Friday, November 26, 2010

holiday dining centerpiece

did you miss me a little? i definitely missed you guys, but i really needed some days of relaxing! i didn't have too many of those because i was also super busy with the mister preparing for thanksgiving, but at least i have lots of new things to share with you ~ first up is my holiday centerpiece.

here's what it was before ~ 

i was actually a little sad to put away the sea horses because i love them soo much, but it was definitely time for a change. :) *sorry about the lighting... these are old pictures*

and here's my new one ~

it's nothing fancy, but it suits my style. 

of course, i kept it coastal :)

what do you think?

i am hoping to change out my place mats and napkin holders in the next couple weeks so they are a little more glammed up for christmas. i'll keep you posted on what i find.

hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving & are having a lovely black friday :)

*p.s. i will be featured on sunday, november 28th over at simply sunshine and daisys ~ i'll post a reminder that day, but you have to stop by and check it out. her blog is super cute, and she is really sweet, which is even more of a reason you should stop by. :)


Chrissy said...

Your new centerpiece is beautiful...I actually had to smile, when I scrolled down and saw the seastars! I would have kept them, too!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Lisa Fergus said...

oo la la, I love them both! But the new one is great!!

la petite coquine said...

I absolutely love this! I admit, growing up we never had the dining room table all made up, but these lovely photos make me think I've been missing out!

The Parrish Family said...

Love the starfish! Now you need to make a Christmas wreath for your door with a starfish!

Michaela said...

So pretty, girl! Hope you had a wonderful day full of love and family! (:

Signe said...

Lovely! And don't let my mom see those (or the sea horses!) because she will snag them! She is just mad about anything nautical, so this kind of reminds me of home :)


pam @ iLoveShelling said...

I have to admit, I love the seahorse candlesticks but your new additions are nice too. Just glad you kept the starfish- they always look great for any season!

Laura Darling said...

I love the new centerpiece! It's simple but still has plenty of detail!

simpledaisy said... very lovely!!!

Amy said...

Loving the starfish! The mini pine cones are too sweet! Perfect for the season :) I do miss the seahorses though! But none the less that table looks fabulous!

DanielleisNesting said...

I grew up at the beach. I love your centerpieces! Gorgeous candlesticks.

minnja said...

So lovely!
Amazing pictures :)))


Everything Coastal said...

Very pretty! And very coastal...

Thanks for the sweet comments on the Everything Coastal blog, I've been a little neglectful lately. Way too much on my plate