Tuesday, November 09, 2010

tuesday ten ~ shopping list

my shopping list is always half wish list & half reality. :) today's ten is an excerpt from my current shopping needs/wants. p.s. when you finish you will see it's sort of a little random!

1 ~ murad clarifying cleanser. i'm in ♥ with this stuff, and right now i am running on empty. so this is a reality, and i need a new bottle stat! my skin started breaking out last year (lame), but the entire acne complex kit has been a savior. (you can get the cleanser for $26 and/or the kit for $33 at sephora.)

2 ~ michael kors watch. i need a new watch pronto! it's not that i actually NEED it to tell time, because it's definitely faster for me to whip out my phone, but i still want the option to look at my wrist if i choose to :) that being said, i've always been a fan of men's oversized watches for women. i want a classic style, and that's where mr. kors comes in. (hopefully i'm purchasing this one from shopbop for $250.)

3 ~ west elm safari rug. to bring some pattern in our master bedroom (which you saw the inspiration for in my painting blues post), i want to get this rug. since my color scheme is a mix of blues, whites, greys, and touches of brown... i thought this was perfect. (starting at $99 for a 3 x 5, available at west elm.)

4 ~ black boots. my current ones need to be retired, which means the search is on for a new favorite pair. i really need something that can be worn with lots of things, and i like the boot height on these two. (both styles are $298 & available at free people) which do you like best?

5 ~ l'oreal everpure. i usually mix up my hair care products, but lately i've been stuck on the everpure line. it's a cheap find that helps maintain my color & i love that it's a vegan formula with no sulfates. it's also a plus, since i'm not really a floral scent girl, that these smell a little more earthy. (you can get the set for $11.98 online at target or each one for $5.99 in store) 

(p.s. confession ~ i also ♥ wen's sweet almond cleansing conditioner. my lovely mama sent me a bottle, and although it's a lengthy process, the results are worth it! i'm just as hooked on this stuff, but due to the price (about $45 for the big bottle if you buy from qvc) & the amount i need for one wash (minimum 48 pumps ~ because i am currently rapunzle) i don't think i'll be able to keep using it forever.)

6 ~ grey men's blazer. this look, shot by the sartorialist, may have been taken in madrid, but it's definitely great for the fall weather in LA. i found the top right at urban which i ♥ because it has elbow patches! the bottom right is by juicy couture, but does cost a bit more. (the top jkt is on sale for $49 at urban outfitters & the bottom one is $298 at revolve clothing & shopbop.)

7 ~ christmas tree. the mister and i have never actually gotten a tree put up, mainly because we've always spent christmas back home in illinois. however, this year it's a very real possibility that we will be stuck in california for the holidays. either way, i'm determined to put up a tree! most likely it will be fake (sad i know), but it will be much cheaper. what about you... real or fake?

8 ~ cartier ring. this has to be filed under wish list. i am lusting after both of these rings. the first is the most realistic, but the second has my heart. i've made the mister aware that maybe he should be saving :) but it'd be awesome if i could buy myself one (the first is $800 & second is $1,425, available at cartier.)

9 ~ fair isle oversized cardigan. i am totally digging the one erin wasson (i ♥ her) rocked in the november issue of jalouse. this sweater is from the french brand heimstone, but i can't find it for sale online. it's probably out of my budget anyway, so i'll be looking for a cheaper version over at h&m! 

10 ~ music. even though i understand that it's unfair to the industry, i used limewire. it was free, and free fits into my tiny budget. since limewire is gone, and i haven't found a replacement, now i have to pay. i don't download thousands of songs, but every now and then one comes along that i really want, and i've already noticed $1.29 - $1.99 per song adds up. sad for my wallet. :/

what's on your shopping list?

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Kimbirdy said...

oh i can't wait to get a christmas tree! this is my first christmas with the husband, so we want it to be special and cozy.

and i know what you mean about the music. have you heard of grooveshark.com? it's free and you can create all sorts of playlists with pretty much every song ever created. unfortunately you can't download them and put on an ipod, but it works great if you want music at home or near a computer.

Chrissy said...

Well, I'm for sure with you on those Cartier rings!! GORGEOUS!!

Marcie said...

Wow, you hit the nail on the head with all these choices! I just posted about Wen last week. I LOVE IT! And the first pair of black boots are amazing.

Love your blog!!

xo M

Michaela said...

Love the first pair of boots you posted. I need a new pair of black ones, too, thanks for the reminder! And the rings are great! I can't wait go Christmas tree shopping (:

e.day said...

ohh i love that grey men's blazer!! that is adorable! i will be adding to my wishlist for christmastime :)

la petite coquine said...

Such a wonderful wishlist! I adore Murad skin products, and who can resist the Cartier love rings?

As for Christmas trees, I say get a real one! They smell so beautiful, and when John and I couldn't go home for the holidays, it made it feel less disappointing to have our very own tree!

DiamondsandTulle said...

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for your comment on today's post. Be sure to go back because I edited it for the giveaway to start today! LOVE your wish/need list. I've been lusting for a Cartier Love bracelet for over a decade now!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com
* Visit to enter my Giveaway!*

Amy said...

I'm crazy about the color grey right now too! As for the boots, I like the ones on the left :)

Leah said...

Hey there! Thanks for following me! I am now following you right back! Really happy to have found your blog!
: )

Mango Gal said...

Oooh! I've been craving a grey men's style blazer too. I have a feeling once it arrives in my closet I will be wearing it all the time.

Cindy Whitehead said...

I love your shopping list - all such good stuff to lust after. I'd go for the first pair of black bots - LOVE!

Signe said...

Those boots are just perfection - both of them!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I grew up with real Christmas trees in Switzerland, so my first one here was real too..., then from there on fake, yep! The good thing though, I reuse the tree each Christmas!

Love the boots to the right!

House On Beach Street said...

I am IN LOVE with the black boots on the left! So yummy!

Miss amanda said...

Oh too many wonderful things in one place. I was planning to do my christmas shopping today but i think i may have to do some me shopping instead!