Monday, October 11, 2010

chicken cordon bleu ~ twelve meals

i've checked another meal off my to dos, and this one went pretty well over all. i did learn a few things AGAIN because there is still so much for me to figure out. like....

grocery shopping ~ the recipe called for "cooked ham", but it didn't say how to cook it. i stood in front of the deli counter forever because i didn't want to ask the guy if it was cooked, and look like an idiot if that was something everyone knew but me. in the end, i called my mama and she confirmed that deli meat in the packages is cooked. who knew... 

prepping the food ~ i've never prepared chicken before and p.s. i am not really in love with the idea of playing with raw meat. it feels gross! in order to prep the chicken, i cut off all the fat, and then i had to beat it down to 1/4". this posed a problem because i didn't have the meat tool to do it. soooo i used an ice cream scooper, and no it was NOT easy. pretty sure it wasn't exactly right in the end, but i made it work. (picture is pre-beating)

also in prepping, the recipe called for egg wash to be used. ummm never heard of it. thanks to google, i found out there are a few "egg washes". my egg wash ended up being egg and milk, but since it didn't say how much milk i just guessed.... didn't realize my wash was more milk then egg until it was too late.

serving ~ everything else went pretty smooth, i had to use tooth picks to hold everything in place when i cooked it, and you were supposed to leave them in until served. however, the toothpicks i used had some fancy little plastic at the top, and when i pulled them out of the oven... the plastic was falling off all into the food! :( sad. i had to go piece by piece and pick out all the plastic, pull the toothpicks out before i was supposed to, and pray the pieces would stay together. 

you can see the plastic before it was good in the picture, after it was a deep red brown. aka burnt :)

it did turn out pretty good though, and we finished off the leftovers the next day so i know the mister liked it.

 stay tuned for more meals. i have to kick it in high gear because i only have until december 31 to finish this!

all images by jenna @ a little blue


Rebekah said...

Oh, that looks good! I haven't made that before, so I might have to! I'm not a fan of handling raw meat. It grosses me out, but thanks to my husband who insists on having some sort of meat for dinner, I've had to get used to it!

Sarah D. said...

Yay, congrats on meal 12! Even though I'm a veggie, it looks like it turned out delicioso!! :)

{jami @ i m a g i n e} said...

YUM!!! That's awesome! where in CA are you? I'm outside of LA!

xo - jami
i m a g i n e

Natalie said...

Oh YUM! These look delicious!