Monday, October 04, 2010

rainy day ♥

i'm really excited for the first real rainy day in marina. i've been hoping for this ever since i bought my hunter wellies a couple months ago. (an old boss gave me a nordstrom gift card that i finally used... 2 years later!)

there's no way these were just going to be my rain boots because, let's be honest, it only rains every now and then in LA. :) so i didn't actually wait to wear these beauties. i've been throwing them on for shopping days, lunches, movies, and all the other times i didn't want to think about shoes. 

even though i've been wearing them, i was still super happy to go to lunch with my mister today so i could finally wear them in the rain and stomp through all the puddles.

i wanted to do a full on a photo shoot with them today, but since it is really raining, all the shots were done in a hurry so my camera wouldn't drowned. better shots someday ~

ps. this is me in our elevator ~ kind of magical ♥ i think :)

do you have rain boots? if not... you need them. trust me, running through puddles is a freeing thing you should be doing.

images one & two by my mister , image three by jenna @ a little blue


sealaura said...

cute boots! I do love running around in mine too. Last year we got a lot of rain here in the IE so they were definitely used. I am soooo in love with today, the cool air, the shorter days, makes me want to cozy up.

Beach Vintage said...

I dont have any rain boots, but yours are great.

Debby said...

I don't have rain boots but am loving yours! I would love a pair of Wellies for walking the dogs! They are on the list!

p.s. I am having an Anthropologie giveaway if it interests you! xo

Michaela said...

I go to interior design school in Seattle so rain boots are a staple wardrobe item! Haha (: Love running through puddles...especially freeing since I moved from California, where we don't get much compared to Washington! Yours are adorable