010

my birthday

i can't lie, having your birthday on christmas eve stinks! :) my mom's side of the family celebrates christmas together during the evening so growing up, i always had a complex about it. i was mainly sad that:

a) people would be so wrapped up in christmas they'd forget about my big day
b) i couldn't bring cupcakes to school
c) everyone said the dreaded "this gift is for your birthday AND christmas"

i'm such a brat right :)

well even with all that my family & the mister always do their best to make my day a special one. this year was the first year i had my birthday in california without our families, but i couldn't have asked for anything better. the mister was amazing!

it started off with cupcakes made by the bakery that made our wedding cake. it was so cute he shaped them like a 26! the two is all red velvets & the six is all chocolates. the only two kinds of cake i love plus he used blue candles = ♥♥♥

after cupcakes, i got to open up my gifts. the first gift was a day at the spa: an hour massage, an hour facial, and a foot scrub! swoon. :) he also got me the beauty & the beast dvd that i'd been asking for, and the eclipse dvd. good job mister!

next we headed to venice beach for some breffy, and it was such a gorgeous day to be there. we had mimosas & fried egg b.l.ts ~ yum, my favorite!

after we were nice and full we headed back to the marina to build our sandmen. p.s. i am seriously in love with looking at the ocean and seeing snow covered mountains in the background. i will never ever be able to tell you how much i love where we live.

i always tell cam they look like the beer can mountains. :)

so fyi the sandman was so much harder than we had planned!! we started trying to build a life size one. after about an hour, it was almost done, i put the scarf on him, we kept carving, and kaboom! the damn thing caved in. 

so we built another one... and well... it caved in too. :( 

but don't worry we didn't give up. i told the mister we should build a little one, and we ended up making a tiny sandman family in less than 15 minutes. :) go figure. 

i made their eyes out of seashells, and drew on noses and smiles. :) don't these guys remind you of a nightmare before christmas??

when all was said and done, we had a lot of fun, and i definitely broke a sweat. scarf came off, jacket came off... even if i wanted to pretend it was cold, i couldn't! i guess that's a merry christmas LA style!

we headed home after the beach, and our neighbor popped in for a visit. then it was movie time. i finally saw black swan. *sigh* amazing. seriously loved it.

(on a completely un-birthday note: i think it's quite weird that natalie portman has "no strings attached" coming out soon, and mila kunis has "friends with benefits" coming out. :) wonder which one will be better...)

by the time the movie was over, i was pretty exhausted, but there was still more to come! my mom had sent a chocolate cheesecake to me so when we got home we skyped her, my sisters, and grandparents. they all sang happy birthday to me, and i blew out the candles! it was sooo nice to see them, even if it was just through a computer screen. :) 

we ended the birthday festivities on that note, and did just a few christmas things before finally heading to bed. <-- more to come on that later because i am still keeping the two celebrations separate as much as i can!

all i can is that i am sooo lucky to have the family & friends that i do. everyone who called, texted, emailed, and facebooked me birthday wishes totally made my day. love you guys!

all images by the mister & jenna ♥ a little blue except the last one

Sunday, December 26, 2010

post christmas :)

i hope you guys all had an amazing holiday! :) celebrating my birthday (which was on the 24th) and christmas in california was definitely different than christmas in illinois, but honestly the mister and i had a really great time.

before i tell you everything we did ~ i promised the rest of my decor pics!

for our stockings i made gold/silver glittered initials. for the project, i bought these wooden letters from michael's. 

