Wednesday, September 22, 2010

locks of love... sad?

i started out this year deciding to wait to get a hair cut until i absolutely had to just to save money. if you live in LA you know hair care is pretty expensive, and with the lame long hair surcharges out there... it's robbery sometimes!

eventually what started as a savings goal, transpired into a plan to wait and cut my hair until around december so i could donate it to locks of love. thankfully i have been blessed with some crazy hair growing genes, and even though my long hair is somewhat a signature of mine, the chance to share my blessing with someone who needs it more completely tugs at my heart strings.
the jist of what you do is put your hair in a ponytail ~ and chop. they need 10 inches minimum, which is probably what i would send. i've been having my hubby measure occasionally to see where i'm at because truthfully the thought of my hair being too short is scary. when i have those thoughts i just tell myself to stop being vain, at least i'll still have hair, and the child that gets mine doesn't even have the luxury to worry over how short their hair is.

now here comes the SAD part. obviously it's getting closer to december, and i wanted to make sure that i had everything in order to donate. when i started researching, the info i found was completely discouraging.

i read about families having to pay a lot of money for the wigs, the charity turning down children with cancer because their hair loss was considered "temporary", and while they admit they sell off the unusable hair, apparently where that money goes is highly questionable. 

frustrating is the only word that comes to mind. luckily there are some other organizations that have been highly praised for their contributions. in fact pantene beautiful lengths donated more wigs in one year than locks of love did in a decade. the only problem is that my hair has been color treated w/semi-permanent color and therefore is unusable. the same goes for wigs for kids ~ great reputation, but my hair isn't considered usable. : (

sooo at this point, i am still going to keep on growing my mane... and hopefully i will be able to determine where to send it. my other idea is to possibly still grow and cut it, but sell it to a wig maker and just send the money to a charity of my choosing.

have any of you donated your hair before? how was your experience?


The Boddies said...

I donated to Locks for Love last year, I didn't research though and now I feel bad. I just thought they were a great charity. I know that they make color stripper that you can get at Wal Mart, I don't know if that would make the hair usable. My hair had been treated but Locks still took it, maybe they just sold it. Thanks for the heads up, next time I'll look for a different organization.

Drawn to The Sea said...

I wonder why treated hair is deemed unusable?? Unless it has something to do with actually constructing the wig? Your idea of donating the dollars is really sweet.

Pam@ iLoveShelling said...

I am so proud of you for doing your homework! Good for you for finding out which donation will give the most benefit to those who are need. You're a good egg!

The Parrish Family said...

WOW, Jenna! What a selfless act!! I think your goal is fantastic and kudos for doing your research and sharing it with all of us!!!

sealaura said...

wow this was eye opening! thanks for the info and your heart sure is in the right place. I know what you mean about having long hair, it is kind of my sihgnature too but I'll i've also color treated mine...