Sunday, November 28, 2010

twelve meals ~ thanksgiving feast

the mister and i agreed that because i put in so much work, that i could count everything i made for thanksgiving as one meal ~ # six.

that means i am half way finished with my resolution, haha sad, only one month to go & six more meals. eek scary, but i will do it dang it!

ok soo here's what i made for turkey day. i give myself props because it was all from scratch. :)

#1 ~ pecan pie (cam's favorite). ever since i made the first one for him, he swears it's the best pecan pie he's ever had... yay! it's the third one i have made him, so i am getting a little more comfortable making it. i still need to work on making the crust look pretty :)

 #2 ~ cheesecake chocolate brownies. (since i don't like pies!) these didn't turn out like i wanted. i think it was the chocolate. i'm pretty particular about my chocolate! oh, and i almost forgot... i had no idea what in the world i was doing in the second picture. the mister and i collaborated on what we THOUGHT was the right way to melt the chocolate, and thanks to a few friends posting their thanksgiving prep on facebook... i saw that it was right. :)

sorry forgot to take a "finished" photo. :) maybe it was because my brownies weren't done until 10:30p on thanksgiving "eve". 

#3 ~ stuffed mushrooms. so glad one of my best friends, who i call pank ~ (check out her blog), gave me this recipe last year. they are one of my favorite parts of turkey day now. :) the stuffing for this recipe is the only thing i didn't make from scratch, it was from a box, but i did add smashed mushroom stems and garlic & onion powder to make it my own!

#4 ~ homemade stuffing. i have to say, i was completely disappointed with the recipe i pulled. the ingredient proportions seemed to be WAY off. i did what i could to try and adjust, but in the end i was really, really sad with how it turned out! next year, i am going to find a family or friend recipe possibly, because this one was no bueno. no finished picture due to my sadness. :(

#5 ~ cheese ball. :) ok so i made it so fast, there was no time for pictures of the steps. but p.s. this is my favorite picture that i took! so glad i was able to use my starfish dish for the crackers, and my little seashell spreader, and of course the fish dish that the cheese ball is sitting on. *also can you tell the difference between our kitchen lighting and our living/dining room. floor to ceiling windows... love*

the mister made the turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy so we really did have a giant feast. pretty funny since it was just the two of us, but it was all delicious.

isn't the turkey pretty??? the mister did good with his plating. :)

ok so i guess here's a shot of the stuffing ~ BOO.

at the end of the day, we had an AMAZING meal. i'm still a sickling, so i couldn't dive face first into everything like i wanted, but i did manage small portions of everything except the potatoes/gravy & pie. not sure if i have ever mentioned it, but i don't like potatoes in any form. fries, tater tots, mashed, etc. no thank you! i will only eat potato chips if they are super salty like baked lays... or they have something to hide that gross potato taste! :) i know it's weird... especially from a midwest girl. 

p.s. there was a slight mix up ~ i will be featured monday, november 29th over at simply sunshine and daisys :) so check it out!
all images by jenna @ a little blue


chrischaos said...

pumpkin pie and cheese cake are so delicious, those recipes were very eye catching.

Debby said...

Wow! You were a busy girl. Those stuffed mushrooms look amazing!! Now I'm hungry. xo

DanielleisNesting said...

I'm going to your house next year. Everything looks wonderful!

Things to Do said...

I'm super jealous of all your creations and I may have a little bit of drool looking at that cheese ball!

Chrissy said...

Oh wow, everything looks so very good! Great job on the desserts!! Mmh..mmh...mmh!!

Grace said...

Wow you did good!

Love Grace.

this free bird said...

You did an amaaaaazing job and made so many things from scratch. Your pie crust looks TERRIFIC and I would love to dive into those brownies AND the stuffed mushrooms. The two of you must have had so much fun putting the meal together. That's the best part...and eating it is not far behind :)


Signe said...

Oh wow, what a feat you dished up!
I'm impressed :)

Signe said...


Laura Darling said...

Wow! That all looks amazing! I would love to try the brownies!!

Lisa Fergus said...

wow, this all looks amazing!! That pie is calling out to me! ;)

Sarah D. said...

I love the pic of the cheese ball place setting on the table with the wine glasses in the background, looks so profesh...everything looks amazing, you should almost get two meals for that feast! :)

Kimbirdy said...

wow! what a feast indeed! it all looks amazing, even if the stuffing was no bueno. i am now incredibly hungry and craving thanksgiving dinner all over again. :)

Prutha said...

that look incredible!!! my tg dinner feast consisted of a watermelon salad and pasta!! :( ...i dont know how to cook :(

drollgirl said...

um, this all LOOKS SCRUMPTIOUS!!! pecan pie is the best when done right! yum! YUM. YUM! this all looks a lot better than my post-thanksgiving veggie fest! ha!

la petite coquine said...

This looks amazing, and I'm so impressed with all your hard work! Amazing!

John and I had a pretty enormous meal for just the two of us, too! We're still eating the most delicious leftover sandwiches!

Jules said...

I just found your blog and absolutely love it. I look forward to reading more. That pecan pie looks delicious and is my favorite during the holidays. I think the crust looks great!
The mushrooms and cheese ball look tasty too and I love how nautical all of your serving dishes are.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am your newest follower! Wow! Everything looks amazing and I absolutely love pecan pie!!! Yummmo!!