Sunday, October 31, 2010

giveaway ~ a little blue's first birthday

get ready folks, on november 7th a little blue will be turning ONE! 

i can't believe it's already been a year since i started, and even though it's really only been a few months worth of "real" blogging, i'm still really excited to be hitting this milestone. i've made so many really great friends, and i can't wait to see where the future takes me.

in order to celebrate blue's birthday, i'm giving away a $25 sephora gift card plus a little extra surprise! it's just my little way of saying thank you to all my lovely readers because you guys are seriously the bomb dot com!!

so want to know how to enter?? it's super easy.... :)

simply be or become a follower & leave me a comment telling me about what you sephora product is your favorite. (the follow box is on the left side and also at the very top of the page)

after that you can get additional entries if you do the below.

~ "Like" a little blue's facebook page = 1 extra entry 
*if you already "Like" a little blue you automatically get a second entry because i ♥ you*

~ re-blog this giveaway & put the link to your post in your comment = 1 extra entry

~ tweet about the giveaway & follow me on twitter so i can see your tweet = 1 extra entry

don't forget if you don't have a profile w/an email, please leave that in the comment as well so i can contact you if you win.

the giveaway will end on saturday, november 6th at midnight, and the winner will be randomly selecte & announced on our official birthday sunday, november 7th!

thanks for following & good luck! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy birthday ~ daddy

today's my old man's birthday. :) he's not really old, but to be honest i stopped counting how old he was when he turned 45. whenever people ask his age... i always say he's 45 years old. i realize this won't work forever because currently based on my age, he had me at age 20, and i'm not sure he wants people thinking he was a teen dad. :) sooo i might have to up my number after next year.

whatever age, he looks good and i know he's happy. i'm so grateful that our relationship has turned out like it has. i can always count on him to listen when i need him to, and he definitely always gives the best advice. the distance between us sucks to say the least, but at the end of the day i know he's a phone call away. (even though sometimes i do have to call a bazillion times before i reach him. :) )

love you dad & hope you have an amazing day. wish i could be there.

p.s. these are two of my favorite pics with him! awe ♥
all images by the mister

Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin project (part two)

inspired by this ~ here's the second half of my pumpkin project tale. :)

once all the pumpkins were at home i started with my "before" photo shoot. 

(p.s. forgive me for the lighting of my photos... i am having issues these days :( hopefully i will get into the swing of things soon!)

the little white one was my favorite since it was the most "perfect" (the first purchased) 

the big mini one looks like a giant orange to me (second purchased)

and finally our big guy from shawn's pumpkin patch! :)

oh izzy stopped by to say hi ♥ anytime i take pictures and they aren't of her... she manages to walk into the middle of at least one shot before i finish. do your fur balls do that?

next step ~ white wash! in order for me to get all the pumpkins the same white, i spray painted them with outdoor spray paint. sadly i forgot to take a picture before i started the artwork so just imagine... they are now all bright white! *insert image here* ohhh don't they look nice? :)

since i can't wow you with an image of the white "before" ~ here is the fancy "after" with the artwork

it was pretty easy to do...

once the spray paint dried, using a mix of black sharpies and a fine point pen, i did the spider & his web. i should have ONLY used the fine point pen on this one, but i didn't know i had one until after i basically finished. in the end, the spider web is my least favorite mainly because it has my black finger prints everywhere!

the bat was my second project, and i totally screwed him up too. haha i drew him in pencil first, and then started tracing over that. one side came out great, but then when i got to the other side somehow i couldn't tell the difference from my erased lines and my real lines... and it was way uneven. i ended up spray painting over one half of him and starting over. ridiculous and funny... actually now that i think about it, this one was way more messy than the spider web.

for the big guy, i asked the mister to do a pumpkin face because i wanted to make sure he was a part of the project too. (we are a family after all). not surprisingly, he did amazing! in the end, it's actually my favorite one of the three. thanks babe :)

which one is your favorite?

personally i like surprise pumpkin that showed up ♥

isn't she the cutest pumpkin of them all :)

well what do you think of my black & white creations?
image one source, all other images by jenna @ a little blue

pumpkin project (part one)

this year i wanted to do our pumpkins a little differently, so i took on a diy project from country living to make ours bold black & white.

this tale starts with our trip to the pumpkin patch. (actually it started at the grocery store where i bought our first little white pumpkin, then during another trip to a different grocery store i left with our second big mini pumpkin...but finally it ended/began @ shawn's pumpkin patch in santa monica)

i love checking out all the pumpkins ~ searching for our treasure. to me (and the mister) having a good stem is the first thing we look for.

i'm not so much a fan of pumpkins and gourds that have "barnacles" on them. not sure what they are really called soo barnacles it is. :)

i do ♥ these little guys below!

this little one was my favorite part of the petting zoo mainly because he looks like a cow ;)

so here's the winning pumpkin... (i'm looking rough! lol try to look past that)

the mister launching our winning pumpkin (he's looking good ♥)

and then our journey was complete. the sun was setting... and i have to say our little pumpkin patch surrounded by palm trees looked quite pretty :)

next post... coming in a minute will conclude my pumpkin project! :)
all images by jenna @ a little blue 
*except the one i am in... that image is by the mister*

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a little blue on facebook

today this beach bum finally got a little blue's facebook page started. :) yay!!

i do have to say, i have a major complaint with facebook for not allowing me to call my page "a little blue", instead i had to list it as "A Little Blue". apparently all lowercase is unacceptable?? it's is a little lame, but i guess it's ok because i am really happy to finally have my blog posts going to their own page rather than posting on my personal facebook.

