Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin project (part one)

this year i wanted to do our pumpkins a little differently, so i took on a diy project from country living to make ours bold black & white.

this tale starts with our trip to the pumpkin patch. (actually it started at the grocery store where i bought our first little white pumpkin, then during another trip to a different grocery store i left with our second big mini pumpkin...but finally it ended/began @ shawn's pumpkin patch in santa monica)

i love checking out all the pumpkins ~ searching for our treasure. to me (and the mister) having a good stem is the first thing we look for.

i'm not so much a fan of pumpkins and gourds that have "barnacles" on them. not sure what they are really called soo barnacles it is. :)

i do ♥ these little guys below!

this little one was my favorite part of the petting zoo mainly because he looks like a cow ;)

so here's the winning pumpkin... (i'm looking rough! lol try to look past that)

the mister launching our winning pumpkin (he's looking good ♥)

and then our journey was complete. the sun was setting... and i have to say our little pumpkin patch surrounded by palm trees looked quite pretty :)

next post... coming in a minute will conclude my pumpkin project! :)
all images by jenna @ a little blue 
*except the one i am in... that image is by the mister*

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Valerie said...

We did go to the same pumpkin patch! How funny! You both look adorable in these pictures. Hope you had a great Halloween.