Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tuesday ten ~ current obsessions

obsessed is the only way to describe my ♥ for my ten this week. some of these i've been in love with for awhile, but for the others my obsession has just recently taken form.

1 ~ navy blue sparkly nail polish. blue + sparkles = ♥♥ i especially love that these remind me of what i think the universe looks like. :) *sorry couldn't do this one in black & white for obvious reasons!*

2 ~ braids. since my mane is out of hand, and i still can't cut it... i am relying heavily on braids to keep things in check or at least give the illusion of it. i've nailed the fishtail down to a science.

3 ~ the other guy. i am pretty big fan of vampire diaries, and when watching it, i can't help but root for damon. aka the other guy. my mister actually pointed out that i ALWAYS root for the other guy/girl. i personally think they are misunderstood and deserve happiness too :) p.s. ian somerhalder is also a big environmental activist, so i root for him outside of the show as well. check out his twitter.

4 ~ faux fur anything. i love little animals too much to wear real fur, but i am ok only if it's a vintage. it's already been done, so i guess don't waste it. (it's a contradiction... i know, but still.) also, not sure i could wear this faux fur hat in LA, but i have big hearts for it.

5 ~ vintage style rings. my ring obsession is a little out of control in general, but currently i've at least focused it on the vintage look. note: real vintage is preferred.

6 ~ the gym. did i really just type that?? yes... crazy i know! i would never have thought i would list that either. but i started going with the mister, and ended up there more times in the past couple weeks than i probably have in my entire existence. i just hope it's sticks, even though i literally hate almost every minute of it, i feel better after. (that is after i shower, guzzle water, and eat an oreo...jk about the oreo, i've been eating that with every breakfast this week.)

7 ~ grandfather clocks. i want an old vintage one, and i am obsessed with finding the perfect grand daddy that i can paint white for our bungalow. absolutely no idea where said future grandfather clock will fit... but i am highly determined to make it work.

8 ~ mojitos. normally, i tequila. i can never deny a good margarita, but all of the sudden i made the switch to mojitos. i especially ♥ berry versions, but i'll take a regular any time. the only problem is how quickly they are gone.

9 ~ netflix app. since i have some insomnia ~ i have fallen in love with netflix on my iphone. when i wake up in the middle of the night, i don't want to wake the mister, so i end up putting in my ear buds and watching movies until i fall back asleep. it helps me and lets the mister sleep. amazing.

10 ~ my planner. i could easily use my phone calendar, but it's not the same. i like to pencil things in, write important plans in pen, cross things out, put hearts by date nights, yada yada... it keeps me sane, and actually keeps me moving. i completely rely on it to stay organized so if i ever lose it... yikes!

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Kellie Collis said...

What a great list! It's nice to find out little things about you that I won't normally find while browsing on your blog. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

L A C E Y said...

i stopped watching vampire diaries when it made me jump and i spilled my wine. it was a little scary... well, not scary but suspenseful and then.... BOO! although, i may have to just suck it up, and get to watching again!

great list.

great blog.


Michaela said...

I love that color nail polish! I'm obsessed with painting my nails, ha! And vintage rings and my favorite (:

Justine said...

Those are such pretty nails. I can never paint my nails perfectly... and I love those rings too!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. You're welcome back at any time!

Just Better Together

Poppies and Sunshine said...

That nail polish is so pretty! I have found that it is hard to find a sparkly nail polish that seems smooth and looks good, and it looks like you found it!
I like braids and vintage rings too....and Ian Somerhalder! I liked him in Lost :)

Mila said...

What a brilliant post,amazing list!!!!
Have a great day!

Debby said...

Love the fishtail braids... they look great and are so easy to do... unfortunately, I don't have enough hair to make one look decent but I do them for my daughter, who luckily was blessed with her Dad's thick hair! xo

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

good things to be obsessed about. nice job on the fish tail, i wish i knew how.
*thanks for becoming a follower :)

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I don't like real fur either; however just like you, I'll use vintage. The damage has been done.

Everything Coastal said...

Oh, I love your blog. Having a frustrating couple of weeks, and stopped by to see what you are up to.

Great list! Great shot of Marilyn at the gym. She was gorgeous, don't ya think?

Hmmm, need to come up with my own list of 10 obsessions!