(so if you're my friend on facebook, please LIKE a little blue's page so you can continue reading my posts... i will be removing them from my personal page completely by next week. *older posts will still be there, but future ones will not show up*)

well this is a very short post because life is calling as well as the beach. it's sunny, 75 degrees and climbing here in marina, so after my errands i plan on digging my toes in the sand or at least soaking up the sun at our lovely bungalow's pool. 

p.s. a little blue turns ONE on november 7th, and i'm doing a birthday giveaway! info will be posted on sunday, october 31st, and the winner will be announced a week later on sunday, november 7th! :)

in the mean time ~ go "LIKE" our new page.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tuesday ten ~ halloween ♥

this week's tuesday ten is dedicated to "all hallows evening". i think this is such a fun holiday because i love...

1 ~ the costumes. this year i am going to be an indian (the feather kind) and the mister is going to be a cowboy. it's the first year we are dressing as a pair. :)

2 ~ the tricks. best time of year to tee pee the neighbors. i really want to make this happen in LA. i have NEVER seen a tree out here covered in toilet paper. what a shame! (p.s. this photo creeps me out!)

3 ~ the treats. i love, love, love, love candy. reese's peanut butter cups are my favorite, snickers, and milky ways follow.

4 ~ the pumpkins. specifically for me ~ i ♥ white pumpkins! i am attempting my own versions of the below this week. stay tuned...

5 ~ the stories. i hate horror movies where people are tortured, but i love a good scary story. this really only applies to halloween. the rest of the year... i'd rather not think about the monsters under my bed. 

6 ~ the parties. last year i went to the playboy mansion with friends, had a blast. this year i am skipping out on hef and the mister, and i are cruising down to san diego to hang out with some amazing and crazy friends. can't wait!

7 ~ the weather. october weather is lovely. back home it was the best time of fall when the trees are so beautiful... in california it's usually a little rainy (which i like) and a good chill temperature. can't beat it. 

8 ~ the hayrides. always fun to take a ride with friends. back home near the cornfields it was pretty easy to get spooked, but that could be because the children of the corn movies totally give me the heebie jeebies.

9 ~ the games. bobbing for apples is kind of gross when you think about it, but it's fun to watch others get all germy and wet. if i wasn't allergic to apples... i might even participate. :)

10 ~ the decor. one day when we get our own house, i can't wait to be able to decorate like this! until then i lust after other people's decor pics.

what's your favorite part of halloween?? do you have any fun costumes or plans?

image sources one, twothree, four, fivesix, seven, eight, nine, and ten

happy birthday sis

it's my older sister's birthday today!! happy birthday erin :)

i am so bummed i can't celebrate the special day with her, one of the downfalls of living so many states away. i'm sure her boys will take good care of her though (that's my youngest nephew hiding from my camera). ♥

erin has always been  the "hot" sister that i constantly wanted to trade places with. :) she is an amazing sis, mom, wife, and friend who i miss every day.

love you errrrn!! happy happy birthday from me, cam, izzy, and reef (our new fish you haven't met) :)

image by jenna @ a little blue

Monday, October 25, 2010

crush ~ the haute lunch bag

to all the LA ladies (plus those of you who travel here), there's a new website launching, created by a dear friend of mine that you have got to check out!

the haute lunch bag (the HLB) is a girl's must-have resource to explore their city, connect with friends, share reviews, and receive exclusive lunch specials to the best restaurants in LA. (don't worry if you're not from LA ~ they have plans to expand to other cities very soon!) this location based social network puts you in the know with the latest food, fashion, and happenings in town.

you can browse through the HLB for fun things like:
~ best restaurant for a power lunch
~ best place for a birthday celebration
~ where to get your swerve on
~ dog friendly joints
~ veggie/vegan friendly spots
~ most romantic places to dine
~ perfect brunch spot
and one of my faves
~ where to take out of towners

their main mission is to inspire women to live a more flavorful life while helping the community thrive.

the haute lunch bag not only offers couture cuisine, they also donate a growing portion of revenue to the LA regional foodbank to help feed the nearly 1 million men, women, and children facing hunger in the community. (isn't that number scary... 1 million??)

currently the HLB is a "coming soon" website, but if you join now you can earn points for a chance to win a stella mccartney handbag, and if you refer friends you get even more points! the person with the most points will win a brand new stella. ♥

after the official launch you can earn more points for "checking in", writing reviews, and becoming fans of the restaurants. each month the member with the most points will be named "tastemaker of the month" and will win a delicious designer handbag. (ie. stella, alexander, or a drool worthy chloe)

p.s. before the site officially launches in january 2011, they have a lovely newsletter with exclusive offers and tips on food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and more. so don't miss out, and sign on up!