Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tuesday ten ~ epicenter love

for the mister's birthday, per his request, i got us two day tickets to this year's kroq's epicenter twenty ten. i have to say the line up was definitely THE selling point for both of us. so many great bands jammed in to two lovely days.

downside was the heat! it was actually so much hotter than what we ever expected we had to change our plans to get their later in the day on both days. which inevitably meant we didn't see as many second stage bands as we would have liked. overall though i loved just about every moment... we didn't see a bad performance.

here's my ten loves from the weekend. not really in order... as none of my tens ever are!

#1 ~ kiss: loved overall performance. those dudes were all over the place, rocking out like i'm sure they did 37 years ago when they first started! lots of fire and obviously seriously amazing stage presence. 
#2 ~ eminem: loved everything. his entrance got everyone hyped with the script that scrolled across the screens telling the story which led to his RECOVERY. he was who i was looking forward to seeing the most... and he didn't disappoint. 
#3 ~ bush: loved seeing gavin of course, but also loved seeing his kiddos on the sidestage watching him. kingston had on a red spider man tee w/the sleeves cut off, and little zuma rocked a tiny fedora. gwen was back there too supporting her mister.
#4 ~ papa roach: loved screaming/singing last resort. : ) and also, i have to say that when the lead singer jacoby shaddix blasted paris hilton before singing hollywood whore ... i did laugh out loud for longer than was necessary.
#5 ~ love my new ring. so i have to admit, i am a sucker for checking out the vendors at every event we attend, and i just happened to see a ring that had my name basically written on it. giant blue heart for $5. SOLD.
photo by jenna @ alittlebleu

#6 ~ blink 182: loved travis as always. the kid killed it... the mister and i were lucky enough to see him perform with dj am before he passed, and ever since i've had big hearts for him. p.s. mark and tom were hilarious. : ) so love them too.

#7 ~ rise against: loved fist pumping. thousands of fists were in the air during prayer of the refugee. i was absolutely happy to have mine up too!

#8 ~ 30 seconds to mars: loved jared leto's style. the white jacket had red lining to match his fingerless gloves. he even worked his mullety rat tail. : ) and he definitely kept the jacket on for so much longer than i would have expected with the blazing sun in his face.

#9 ~ loved the gatorade: random, but seriously the triple digit heat kind of made my alcohol drinking impossible! it didn't matter how bad i wanted some tequila... i could only drink and guzzle gatorade. it's the only reason i made it out alive. swear.

#10 ~ love, love, loved spending two days with my mister. it was an amazing time filled with lots of laugh, sadly lots of sweat, and some clearly epic performances.

photo by jenna @ alittlebleu
sorry these photos are mostly from other sources, for some reason i had a really hard time with my old point and shoot camera. :( mine were just not good enough to post.

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The Parrish Family said...

Great post! Thanks for the recap! You had a great time for sure.