*note: the mister's initial is not really d, it's actually c, but since the store was out of c's i went with the first letter of our last name. :) next year i promised i would make him a new one!*

basically i just sprayed the letters with glue, and then covered them with a mix of gold and silver glitters using a ziplock bag.

the final step was adding the hooks so we could hang them on the stockings. this wasn't the original plan, but i forgot the other materials i needed! :) the mister was very handy and screwed them in for me. if i had thought about it, i would have put the screws in first because we got glitter everywhere.

i also made a pine cone forrest to put on top of our buffet. i was going to spruce it up by adding glittered stars, and also glitter the on the "trees", but after finishing the stockings ~ the mister actually confessed "i hate glitter almost as much as you hate cotton!" as soon as he said that, i laughed... but realized i couldn't keep torturing him by doing more glitter projects! sadly that meant my little forrest didn't have a snowfall this year.

i love the candle holders i used as tree stands. the colors fit in perfectly, and i will absolutely be using them again in future settings.

the last thing i wanted to show you is our holiday cards on display, but i realized i haven't quite finished that project because i want to add my birthday cards to the mix as well. :) i'll save that and all my birthday/holiday happenings for another day.

sooo what have you guys been up too??

all images by jenna ♥ a little blue

Thursday, December 23, 2010

coastal christmas ~ pt two

first up ~ my diy ornaments.
 i have a ton of coastal cookie cutters, but i decided i just wanted to do two seahorses (one for the mister & one for me) and a starfish for izzy. *in the end, since i didn't buy izzy a 2010 ornament i also made her a dog bone*

i started out by making the dough, and rolling out just enough for one ornament. it was easier for me to do one at a time so the dough didn't tear when i pulled the pieces out. i was so proud of myself for being resourceful with the next part. :) the instructions said to cut a hole out for your string... and i was SO smart by using a straw to cut out the perfect size circles! yay! after that it was time to bake.

the baking times varied, but when they were done it was time to paint. unfortunately the type suggested by the instructions didn't work, so i ended up spray painting them white. once that dried, i covered them with clear/silver glitter glue. 

the final touch was adding the white string, and hanging them on the tree.

they didn't really turn out as "planned", see all the bubbles in the bone? :) but i still had fun anyway. 

the other diy ornaments i did, were using materials i already owned. i took different starfish, and added raffia to tie them to the tree. the bottom right picture is of our tree topper, my biggest white starfish :)

i also took some ikea vase fillers, and used some extra ornament strings to hang them.

the final tree looks like... *in case you aren't doing it already, you should be doing the griswold drum roll, thank you for your cooperation* :) 

j--o--y to the world....

here are the close ups :)

i'm pretty happy with my coastal tree, and how it all came together considering it was my first time decorating one by myself! i've loved looking at all of your gorgeous decor this week, and i can't wait to finish showing you mine.

still to come of my coastal christmas: stockings, buffet with pine cone forrest, and my holiday card display. :) i was going to put it all in this post, but i have a bazillion things to do today.

i hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tuesday ten ~ christmas ♥

there's a million reasons why i ♥ this time of year, but there are ten things i love about christmas the most.

1 ~ hot chocolate. preferably with marshmallows! (p.s. i really hate that i have always said marsh-MELLOWS, but just realized it's actually MALLOWS) oh and for the record, it doesn't really have to be "hot" chocolate. i liked it hot back in so. ill because the winters were obviously cold, but in so. cal ~ chocolate milk makes me just as happy. 

2 ~ the lights. to me twinkle lights are magical anytime of year, but i love love love seeing them everywhere at christmas. :) on trees, on windows... honestly everywhere! the more the better. how romantical is the pic below?

3 ~ the snowmen. :) obviously it doesn't snow here, but it's one of the things i miss most about back home. we used to build some pretty funny ones... and i even remember we built a little guy and kept it in the freezer for an entire year so we could have a snowman in the summer time. (when it stops raining, the mister and i are going to build a "sand"man. i'll post pictures!)

4 ~ the cards. i am the worst card sender ever, but i love to get them!! i enjoy picking out & buying cards, but i have a really horrible habit of buying cards... and even gifts... that i never send. no joke, my dad's father's day gift is still sitting in our spare bedroom. sad! anyway, i did a little diy project with our cards this year inspired by ms. stewart of course. stay tuned for pics :)

5 ~ ice skating. the mister and i started a little tradition of going ice skating a couple years ago. i had never been until the first time we went in santa monica. i thought it was so funny to be by the beach and ice skating. :) last year i went in downtown LA. unfortunately, i was a little more than toasted from too many birthday cocktails, but somehow i managed not to fall.

