Friday, October 15, 2010

painting blues

i'm kind of having a dilemma with the master bedroom...

around when i started this blog, i decided i was going to do my own seaside spin on carrie's sexy & the city bedroom (from her apartment makeover in the first movie).  

for me, painting is the big launching off point to really get my project going, and it's clearly a focal piece of this room. that being said, i was a good grasshopper and did my homework... the real color used was a blend of paints, but the designer suggested using benjamin moore's electric blue, as it was the closest to the concoction used for the movie.

that should have been a bingo right? well before i spent oodles of money on paint, i dragged the mister to home depot to see if we could pick out something similar to the b.m. color. we did end up leaving with a couple of the tester units, but nothing close to what i wanted. i tried a couple big swatches of the samples, but in the end both colors just felt off.

so i decided to suck it up and go get the electric blue. i was trying to avoid spending extra dollars, and since the nearest place with this color is a mom and pop shop, i figured it would cost more $$... and it did. instead of getting a whole can, i bought a quart since they don't do the small tester units.

after throwing up a patch by the other two colors ~ it's far right ~ i still don't think i am in love. i just keep staring back and forth between the samples because i think my issue is that the electric blue doesn't feel as soft as the blue in the inspiration picture. do you agree?

by the way, doesn't the real paint look different than the chip from the b.m. website?

i also found another makeover using carrie's room as inspiration on casa sugar that used this color, and i like it in her room. so maybe i am crazy about it looking different on my walls. :) i have thought about painting a bigger area since i do have a quart. is that a good idea or a waste of paint?

please note this picture below isn't the best lighting so be sure to check out her full room here!

do you have any good blue paint suggestions that are similar to the color used in the SATC room above? i also love the blue used in blair's room from gossip girl, but i have yet to discover what color that is.

the other colors and accents in the room are crisp white, brushed nickel, grey, and brown ~ all inspired by the filling i picked for my lamps.

i really do appreciate any suggestions or feedback because i want to get this room going! :) 

image sources: one, fourfive, six all other images by jenna @ a little blue


Mpank said...

So the color in Carrie's bedroom does look a darker and seems to be little more "grayed" out which might be why it seems softer than the swatch you have. Adding some dark gray or black to a vibrant, baby blue might give you the darkness and softness you were wanting.

The inspiration picture also seems like it was taken at night or dusk, with the primary lighting being the lamps and/or the flash, which could make it appear darker than it is. If you have a lot of hard light in your apartment during the day, then any color that you put on the walls will look lighter with that much light on it.

Here are some suggestions:
1) Find an item (pillow, trinket, solid clothing item, etc.) that you would want to match and take it to a store that can match paint colors by scanning items. That way, if you want to match something exactly, you can get as close as possible.

2) Go a little darker and "grayed" out than your instinct. Anytime you are using color on a big wall or multiple walls, when the room is finished and all of the color is up, sometimes a bright color can be a little overwhelming where it might not be on small swatches. So if you go slightly darker than you want, then on a whole wall or room, that might give you a more subtle blue like you want. Blue is a strong color, so going a tad darker and duller, but then putting it on a whole wall might achieve that softer blue (it might just be hard to see it on a small swatch).

3) If you go with something, and after you finish decide you don't like it, there are always some things you can do to try and fix it. Unless you are set on that matte finish look, you could look at a glaze to put over the color to either brighten/lighten/darken/dull it. You could also look at a subtle texture to put over the color to achieve a similar effect. You could also look at the lighting you have in the room/how much natural light comes into the room, and alter things there to make it look right.

Hope this helps! Let us know how it goes!

Kristin said...

That's my sis...she knows her stuff! ;)

The Parrish Family said...

Wow, I don't think I can keep up with Megan's post (although I 100% agree with her), but I was just going to add that if you remember, our living room area is blue, and I LOVE IT! It was a PB inspired color, although we didn't go with the exact Benjamin Moore color, but I actually wound up liking the one we picked more. And Megan is totally right about the "grayed" thing. Our blue has a definite gray undertone which softened things nicely.
With all that said, good luck. I can't wait to see the finished product! It will look fab, no doubt!! :)

sealaura said...

wow I don't have any helpful tips but you have inspired me with these images. I can't wait to see the final reveal. hope your weekend is wonderful and productive :)

simpledaisy said...

Sure hope all goes well with your color picking!!!!

Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

I've definitely pondered the Carrie makeover too, and I think you're right to be laboring over the paint decision - it's a biggie! I'd say paint a larger swatch on the wall since you have the paint anyway and it looks completely different in large quantities to the small paint chip. Excited to see how it all turns out!

Now checking out that other Carrie room makeover ;)

X Cristina

Lisa said...

It's so hard to pick the *perfect* paint color but I think once you paint, you'll be happy with the look. It's going to be amazing!