Friday, November 19, 2010

the great buffet search

for our living/dining room, we pretty much have all the big pieces of furniture we need with the exception of a buffet. (note: i realized when doing my search that people call these sideboards, buffets, credenzas, cabinets, etc... i have no idea what's proper so i am sticking with buffet.)

 i'd like one with only cabinets and no drawers, so that we can use it to store our giant dvd collection. my mama did this when we were younger, and i since i like to hide things ~ it just makes sense.

on top of the buffet, i plan to put a bar setting and some coastal decor. when we are entertaining, i think it will also be a nice place for food trays, etc.

 originally i decided it might be best, considering my teeny tiny budget, if i look for something old that might need a little ♥ and some paint. however, i found a couple new ones that might just be too good to pass up, so i need your help!

i found this one at home decorators that is on sale for $181 (regular $319). i think this is my favorite... which i why i put it first. :)

they also have this one that's on sale for $202 (regular $319) ~

then i also found the ones below that people are selling in my area, but all of them would need a little work. (sorry about the picture quality ~ you know how it goes with online listings!)

this guy is only $30, but we would have to add some legs to him because he's a little short. plus i would probably add hardware to the front since it's pretty basic.

i ♥ this one. it has a great frame so i would probably just paint him. i'm still waiting on the price because it was listed with other items, but originally he was listed at $300 with a side table and mirror.

 i also found a danish boy. he would definitely need to be turned white, but i don't know if he fits with everything else in the room. the seller also still needs to send me a price... not sure why people don't list prices, at least put "best offer".

at the very end, i found this amazing stereo cabinet, but unfortunately he doesn't exactly fit my storage needs. maybe if we had a garage or some place to gut him, we could make it work. boo!

so what do you think? should i just go ahead and get one of the first two that are already finished? get an oldie and fix him up? or do you know where i can get something else that's under $200?

my living room and i thank you in advance for your feedback :) 


vintch said...

hi:) i'm new to your lovely blog and i absolutely love the beachy, calm feel to it:) i love all these pieces of furniture-so happy that you're doing white. white furniture is totally cool and makes an entire room seem calming:)

Rosie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only notebook loser ;)
And I love all of these, especially the last one. But the first one is hassle-free and perfect for what you need? Such a toughie!

Rosie x

Styles 'n Cream said...

I love the first one the best. Go for it.


Lisa said...

I really like the first one if it's a good quality. I just went through the buffet search myself and I was worried about something so cheap not being able to hold something too heavy. We ended up buying an unfinished one that we finished ourselves and it was SUCH a pain. (blog post to come) But hopefully you'll have better luck than me!

la petite coquine said...

I must say, I love the very first one-how perfect!

Sarah D. said...

I love the first one too, especially the round legs (if that's what they're called) and it's a good deal too!! I'd say go for it! Can't wait to see what one you decide on!

Anaiz said...

They're all great, but that first one looks like it would work perfectly for what you're going to use it for :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Gorgeous pieces!

Just came across your blog!


simpledaisy said...

Ooh...I love the first one too! I think it's perfect!

Penny said...

I love the first one too.... you have such good taste. and when your tired of storing movies etc in it..... it will come in handy for all those dishes you will someday inherit from your ya

Ellie said...

I'm sad that I have to mostly go with the crowd (I pride myself on being different :) but the first one has really pretty lines. I also like the first wood one - depending on it's condition & price 'cause painted it would be really really cute - and add character.

whichever you decide I'm sure it will be lovely!

Jessica said...

I would go for a second hand piece and paint it yourself. You can mix the colour to exactley how you like it too!