Thursday, July 01, 2010

my bamboozle

for a long time i wanted to buy some bamboo poles to use as a living room decoration, but i was a little overwhelmed trying to find the right height, width, and color. it doesn't seem like a difficult purchase, but since i am a little more than particular i just couldn't find exactly what i was looking for.

however a few months ago, i did randomly find some bamboo poles at ross for a steal, and even though they weren't as tall as i originally wanted, they pretty much fit the bill. the right price can always convince me. anyway, ever since i bought they they stayed propped up against a wall since i couldn't find a vase that was the right size for them. 

(p.s. i know that it was a completely random purchase from ross, but that's why the place is so fun. you just never know what little treasures are lurking on those overcrowded and messy shelves.)

the good news is that as of this week my bamboozle's officially have a home! i found a great vase at target that fit them just the way i was hoping it would. now the vase and poles are in a corner by our dining table, and up against one of our floor to ceiling windows. 

so what do you think? : ) once we take down the blinds and put up some long, flowy, white curtains... i think it will look better. i'm just happy they aren't casually leaning against the wall anymore.

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