Wednesday, November 03, 2010

twelve meals ~ turkey chili

sorry tuesday ten took a break this week! i was busy being sick and of course... voting! hope you guys did too!!

well my turkey chili is officially meal # five. which means i am one step closer to completing my resolution of twelve meals for the mister. i do have to remember i still have seven meals left, and honestly half of the battle is figuring out what those will be. as always if you guys have any recipes that your families ♥ please send them my way.

grocery shopping was the probably the hardest part of this dinner ~ mainly because it was a lot of vegetables. something i am not a fan of and i have never ever in my life shopped for them solo. i know i am a little spoiled because the mister does most of the grocery shopping since he cooks the majority of the time. when we do go together, i usually wander to the bakery section while he picks out any veggies he wants so i was a newbie doing it on my own.

that being said this recipe called for:

 vegetable oil ~ thankfully we already had this at home.

ground turkey ~ easy to find, we watch the biggest loser so i just looked for that logo on the jenny-o. ♥

taco seasoning ~ had at home.

ground coriander ~ never heard of this before, and it was super hard to find. i realized at the end, for the most part, the spices are in alphabetical order... this will help in future. :)

dried oregano ~ took a minute, but found it!

chili pepper flakes ~ couldn't find any bottles that actually said chili pepper flakes & ended up using red pepper flakes from home. is this the same thing??

tomato paste ~ this was hard because i kept looking for a tube, like decorating icing comes in, but for some reason it comes in a tiny can. after using it, i still think it should come in a tube...

beef broth ~ easy to find since once upon a time i could only eat broth for a couple months. i knew exactly where it was.

salsa ~ used the fresh kind with medium heat.

crushed tomatoes ~ found a can that had tomatoes & green chili's. score.

chopped green chili peppers ~ see above.

a medium onion ~ when shopping for this, i debated for a solid 5 minutes on whether it was supposed to be a red onion, white onion, or sweet onion. also none of those options were considered "medium" so i left with a white onion and prayed it was not too big & not too small. oy vey.

a green bell pepper ~ easiest veggie for me to find :)

three medium zucchini ~ this might seem silly, but i couldn't remember what a zucchini looked like. i searched and searched, and then i saw cucumbers which i thought might be the same thing. i had a long and funny conversation with myself about zucchini, cucumbers, and pickles. i was trying to remember if they were all the same vegetable at one point in their life?!? thankfully on my last attempt and lap through all the greens i found some zucchini, but i have no idea if the ones i picked were medium which is why in my recipe i only used two ~ just in case!

a bunch of green onions ~ i went back to the onion section, and couldn't find a green onion to save my life! i did another long lap, and finally found them near all the other veggies that look like tall grass. by "a bunch" they didn't mean multiple green onions... lol they meant a "bundle". who knew. :)

thank the heavens i figured it all out because that shopping trip was sooo exhausting! i probably should have let the oodles of workers who were offering help to find some of these things, but i was slightly embarrassed/stubborn to let that happen. instead they all stood there watching me pace the aisles, talk to myself about zucchini & pickles, feel up the veggies i was picking because i didn't know what made them good or bad... and break a sweat (with my red face on) because i knew i was being watched the whole time.

anyway, when i got home i began slicing and dicing. that also took a lot of time because i hadn't ever worked with these things before, and later my mister pointed out i was chopping with a steak knife instead of one of the dicing knives. *sigh* whatever :)

with this meal i also learned to multi task between two cooking pots. not that good at it yet, but at least i've done it now.

at the end of this adventure, i think it turned out pretty damn good. the mister voted it the best meal i've made so that made me super happy! (p.s. aren't my plating skills getting better too? ~ woo hoo)

i'm going to try and crank out another three meals this month so stay tuned for them.

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Rebekah said...

That sounds good! I bet my husband would love that! I almost always use a white/yellow onion if the recipe doesn't specify, but sometimes I do wonder!

sealaura said...

yum! now if only the temps would drop here in SoCal so we could enjoy more chilis and soups. i do a veggie chili but will have to try urs next time.

Ashley and Carli Jo said...

Oh goodness! This looks delicious. I loved reading about the trials of finding each ingredient. I started cooking within the last year and a half or so and it really brought back memories :) Way to go, Jenna!

Chrissy said...!!!

pam@ iLoveShelling said...

yummmay! ... and what's wrong with dicing with a steak knife? (maybe that's why I'm a terrible cook)

andreajbecher said...

Thanks for joining husband and I love cooking. It is a good way to wind down and end the day together. I will have to search some of my favorite dishes and pass along the recipes. Good luck in your new cooking adventures...remember cooking should be fun. I look forward to reading more.

la petite coquine said...

You're a brave girl for going so far out of your comfort zone! In the future, don't be afraid to ask, although I understand that pride sometimes gets in the way. They're around those veggies all the time, and can answer questions like, "What makes this good or bad?" You were right on with feeling them, by the way-it will serve you well!

Cindy Whitehead said...

it looks good! Hope you are feeling better. (-:

This could make you feel even better - giving away a SHOPBOP $100 gift come visit!!

Kimbirdy said...

oh i'm sorry you were sick. that seems to be going around right now. and your cooking is pretty inspiring. i NEVER cook because i also have a guy who does all the cooking for me. (we're so spoiled right?!) but i'm sure he would love it if i made a meal randomly one day.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Your plating skills are looking good. I'd eat that, and if you knew me, or asked my kids, they'd tell you I'm the pickiest eater they know.

When my first daughter got married she called me one day and said, "Mommy, why didn't you teach me how to cook?" I said, "WHAT? Sweetie, I've cooked every meal in our kitchen for the last 21 years. Where were you?"

Sounds like you're getting the hang of this wife thing, and your mister is in for some scrumptious meals. Good for you!