Thursday, September 30, 2010

framed jewels

i saw this on someone's blog awhile back, but forgive me i can not for the life of me remember who to credit! if you know who's blog it was... please inform me. : ) i know a few people did their own versions, and i don't mind linking to those as well. thanks!

 i was actually really in love with the idea when i saw the pics from the other blogger(s), and i have been wanting to do this project ever since! as always a lucky thrift store find, put my project in motion. it's a great a feeling when you find a hidden treasure, and for $10 i couldn't say no to the frame.

first thing was to get it painted white. : ) i didn't want it to be too coated, i liked the real wood showing through to give it a little vintage feel.
second step was the mister's job ~ hanging the frame! i actually started to do it myself, but he came in to save the day. i quite admittedly have an obsessive compulsive issue... soo most of the time i need him to do it so i can look at it from all angles, and give direction on how to get it perfect... ps. looking at these pics make me cringe because it's UNEVEN! haha ohhh man.
third step (sorry didn't shoot an image of this) was to lay out the necklaces so i knew exactly how far to space the nails. this was an obsessive moment for sure. i did it, and re-did it, until i felt it was absolutely right.

fourth step was putting in the nails and hanging some of my favorite necklaces. i consciously chose a few that have special meanings to me. (from left to right)
~ string of pearls: i've literally had them since i was a tiny kiddo. it used to fit like a necklace, and now it's almost a choker. : ) only the three oldest sisters got them so when i wear them, that's who i think of.
~ gold cross: gift from my mama after a very personal rough patch that i went through this year. she actually took got it from my grandma, so it's extra special. i wear it when i need an angel with me.
~ silver starfish: i wore it to my rehearsal dinner, and gave matching ones to all of my bridesmaids so of course it makes me think of all my lovely friends.
~ silver/turquoise owl: a gift from my grandma. my grandpa gave it to her when they were younger. LOVE IT ~ it always grabs attention, and it's nice to say it was my grams.
~ tiny silver cross: *next to the owl* the mister gave this to me when we were dating. it's so delicate that it's easy to wear with a lot of things.

*the others may not have stories, but they are little charms dedicated to some of the things that are important to me*

i have one other frame i need to find a home for. pretty sure i will be hanging earrings in the second frame using white netting. and don't worry i will post the finish product : ) 

happy thursday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tuesday ten ~ epicenter love

for the mister's birthday, per his request, i got us two day tickets to this year's kroq's epicenter twenty ten. i have to say the line up was definitely THE selling point for both of us. so many great bands jammed in to two lovely days.

downside was the heat! it was actually so much hotter than what we ever expected we had to change our plans to get their later in the day on both days. which inevitably meant we didn't see as many second stage bands as we would have liked. overall though i loved just about every moment... we didn't see a bad performance.

here's my ten loves from the weekend. not really in order... as none of my tens ever are!

#1 ~ kiss: loved overall performance. those dudes were all over the place, rocking out like i'm sure they did 37 years ago when they first started! lots of fire and obviously seriously amazing stage presence. 
#2 ~ eminem: loved everything. his entrance got everyone hyped with the script that scrolled across the screens telling the story which led to his RECOVERY. he was who i was looking forward to seeing the most... and he didn't disappoint. 
#3 ~ bush: loved seeing gavin of course, but also loved seeing his kiddos on the sidestage watching him. kingston had on a red spider man tee w/the sleeves cut off, and little zuma rocked a tiny fedora. gwen was back there too supporting her mister.
#4 ~ papa roach: loved screaming/singing last resort. : ) and also, i have to say that when the lead singer jacoby shaddix blasted paris hilton before singing hollywood whore ... i did laugh out loud for longer than was necessary.
#5 ~ love my new ring. so i have to admit, i am a sucker for checking out the vendors at every event we attend, and i just happened to see a ring that had my name basically written on it. giant blue heart for $5. SOLD.
photo by jenna @ alittlebleu

#6 ~ blink 182: loved travis as always. the kid killed it... the mister and i were lucky enough to see him perform with dj am before he passed, and ever since i've had big hearts for him. p.s. mark and tom were hilarious. : ) so love them too.

#7 ~ rise against: loved fist pumping. thousands of fists were in the air during prayer of the refugee. i was absolutely happy to have mine up too!

#8 ~ 30 seconds to mars: loved jared leto's style. the white jacket had red lining to match his fingerless gloves. he even worked his mullety rat tail. : ) and he definitely kept the jacket on for so much longer than i would have expected with the blazing sun in his face.

#9 ~ loved the gatorade: random, but seriously the triple digit heat kind of made my alcohol drinking impossible! it didn't matter how bad i wanted some tequila... i could only drink and guzzle gatorade. it's the only reason i made it out alive. swear.

