Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my halloween story

this is a little over due, but i thought before it was way to late that i would give you a look into my lovely halloween. :) *note ~ there is a lot of pictures... sorry i just couldn't edit.*

it all started when a cowboy and his indian drove down to san diego...

with a vampire loving sookie stackhouse.

our goal was to get to princess leia as soon as possible because her man was stolen away on a mission.

surprisingly, when we got there, leia had already taken in a couple of peace loving hippies from vegas.

as the night went on, an amazing bartending barbie & fireman showed up.

and later pee wee herman arrived with the mad hatter. :) who knew they were so close... maybe they share makeup??

but our party really wasn't complete until little red riding hood, olive oyl, popeye, and two hot pirates joined in!

while we may have been one happy and odd family at first ~

it didn't take long for our weapons to be used against each other.

unfortunately some of the locals fell at our hands as well.

 don't worry, the fighting didn't last long ~ because eventually we all just went "plum crazy". literally, the bar is called plum crazy, but also literally we all went nuts.

at the end of the night, the cowboy wanted to leave the bar early because his boots hurt, and crashed into an incredibly deep sleep. barbie and the fireman drove back home, while the hippies and pirates made their way to their hotels. the rest of the clan partied a little more while the indian watched twister on the couch. pee wee ordered pizza that came at 3a; however only he and an indian ate it because sookie, the mad hatter, and leia had turned into pumpkins long before it arrived. the indian was still awake at 7am, and as soon as the cowboy moved, she told the him it was time to go home. so we packed up what was left of ms. stackhouse and drove back to our home.

the end. 
all images by jenna & her mister @ a little blue


House On Beach Street said...

I love your photos. Looks like a fun night. Very cute costumes.

Jessica said...

love it!! pics came out great and the story was ahhhhmazing!

Natalie said...

Haha! So fun!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha that is hilarious!

Kinsey Michaels said...

i love all the pictures!! i was a California transplant too! i say *was* because sadly i moved back east 5 years ago, but contemplate moving back every single day! san diego is beautiful!

Low Tide High Style said...

Great costumes, and great photos! Maybe I'm old...because I got tired just reading about your evening...ok who am I kidding I AM old! ;-)

Glad you had fun!

Kat :)

Micel said...

hahaha love it! to add to the story, on the way back the mad hatter fell asleep in front of a church, and woke up with bruises on the arm the next day from Sookie Stackhouse trying to carry the mad hatter home!
and don't forget peewee was getting groped by that asian chick, and leia's weapon really looks like a male part!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You and your friends have the best costumes! I just read about PeeWee - he has a Broadway show coming out!

sealaura said...

cute pics and story, i love Halloween. This year B and I were clark kent and wonder woman.

Kimbirdy said...

i love these photos, and i love all their costumes! so clever.