Sunday, October 03, 2010

feather tattoo love

so i've been thinking, and i can't wait to get my next tattoo. after lots of debate, i want a lovely little feather. for those who are curious and don't know me in "real life", i am no tattooie louie... this will only be my third. (but p.s. to all the tattooie louies out there, i heart you and your beautiful artwork! sadly i will just never be as cool as you.) 

my main dilemma with this one is where i want to get it. i've found so many pics that i ♥♥, it changes my mind every time i find another one. 

so what do you guys think? most likely it will be a black feather, but potentially it will be brown or have some blue in it. :)


Taryn said...

I love these images! I definitely want to get a tattoo someday and I've always had an affinity for feathers so these are just amazing! my favorites are the ones on the side of their ribs

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you are way cooler than me, i could never get one. i can't even like my outfit 3 hours into wearing it.. no way would i be able to stay happy with a tattoo. :)

however- i will be really honest, those feathers are really really awesome.... and i may be slightly jealous of you once you get it. :)

Bhrett said...

These are fantastic! I love the back one and the "one day I'll fly away" one!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Wow I like the simple feather on the rib cage! It is breathtaking!
I also like the one on the inside of the finger.
I don't have any tatoos, but I've always considered a lotus flower or an elephant of some kind. Both represent renewal and patience to me.

Thank you for being my 100th follower!!! I am so excited!!! Who knew that so many people would care what this little midwestern gal thinks????

Drawn to The Sea said...

A feather is very feminine... that would be a charming tattoo.