Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tuesday ten ~ bucket list

one thing i know for sure is that life is unfortunately sometimes shorter than it's supposed to be, and i want to make sure that while i am still breathing, that i make the most of my time, and take chances and opportunities as they come... even if they might seem scary at first.

i started a bucket list a while ago, and i won't bore you with the whole thing, but i'll at least share ten of my big to dos. : ) some are going to be harder than others, but all are very important to me.

p.s. these are in no particular order ~ 

#1 ~ ride an elephant. i prefer the elephant to be a working elephant that is well taken care of. not a circus elephant or a performer, just one that is healthy and happy with the people who look after it. if said elephant is living happily in thailand that would be a bonus. : ) *i realize the part about the elephant being taken care of and happy might make this more difficult, but that's what i am looking for.
#2 ~ go bungee jumping. my ideal setting would be off a bridge with water beneath. i have been sky diving before, and honestly it was one of the most beautiful things i've ever experienced! so even though bungee jumping isn't quite "calm" enough for you to enjoy the setting... it would still be nice if it was some where with a pretty back drop.
#3 ~ eat at le jules verne. if you are unfamiliar with it's name, all you need to know is that it's located on the second level of the eiffel tower! now i'm not sure i would love the food there (since i am picky), but the ambiance would be enough to make me swoon. also the fact that they have 430 wines to choose from that are "100% FRANCE" ~ i think drinking my dinner might even be appropriate.
#4 ~ sleep in a tent on the beach. definitely on the easier side considering i live by the beach, but for some reason i've never officially gone "camping" at the beach. don't get me wrong, i've slept on a beach. there was a time or two when i woke up there with very little recollection of how i ended up there (chalk it up to my college drinking). those experiences weren't what i was looking for ~ i want a fire, a tent, hot dogs, s'mores, and if possible with fishing.
#5 ~ fly a plane. my little sister holly took flying lessons when she was in high school, and i think back now and i am totally jealous. i'd love, love, love to be able to pilot a small plane. i don't have any real plans on where i'd take it, but a quick flight to wine country, vegas, or mexico seem like good options to me!
#6 ~ speak italian. i can't tell you how many italian dictionaries and computer programs i have purchased in the past. it's always the same, i learn a few words and phrases, but then with time they leave me. i want to be able to leave my mister small notes and letters in italian... even though he also can't speak it, it seems like fun. #6a = go to rome with the mister, stare at the colosseum and tell him "i' la VE mai non veduta qualche cosa piĆ¹ bello nella mia vita" without using babel fish as a translator. : )
#7 ~ discover my history. my grandma on my mother's side is of cherokee descent, and based on the amount of "indian blood" i have, i could actually apply for a certificate degree of indian blood (CDIB) or "white card". it's always something i have wanted to do, even though i am not strictly cherokee. (my family is also german, norwegian, and i believe a dash of irish) i've just always felt a strong connection to this part of me, and at some point, i want to locate all of our records, apply for membership, and really learn about my history. fyi ~ i have tried to take lessons on learning the cherokee language, after a few weeks... italian seemed like a better idea.
#8 ~ drive a nascar race car. ok soo this might seem random to most of you. : ) but my daddy raised me to love fast cars, and what can i say i learned well! i've been to a few races, and the only way to describe them is LOUD, FAST, and FUN. i think it'd be extremely cool to do a few loops around a track!
#9 ~ meet marc jacobs. there are lots and lots of designers that i love, but the amazingly talented mr. jacobs is by far one of my favorites. i'd probably pass out if we shook hands, but it's worth the risk of complete and utter embarrassment to be in the presence of a genius. big hearts for him. *swoon*
#10 ~ build a house. i've always wanted to participate in habitat for humanity. there is actually one in LA that i want to look into. not all of my bucket list items are selfish, and this one is specifically dedicated to being able to help others. i can't imagine not having a roof over my head, and having the opportunity to help house a family i think would be life changing.

do you have a bucket list? if so ~ what are some of your to dos?


pam@ iLoveShelling said...

I flew a plane for $79 at the tiny private airport in Fort Myers, FL. It's soooo wild!! Check out your private airports in your area .... they just might do the same thing. They price it so cheaply that it makes you want to sign up for lessons....it's the bait. But the lessons are sooo expensive- I didn't bite.

Hey Indian sister! I'm Scottish. Irish, Cherokee.

AJ and CJ said...

Hey Jenna,
Great list! I also tried to learn Italian on my own. I *ahem* didn't do so well...

I was thinking about my Habitat for Humanity experience from years ago last night and if you want to buddy up, I'd love to volunteer.


shari @ little blue deer said...

I think these are all totally doable! Definitely! XX!

shari @ little blue deer said...

I think these are all totally doable! Dream big! XX!

maglobl said...

J, I have 1 word for you: JALAMA. Awesome camping on the beach a bit north of Santa Barbara. They don't take reservations, so you have to try to go mid-week to get a good spot. Some, but not all, campsites are right on the sand. Great surfing when the waves are good (campground is filled with surfers) and there's fishing, too. The beach is so long and isolated that you can spread out (on the sand or on the waves) and feel like you own the place. Flush toilets, a little store and grill are added bonuses. We just got back. Loved it. I'll post pictures soon.