6 ~ the movies. elf is probably my favorite, but love actually, home alone, christmas vacation, how the grinch stole christmas, all of the santa claus movies, and pretty much any disney/lifetime/hallmark/or family channel movie made about christmas are also included in my favorites :) i really need to see more of the classics though because growing up i didn't watch too many of the traditional holiday movies. (sadly these aren't my movies pictured below...)

7 ~ the parties. yankee gift swaps are the best. thank you michael scott for introducing me to such a fun event. :) ugly sweater parties come in close second. i also love office holiday parties, and getting to wear pretty cocktail dresses! of course i can't forget family parties! ours are usually very entertaining especially now that most of my cousins are of age. it's so much more fun having a few drinks together while the younger cousins tear through gifts. who knew? :) the pic below is from my work party last year.

8 ~ the food. my family always had yummy christmas meals, but one thing that i always requested (on the slim chance my mom wouldn't make it without my request) was strawberry pretzel salad. it's seriously a little slice of heaven. it's so good that i even used to ask for pretzel salad instead of a birthday cake :) this year, i am going to try and make it for me and the mister. hope it turns out!

9 ~ the songs. i'm not one to listen to christmas music from thanksgiving until christmas, but 2 weeks before christmas i ♥♥♥ going shopping and hearing my favorite songs in every store. i only make the mister listen to them on the radio, when one of my favorites is on. i don't think he likes them quite as much as me :) too bad carolers won't be knocking at our door this year!

10 ~ gift giving. i can't lie and say i don't like receiving presents, but i can say that i really do like giving them more. i am sooo excited about the gifts i bought for the mister, i can hardly wait til christmas to give them to him! even though there isn't anything too fancy, i put a lot of thought into everything, and i know he'll be happy.

what are your favorite things about christmas? (p.s. i know not all of my readers/friends celebrate christmas, and i am not leaving you out ~ what do you like best about the holidays??)

today i am finishing up so holiday to dos, and then cuddling up with izzy because we are still being drenched with rain! my hunter wellies have definitely been broken in to say the least!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

the chop was made

for the big chop, i actually went to a new stylist who was referred by my friend kristina! (you'll learn more about kris later because i'm going to do a feature her and the lovely ladies of handbago as soon as the holiday craziness passes) in the meantime stop by their website <-- not a sponsor just a friend :)

anywho, i definitely recommend my new stylist, christi, if you live in the LA area! she is amazing, and if it hadn't been for her making me feel so comfortable the entire time, i might have backed out. she did a great job explaining what she was doing and using, and she is one of the first stylists i've had in LA that i loved talking with. totally rad chic. :) you can check out her info & schedule appointments here. the salon is next to the beach in santa monica which is a bonus for me considering my mermaid status!

on to the chop:
*forewarning: i didn't plan properly, and my camera died during the process so half the pictures are iphone pics. big time boo.*

here are two of my before shots ~ in the first photo, i was trying to get a good full picture, but i realize you can't really see how long my hair is so i included a back view too. p.s. i hate how it's all pointy on the ends. i was clearly in need of a cut regardless of if i was doing a hair donation or not.

going in i wanted to cut a 8 1/2" ponytail, (8" is the minimum for donating to pantene beautiful lengths.) but when i got there for some reason i was feeling really fiesty and told her to cut 10". eek!! thankfully she and the mister both convinced me to only do 8 1/2" because after the cut, she would still need to trim more to even everything out. 

my faces in the mirror reflections = fear! hahaha

after all was said and done about 9-9 1/2" are gone, and even though my hair looks really healthy... i miss my length. i don't need it to be as long as it was, i just want 2 more inches back and then i will feel normal. i decided to skip on crazy highlights and layers this round, but once i get used to things i will definitely need to spice it up.

as i type, my ponytail is now in a bag, waiting to be shipped. i am grateful that i was able to do this, and maybe in a few years i'll do it again! :)

 i'll try and take some prettier pictures soon so you can see the new do a little better! until then... 

happy monday!