Sunday, July 25, 2010

not as wise as i once was

friday morning i started calling dentist trying to get a consultation to have my wisdom teeth removed. the day before they were hurting pretty badly, and all the dentist i had been calling were out of the office until august 6th. (i think that's weird by the way, i called at least 5 different surgeons who were out of the office until the 6th! what are the odds? maybe there was a convention going on?)

so friday when i found someone who said they could get me in same day to do the consultation AND surgery... i thought i was in heaven. the deal was i had to get to their office by 10:30a and it was 9a. that didn't leave me much time to put thought into it at all, but i figured why not.

i asked my boss if i could head out, she agreed, and i called the mister to tell him i needed a ride. once i got to the dentist though i honestly started freaking out. i had a surgery a year prior that was much more serious, but for some reason the thought of having my teeth pulled was SOOO much scarier.

plus the dentist was trying to tell me a CT scan might be a good idea because he couldn't tell if the nerve on the bottom right was by my cheek or my tongue, and there was a chance he could hit it. if that happened, i might not get full feeling back in my lip! YIKES.

not going to lie... i cried. :( but i was already there and my mister said not to worry. so i went through with it. all four of my wiseguys were removed, and i have all the feeling back in my lips and face. so he didn't hit the nerve! haha all good news.

the past couple days i have been sleeping it off pretty much. my chipmunk face is gone, but i still have some pain. my mister is the best nurse making sure i take all my meds (painkillers and an antibiotic) on schedule. he's also been the food supplier ~ fro yo, scrambled eggs (bad idea), smoothies, yogurt, etc.

on that note ~ my pillow is calling. time for meds and bed.


Jen said...

I feel your pain sweetie!! Had mine removed back in college and it was miserable! Dry socket and all :-( Take care of yourself, get lots of rest and stay on top of those meds!!


Debby said...

Feel better! Getting wisdom teeth out is tough! xo

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Hope you are feeling well! I remember getting mine pulled out. It was such a weird experience! It was scary for me too!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha oh man oh man that picture made me laugh!

Jesa said...

I feel your pain too! hope you feel better!
on another note, stumbled on your blog-lovely!!

cheers, Jesa :)