Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tuesday ten ~ change brings goals

my recent mini blog absence was due largely to the fact that unfortunately, after five years with rock, my employment there was ended due to a layoff last monday. : / that past week, i cried, i laughed, and in the end i pretty much have come to terms with that chapter closing, and i am extremely ready for the next one to begin.  

that being said, i have set ten goals for myself during this unexpected "vacation". these are definitely not in order of importance! : )

#1 tan ~ lucky for me, the weather in LA has been quite amazing lately. in fact... our summer seems to have finally arrived! i know it's bad and it will ultimately give me skin cancer, but honestly having a tan has always upped my spirits. so i plan on laying with my toes in the sand or at least in our pool (with some sunscreen), as much as i can!

#2 read ~ i have already finished eat, pray, love and the lucky one since my departure. last night i started dead in the family, and when that's done i plan on reading committed... mainly because i loved eat, pray so much and i want to hear more of her story! goal two is easily achievable combined with goal one.

#3 photograph ~ i need to get out and take some more pictures. i have time to focus on it, and i plan to do just that. since i love to shoot flowers, and there are so many beautiful ones in my neighborhood, that i decided i would start around the area and see what i come up with.

#4 create ~ i love jewelry, and i love even more making my own pieces. therefore i am scheduling myself a little trip downtown to find what i need to make some new pieces for myself, and some to put up on etsy.

#4 paint ~ i miss putting my creative juices to work for myself. i have a wall, so i just need some canvas and hopefully i can put up my own art up instead of someone else's to add to our bungalow's decor. hopefully this painting thing also happens for our master bedroom. : ) i need to get it done already!

#5 search ~ before i jump into any new positions i want to think about what i really, really want to do next. i would be extremely happy if i found a job that mixed more fashion and entertainment together. (ps readers and fellow bloggers ~ if any of you have fashion industry connections... help a girl out! :) i'd love to look into styling, wardrobe jobs, etc.)

#6 cook ~ back in january i had the goal of twelve meals for the mister. lol umm so far only one has been cooked. i swear i will make the other eleven before the year is up! what can i say i am no martha stewart, and my housewife abilities are pretty sad. :) good thing the mister knew that going in! oy...

#7 reconnect ~ i haven't really gotten to have much a personal life lately. due to health issues, work, and everything else there are quite a few people that have sadly gone off my radar. now that i have time, i plan on reconnecting with old friends, and 100% staying in touch with my new ones. 

#8 relax ~ somehow i realized i have become quite a worry wart. i didn't use to be, i used to be way more mellow with a "whatever happens" attitude. i was definitely happier letting everything just happen as it should instead of trying to figure out what to do next. i absolutely plan on re-learning to live without worry. i need to have faith that it will all work out... just as it always has.

#9 yoga ~ i've always wanted to start doing yoga. i think this will help me with number eight too. :) i have a few coupons for beginner classes, and since i have some time... might as well try it out. i need to be zen jen.

#10 blog ~ i have the time now, so no excuses. i need to focus and give my little bleu some much needed attention. xx

hopefully this vacation won't last too long, my mister and i need to be a dual income family to live where we do. i am sure it will be tough, so please pray for me that the right job, with the right pay, and hours, comes my way.


Loui♥ said...

been there.. and am still there after 2 1/2YEARS!
I lost my job in banking the same day my hubs nearly lost his life.. he was in the hospital when I tried calling to tell him what had happened to me.. told him 3 weeks later after he was out of ICU!
first.. sign up for UNEMPLOYMENT!!!
next..Insurance,,Cobra if you are not on your hubs plan.
network with friends, relatives. friends of friends.
update your Resume'
do NOT get to comfy in your "vacation" of tanning, reading, yoga etc..
too hard getting back into the working mindset.
get up same time every morning to your schedule and actively seek jobs..keep detailed records of your searches.
we were a dual income family,It is very hard cutting frivolous things from our budget, but at least our bills are being paid.
if necessary, contact your creditors and explain your financial situation. they will listen and offer help..
lastly.. keep the faith with a positive attitude!
warm sandy hugs..

dovecote Decor said...

It is always depressing to be laid off. Bless your heart! Your rebound looks great and you already have a great to do list. I'm a believer in being positive and going after your dream job! You will find it, have no doubt!

AJ and CJ said...

I had a work scare last week too. I am so blessed to get to keep my job, but went through many of the freak-out emotions. I ultimately decided that, if I lost my job the world would not end and that it would give me the opportunity to find a more stable job not wondering season to season whether there would be work. I wish you much luck and know you'll come out of this for the better.


Poppies and Sunshine said...

So many things on your list is on mine too! Let nothing stand in your way! It's so easy to let little things keep you from doing the things you want to do!

The Parrish Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear that news, but on the other hand, I'm so happy that you are able to take the change as a positive thing! My thoughts will be with you and I wish you luck in your new direction! Keep us updated!!

Cindy Whitehead said...

I'm so sorry you are having to go through that. Do take a bit of time for you - losing a long term job is almost like ending a friendship or relationship in a way. I am sure you will find the right thing - just give it some time and keep moving forward! xo

Everything Coastal said...

Hi! So nice to meet you, and rest assured, you will survive. I too am a survivor of the dreaded mortgage industry (like one of your other commentees) don't give up, simply reinvent yourself. You will learn quickly about what your life really is, and what is isn't. Enjoy the journey!


Everything Coastal said...

PS Thanks for the sweet comments on the blog!