Thursday, September 09, 2010

tutu time

check out the latest additions to my etsy shop!

recently i made a couple tutus for izzy's birthday, and i decided to add them to my shop. if you are lucky enough to know izzy in real life, you know that she loves getting dressed up, and these tutus turn her other outfits into party clothes.

the first two styles posted were made for fur babies, BUT i am extra happy to annouce i will have the infant and little girls versions posted as soon as i get some pictures of them. basically they look the same except they fit humans : ) they are perfect for baby showers, birthdays, and of course for little ballerinas! 

as far as colors, sizes, and lengths i can customize everything. i am also able to add different design elements to cater to the buyers requests.

hopefully these are going to be picked up by a couple local boutiques as well which would be really exciting for me so i'm crossing my fingers... and toes.


The Parrish Family said...

Wow! I'm in love. I think I need some tutus for little girl pics. Let me know when they are up on Etsy!

The Parrish Family said...

Also, how do you get the watermark on your pictures??

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

hey katie i will definitely post when the little girls are up ~ should be really soon!

and i made the watermark in photoshop. i've had issues w/people using my images so i think it's a must! i'm probably even going to be watermarking my blog images to in future/

anyway, the link below gives an easy "how-to" on it.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Thanks for becoming a new follower! :) These tutu's are adorable! :)

Elyse said...

these are tutu cute (guffaw)!

so happy you liked my comment over at simone's and visited my blog. :)

funny, i was just looking at halloween costumes with my boys and told them that i've always wanted a fluffy costume with tulle. so girlie. maybe someday ...

have a great weekend