Thursday, October 28, 2010

a little blue on facebook

today this beach bum finally got a little blue's facebook page started. :) yay!!

i do have to say, i have a major complaint with facebook for not allowing me to call my page "a little blue", instead i had to list it as "A Little Blue". apparently all lowercase is unacceptable?? it's is a little lame, but i guess it's ok because i am really happy to finally have my blog posts going to their own page rather than posting on my personal facebook.

(so if you're my friend on facebook, please LIKE a little blue's page so you can continue reading my posts... i will be removing them from my personal page completely by next week. *older posts will still be there, but future ones will not show up*)

well this is a very short post because life is calling as well as the beach. it's sunny, 75 degrees and climbing here in marina, so after my errands i plan on digging my toes in the sand or at least soaking up the sun at our lovely bungalow's pool. 

p.s. a little blue turns ONE on november 7th, and i'm doing a birthday giveaway! info will be posted on sunday, october 31st, and the winner will be announced a week later on sunday, november 7th! :)

in the mean time ~ go "LIKE" our new page.


Grace said...

I'm all over that facebook page, despite facebook being difficult with the caps! I wanted mine all lowercase also.

I hope you'll 'like' squarectomy's fb page too. :)

Love Grace.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

oh- yes, will "like" you. i just started one, and it's kinda fun! :)

and your comment made me laugh about the cheese. i'm glad i could get it off my chest, too. :) ha!

Sarah said...

facebook is fun yet can be tricky hence no lower case. good luck with your site. thanks for stopping by my blog!