Monday, September 06, 2010

a couple more dinners ~ check

well i am slowly checking dinners off my "twelve meals for the mister" plan, and i do truly mean slowly! i recently made dinner number two and number three. yay. even though technically i should be doing number nine this month, i still think i can finish by december! overall it's been a little comical with me in the kitchen, and i really need to start recording it for your entertainment because unfortunately it's a little lucille ball-esque.

i still remember calling my mom when i got my first apartment to ask how to boil water. i realize that's not something one should admit, but... it's true! she basically just laughed at me and told me to put water on the stove, but i wanted to know how much water, what temperature, and how long it should stay there. she responded "JEN UNTIL IT BOILS!"

that little story should give you an idea of exactly how green i am in the kitchen, and after living on my own for so long you would think i might have improved, but it's not gotten any better. eek! (more so eek for the mister!!)

dinner number two was fajita style steak and "burgrabe" mac & cheese. i actually found the steak recipe from the cookbook debbie (mister's mama) got me as a new bride gift. and "burgrabe" mac & cheese is a recipe that my dad passed on. not sure it's really OUR family recipe, but it's nice to pretend.

so one of the things i am trying to avoid is asking the mister for help when i do these dinners. instead i reference google and youtube. (the tutorial videos are so helpful!)

something i learned, that if i hadn't could have really messed things up, is that a garlic clove is NOT the whole garlic you buy from the store. my recipe called for five cloves total, and i had the mister buy me five WHOLE garlics. the only reason i discovered this is because i googled "how to chop a garlic" since i didn't know how to peel it... how many layers should be peeled... and how exactly i should go about "mincing" it. OY VEY!!

in the end the recipe turned out pretty good even though i did have to have the mister grill the steaks instead of broiling them like the recipe said because i also learned that we didn't have a broiler. who knew? : ) 

dinner number three was stuffed shells and garlic bread. i made my own stuffing for the shells and was brave enough to change up the recipe by adding ground turkey, and removing the mushrooms. pretty much this was my first REAL successful dinner.

i still need to learn how to shoot pictures of food ~ soooo don't judge me by how they look. if you guys have any recipe suggestions that are on the easier side... please feel free to send my way. i am really determined to not be such a sad housewife!


AJ and CJ said...

The stuffed shells look amazing! Going back to your meal #1, the homemade pizza. I buy this pizza yeast called Fleischman's (I think) at Ralph's. It's super easy and no wait time for the dough to rise. If you really want to make a "homemade" from scratch pizza please try this! Oooooor, Trader Joe's sells already made pizza dough, you just have to stretch it out and add toppings. I'm sort of obsessed with pizza (if you couldn't tell) and enjoyed reading about your first attempt!

shari @ little blue deer said...

This is an amazing idea! I feel guilty now, just asked my husband, who is really the cook in the family, when the pork chops would be ready! Bad me! I should cook for him! Lovely little world here, glad you stopped by LBD so I could find you, definitely following! p.s. Love your blog name, my husband calls me "Little Blue" sometimes! XX!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

What a great idea! The food looks really good! I should try this. It would help me expand my recipes! I always pick the same things to cook. I really need to mix it up!

Cindy Whitehead said...

I love this post because I too do not cook much at all. My husband can/does though. I say if you enjoy it - go for it! If not, we all have other talents we bring to the relationship and we don't have to be good at everything (-: