Tuesday, October 05, 2010

my pupcake

tuesday ten is taking a break this week because izzy and i were talking, and she wanted to know why i haven't included her in my blog in for-ev-er. sadly i didn't really have an answer for my little pupcake, so here's some shots of her saying hi to the camera. 

if you know izzy in "real life" you know she is naked in these shots... normally she would have on one of her many, many, outfits. :) since becoming unemployed, izzy has decided that every now and then running around the house naked is something she enjoys. (that and it's been 80+ degrees in the apartment due to the crazy LA heat and our lack of air conditioning!)

in other izzy news, we just got her halloween costume last week so those pictures are coming soon. in past years she has been a ladybug, bumblebee, and a karate kid. (she's only 3, but one year she got two outfits because i couldn't resist!!) this year she is a pumpkin ~ yay.

also, little izz, had her first swimming "lessons" in the tub recently. i recorded a video, but i feel like if i post it, an animal rights group might show up on my doorstep because the first video ends with her sinking. eek! don't worry though... she got better! maybe i can edit the ending and post it because it's pretty cute/funny. :) 

i do promise my little peanut will make more of an appearance on here in future. i take pictures of her all the time so i have plenty of shots to share. we don't have any kiddos, and so she is very much our baby.

p.s. for the new readers, izzy's a teacup yorkie who just happens to have the cutest tongue ever. ♥ yes it always hangs out, and the vet assures us it's just a little bigger than it supposed to be. it doesn't help that she's also missing teeth, poor thing had distemper when we got her, so it just hangs out with nothing holding it in. don't worry though, she's absolutely used to it, and it doesn't stop her from eating and drinking.

all images by jenna @ a little blue

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Elizabeth said...

Hee hee, little Izzy is gorgeous! Can't wait to see her in her pumpkin suit!!