Monday, July 12, 2010

venice canals

if you are ever in the los angeles area ~ i definitely suggest you take a stroll through the beautiful venice canals. it's where my future house will be when i become a fabulously wealthy lady one day.

i didn't even know my future neighborhood existed for the longest time because i only ever saw the big north to south canal when i was on washington. it was only when i took a wrong turn a few years ago i discovered the little community that is perfectly tucked away. 

the famous canals were dug and modeled after the ones in venice, italy, and you can often see the locals paddling their little boats from house to house. i admit i am slightly obsessed with the houses, the gardens, everything... so until i become fabulously wealthy as i mentioned above, i plan on continuing my weekend visits to dream about my future life there.

here are some shots i took a few weeks ago ~ (pre- new fancy camera) : )

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sealaura said...

gorgeous shots and I love that quote. We share the same dream I want to be a wealthy lady too! Maybe we could be neighbors. :)