Wednesday, July 14, 2010

timeless treasures find

 thank goodness for thrifty finds. i decided to spend my recent lunch break searching nearby thrift stores, and even though i wasn't on a hunt for furniture, i did find some amazing little side tables.

unfortunately they had a note on them that said they were spoken for; however i worked my magic and ended up walking away with these little beauties from a store with the very fitting name of "timeless treasures".

my original intent was to freshen them up with a white wash, but once i got them cleaned/disinfected, i decided i sort of really enjoy their imperfections. so at least for now, they will remain as is.

now as some of you may remember, i bought another set of tables back when i started this blog that were originally going to be night stands, but one ended up in my living room because i couldn't stand the thought of continuing to have a dinner tray as a side table for much longer.

thankfully with this recent purchase, both night stands are in the master bedroom, and these guys have a home in our living room. i had to move a few knick knacks around, but overall i like the way they turned out.

on the first table i put a couple of gifts from my mama. she gave me the hurricane with the brown candle and the white wicker breakfast at tray at the bottom that is filled with driftwood. the driftwood is from our last road trip up the coast, which my lovely mister helped me collect. i also have half of the coaster set i purchased from beachchik's etsy shop.

i have no recollection of where i purchased the coral candle holder ... but i heart it just the same.

you can purchase similar coral candle holders here ~

and the large starfish is another purchase that i believe came from pottery barn a few years ago, but any pencil starfish would work.

on the second table, it's pretty much the same set up as before. the lamp came from my mister's old apartment... which i have seriously considered painting. the starfish picture frame came from kohl's ~ notice there is no picture? the little gold frame was a gift from our wedding ~ again still no picture. : ) my mama gave me the beachy "thing" that says relax... would it be wrong that i also want to paint this? not sure if you can see it, but i put my little seahorse there so he had a home. the vase is filled with seashells i have collected over time, under the table i stacked a couple of our beachy books, and finally the second half of my coaster set is there.

what do you think?


Mango Gal said...

The tables look great! I love all of your sea accents like the shells and the drift wood, so pretty!

Kacey said...

Great finds! Love your wall color.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Love the drift wood!Happy Friday! xx

kim said...

Jenna!!! Everything looks so pretty! I was catching up on some long lost blog reading and saw your beautiful living room. Can I use the pics in my shop for the soulmate coasters? I'm happy to link to your new shop! Good luck pretty girl. If you ever need etsy help...I'm always here. :)