#10 ~ love, love, loved spending two days with my mister. it was an amazing time filled with lots of laugh, sadly lots of sweat, and some clearly epic performances.

photo by jenna @ alittlebleu
sorry these photos are mostly from other sources, for some reason i had a really hard time with my old point and shoot camera. :( mine were just not good enough to post.

Monday, September 27, 2010

yay for yoga

well tomorrow is going to be my first attempt at yoga! i'm soooo excited that i am finally going to be checking it out. ever since i moved to california, i thought it would be something fun for me to start or wind down my day with.

thankfully my friend spada is taking me to one of her classes because that's part of the reason i've never gone. i didn't want to go alone, but i also didn't want to go with a group either. spades is definitely going to be a good friend who will laugh with me instead of at me. always a bonus! : )

i am hoping i really like it, so eventually i can find a morning beach class to sign up for. how heavenly to face the waves while getting your zen on!

speaking of waves & zen ... i am off to the pool ~ today i have decided to scrap all plans for fun in the sun. somehow LA is finally getting it's summertime weather, and in the marina it's already 92 degrees out and climbing! since the beaches don't usually get as hot as, i can only imagine how hot it is downtown and in the valley. yikes for those, like us, who don't have AC.

for me this day will be spent reading at our pool, riding my bike down to the beach, and literally soaking up every ounce of sun i can! if the mister had the day off it would be an extra perfect day. : )

happy monday everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

locks of love... sad?

i started out this year deciding to wait to get a hair cut until i absolutely had to just to save money. if you live in LA you know hair care is pretty expensive, and with the lame long hair surcharges out there... it's robbery sometimes!

eventually what started as a savings goal, transpired into a plan to wait and cut my hair until around december so i could donate it to locks of love. thankfully i have been blessed with some crazy hair growing genes, and even though my long hair is somewhat a signature of mine, the chance to share my blessing with someone who needs it more completely tugs at my heart strings.
the jist of what you do is put your hair in a ponytail ~ and chop. they need 10 inches minimum, which is probably what i would send. i've been having my hubby measure occasionally to see where i'm at because truthfully the thought of my hair being too short is scary. when i have those thoughts i just tell myself to stop being vain, at least i'll still have hair, and the child that gets mine doesn't even have the luxury to worry over how short their hair is.

now here comes the SAD part. obviously it's getting closer to december, and i wanted to make sure that i had everything in order to donate. when i started researching, the info i found was completely discouraging.

i read about families having to pay a lot of money for the wigs, the charity turning down children with cancer because their hair loss was considered "temporary", and while they admit they sell off the unusable hair, apparently where that money goes is highly questionable. 

frustrating is the only word that comes to mind. luckily there are some other organizations that have been highly praised for their contributions. in fact pantene beautiful lengths donated more wigs in one year than locks of love did in a decade. the only problem is that my hair has been color treated w/semi-permanent color and therefore is unusable. the same goes for wigs for kids ~ great reputation, but my hair isn't considered usable. : (

sooo at this point, i am still going to keep on growing my mane... and hopefully i will be able to determine where to send it. my other idea is to possibly still grow and cut it, but sell it to a wig maker and just send the money to a charity of my choosing.

have any of you donated your hair before? how was your experience?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tuesday ten ~ bucket list

one thing i know for sure is that life is unfortunately sometimes shorter than it's supposed to be, and i want to make sure that while i am still breathing, that i make the most of my time, and take chances and opportunities as they come... even if they might seem scary at first.

i started a bucket list a while ago, and i won't bore you with the whole thing, but i'll at least share ten of my big to dos. : ) some are going to be harder than others, but all are very important to me.

p.s. these are in no particular order ~ 

#1 ~ ride an elephant. i prefer the elephant to be a working elephant that is well taken care of. not a circus elephant or a performer, just one that is healthy and happy with the people who look after it. if said elephant is living happily in thailand that would be a bonus. : ) *i realize the part about the elephant being taken care of and happy might make this more difficult, but that's what i am looking for.
#2 ~ go bungee jumping. my ideal setting would be off a bridge with water beneath. i have been sky diving before, and honestly it was one of the most beautiful things i've ever experienced! so even though bungee jumping isn't quite "calm" enough for you to enjoy the setting... it would still be nice if it was some where with a pretty back drop.
#3 ~ eat at le jules verne. if you are unfamiliar with it's name, all you need to know is that it's located on the second level of the eiffel tower! now i'm not sure i would love the food there (since i am picky), but the ambiance would be enough to make me swoon. also the fact that they have 430 wines to choose from that are "100% FRANCE" ~ i think drinking my dinner might even be appropriate.
#4 ~ sleep in a tent on the beach. definitely on the easier side considering i live by the beach, but for some reason i've never officially gone "camping" at the beach. don't get me wrong, i've slept on a beach. there was a time or two when i woke up there with very little recollection of how i ended up there (chalk it up to my college drinking). those experiences weren't what i was looking for ~ i want a fire, a tent, hot dogs, s'mores, and if possible with fishing.
#5 ~ fly a plane. my little sister holly took flying lessons when she was in high school, and i think back now and i am totally jealous. i'd love, love, love to be able to pilot a small plane. i don't have any real plans on where i'd take it, but a quick flight to wine country, vegas, or mexico seem like good options to me!
#6 ~ speak italian. i can't tell you how many italian dictionaries and computer programs i have purchased in the past. it's always the same, i learn a few words and phrases, but then with time they leave me. i want to be able to leave my mister small notes and letters in italian... even though he also can't speak it, it seems like fun. #6a = go to rome with the mister, stare at the colosseum and tell him "i' la VE mai non veduta qualche cosa piĆ¹ bello nella mia vita" without using babel fish as a translator. : )
#7 ~ discover my history. my grandma on my mother's side is of cherokee descent, and based on the amount of "indian blood" i have, i could actually apply for a certificate degree of indian blood (CDIB) or "white card". it's always something i have wanted to do, even though i am not strictly cherokee. (my family is also german, norwegian, and i believe a dash of irish) i've just always felt a strong connection to this part of me, and at some point, i want to locate all of our records, apply for membership, and really learn about my history. fyi ~ i have tried to take lessons on learning the cherokee language, after a few weeks... italian seemed like a better idea.
#8 ~ drive a nascar race car. ok soo this might seem random to most of you. : ) but my daddy raised me to love fast cars, and what can i say i learned well! i've been to a few races, and the only way to describe them is LOUD, FAST, and FUN. i think it'd be extremely cool to do a few loops around a track!
#9 ~ meet marc jacobs. there are lots and lots of designers that i love, but the amazingly talented mr. jacobs is by far one of my favorites. i'd probably pass out if we shook hands, but it's worth the risk of complete and utter embarrassment to be in the presence of a genius. big hearts for him. *swoon*
#10 ~ build a house. i've always wanted to participate in habitat for humanity. there is actually one in LA that i want to look into. not all of my bucket list items are selfish, and this one is specifically dedicated to being able to help others. i can't imagine not having a roof over my head, and having the opportunity to help house a family i think would be life changing.

do you have a bucket list? if so ~ what are some of your to dos?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

happy birthday mister

my mister is getting old : ) 29 years ago today his beautiful mother brought my best friend into the world.

the below pics are just a couple from last weekend in vegas. 

"i will make you happy, make your dreams come true
nothing that i wouldn't do
go to the ends of the earth for you
to make you feel my love"

happy birthday paco ~ love your lupita

Monday, September 13, 2010

red velvet ~ mess

i've told you guys i am not the best "housewife", this post will confirm that fact once again : ) 

our neighbor came over for dinner the other night, and since the mister cooked the meal, i thought i should make red velvet cake after we finished eating. mind you it was cake out of a box so it should have been a relatively simple process.

everything was going fine until i realized that my glass cake dish was currently in the fridge full of leftovers. for some reason i had a mini panic moment. i rummaged through one cabinet, and ultimately decided the ONLY option was to make cupcakes instead.

luckily, i had exactly enough leftover foils from the last time i made cupcakes, which was probably a year ago at least. this is where my mess started. i was trying to scoop out the mix with a spoon and put it neatly and evenly in the holders when i remembered how EASY it looked when they put the mix in a zip lock bag and cut the bottom corner to make it into one of those fancy piping bags.

let me just start off by saying, i don't think i have ever actually seen anyone dump a bowl of batter into one of those bags. i think i realized while i've read about it... i definitely hadn't seen it happen, and it wasn't exactly easy! (at least not for me) once i finally got most of the mix in the bag, i cut a corner, apparently a little too big, and that's when i saw RED. haha lots of it. : )

finally after doing everything i could to NOT call the mister, i called him to the kitchen to confess my mess. mainly because i was at a point of no return, and i couldn't touch anything! he came in to document and of course laugh with me.

another little note ~ i learned that if you have a jar candle on the stove and you are pre-heating the oven... it melts. so next time i need to move it off before i start my project. OOPS. it used to be a white to blue ombre candle... now it's just blue. : ) 

in the end the cupcakes did actually turn out quite delicious believe it or not. they might not have been the prettiest, BUT they were yummy. after i finished baking i actually realized that i bought new cake pans last year that were under the stove. that would have made my life easier, but this did provide some entertainment for us and our neighbor.

until my next domestic attempt : )