Monday, September 13, 2010

red velvet ~ mess

i've told you guys i am not the best "housewife", this post will confirm that fact once again : ) 

our neighbor came over for dinner the other night, and since the mister cooked the meal, i thought i should make red velvet cake after we finished eating. mind you it was cake out of a box so it should have been a relatively simple process.

everything was going fine until i realized that my glass cake dish was currently in the fridge full of leftovers. for some reason i had a mini panic moment. i rummaged through one cabinet, and ultimately decided the ONLY option was to make cupcakes instead.

luckily, i had exactly enough leftover foils from the last time i made cupcakes, which was probably a year ago at least. this is where my mess started. i was trying to scoop out the mix with a spoon and put it neatly and evenly in the holders when i remembered how EASY it looked when they put the mix in a zip lock bag and cut the bottom corner to make it into one of those fancy piping bags.

let me just start off by saying, i don't think i have ever actually seen anyone dump a bowl of batter into one of those bags. i think i realized while i've read about it... i definitely hadn't seen it happen, and it wasn't exactly easy! (at least not for me) once i finally got most of the mix in the bag, i cut a corner, apparently a little too big, and that's when i saw RED. haha lots of it. : )

finally after doing everything i could to NOT call the mister, i called him to the kitchen to confess my mess. mainly because i was at a point of no return, and i couldn't touch anything! he came in to document and of course laugh with me.

another little note ~ i learned that if you have a jar candle on the stove and you are pre-heating the oven... it melts. so next time i need to move it off before i start my project. OOPS. it used to be a white to blue ombre candle... now it's just blue. : ) 

in the end the cupcakes did actually turn out quite delicious believe it or not. they might not have been the prettiest, BUT they were yummy. after i finished baking i actually realized that i bought new cake pans last year that were under the stove. that would have made my life easier, but this did provide some entertainment for us and our neighbor.

until my next domestic attempt : )


The Boddies said...

if you attempt this again: it's easier if you put the ziploc bag into a big glass or vase to hold it then fold the top over the glass or vase and pour in the cake mix, then you can seal and cut off a corner. A soup ladle also works well for filling the cupcake foils.

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

both of these tips sound genius to me! thanks so much ~ i am definitely going to attempt more cupcakes, as i have to learn from these mistakes. :) i really do appreciate the tips, and can't wait to try them.

Fé... said...

Hahahaha. This is so funny. That's like a total mess :p But it's OK honey, we all do need a little practice. Practice makes perfect, right? This saying applies to me too. I'm such a loser in the domestic stuff :p Good luck to you on your next project, sweetheart.